The Vampire's Bride

Part of the Universe of Belloc Long ago, a family was placed under a curse that could only be broken by the heir falling in love by the rising of the full moon in their hundredth year. When Alissa is chosen as the next bride for the latest heir, she refuses to give him her heart. But fate, it seems, has other plans... CW: Suicide Mention All Rights Reserved. This book has only …
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Bad Boy Love

Casey is a boy looking for his mate and in the story he gets hurt. Then meets Julia
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Ishtar: A seraph’s past

A prequel of Ishtar the fallen Angel. “If the world was meant for two it will be me and you” Michael’s words shocked me and brought me to joyful tears. Only if he knew how much I loved him but what is this I feel? Can something more unfold between us was their any other way to express it all, I was ignorant not until I fell. For to rise i…
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Vampyre: In Cold Blood

Despite ceasing to be, she's never felt more alive. A freshly turned vampyre must traverse a dark and dangerous world where everyone is out for themselves. There's rumours of a slasher roaming the urban streets, a mad vampyre who can see through time, and a grand conspiracy involving the highest players within the Inner Circle. Good luck.
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Dead in a small town

Was the move to a small town a good idea for Tessa and her family
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Vampire Bomb Squad - A Grand Eye Tale

A story about the complicated relationship between vampires and high explosives.
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Кровавая невеста

Не проверенная история Хорошее начало, любящая друг друга парочка хочет сыграть свадьбу. Все бы ничего но главная героиня начинает замечать что-то подозрительное в своем парне. Но в день свадьбы ее сердце разбивается от больно правды и она не придумывает ничего лучшего чем покончить с собой . Девушку чудом спас парень, с которым она недавно познакомилась. Но что произой…
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Angels of the Moon

Не проверенная история A cat. Vampires and a full blue moon. Secrets.
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Vampire Teacher

Не проверенная история Samantha Gilbert is a high school teacher who loves her job and her students, and they seem to love her as well. She's kind, caring and gorgeous, but she has a well-kept secret. She's a vampire and hiding from her clan. Jason is one of her favourite students, who she often treats to her own lunch just outside of their school. What she doesn't kn…
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Toni’s famous blog

Не проверенная история Paranormal
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A haunting in North Carolina

Не проверенная история A haunting in North Carolina
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Brothers 2

Не проверенная история He just wanted to be loved
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