New beginnings

Не проверенная история A new beginning is said to be something everyone needs, but in the life of a 15 year old girl known as Genevieve Kassandra Blanks it is just the same as living on hell. Gene(Genevieve) is a staunch Christian who is strongly against the LGBTQ community. Let's sit back and watch Gene as she embarks on this journey of her's
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I Messed Up

Не проверенная история Elliana Williams, a 15 year old with 3 siblings runs away from home after finding out that her parents are getting a divorce. She runs to a park where her parents won't suspect she'll be and meets a boy, Ethan Johnson, who's parent's died in an accident and is being taken care by his aunt. Her parents then find her with the help of her phone's GPS…
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Не проверенная история Meet Hannah Taylors. A timid and shy teenager who got accepted as a scholarship student by a prestigious and elite school due to her mad art skills. All she wants to do is maintain her straight A's streak and graduate from the school with flying colours without grabbing attention from anyone in a school filled with rich and snobby brats who think…
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Не проверенная история Эйви -маленькая волшебница и обычная девочка на первый взгляд, но далеко не с обычным характером.Поэтому первый год в новой школе магии и волшебства даются ей не легко, но все приключения только впереди! Она успеет найти себе и друзей и врагов и еще много разных проблем на свою голову).
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The Cheerleader's Nerd

Не проверенная история When popular, outgoing and stunningly attractive head cheerleader, Sophia Arnold begins to fail her calculus classes and the smartest guy in school, Raymond Williams is assigned as her tutor, things are bound to happen. It also doesn't help matters that Sophia has had a massive crush on him since forever and Raymond hated her and held a special d…
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Our Story

Не проверенная история Evangeline Dominguez, Laurel Parker, Parker Tien, Hal Watkins, and Riley Winslow are ready to start their senior year of high school and make sure that their final year of high school goes out with a bang. Everything is going well until a new arrival comes to the high school. Aaron Cardenas (who just happens to be Evangeline’s cousin) is wanting t…
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Не проверенная история Do you know what it's like to run away? You have to put your life on hold to save your skin. You do things like that to survive. But it's mostly because an encounter can turn everything upside down, and what's left? I've got no life left. I'm not allowed to get attached to anyone. I'm not allowed to mingle with the crowd. I no longer have a…
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Eternal dreams

Не проверенная история Aisling is that invisible friend the one who never stands out. She is always on the sidelines and has a boring life. However in Chris’ eyes all is invisible but her. He has been in love with since they were little but she seems to have forgotten him. So he only loves her from afar. Until one day they start having strange dreams about each other fe…
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Не проверенная история This story revolves around the lives and experiences of teenagers in an orphanage center. They explore themes of friendship, rivalry, and personal growth as the characters navigate challenges and relationships within this unique setting. The writing often includes elements of humor, drama, and sometimes even a touch of romance. Additionally, you…
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Искра. Начало.

Не проверенная история Эта история о том, как важно знать кто ты на самом деле, ведь ты можешь быть кем угодно. Например как я. Я узнала, что принадлежу двум мирам. И теперь мне надо найти свой собственный путь, который будет найти очень сложно. Поэтому советую вам никогда не путаться со своей судьбой, кто бы вы ни были и где бы вы ни были, просто живите и будьте теми, …
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An Expert Guide to Using TikTok for Marketing Campaigns

Не проверенная история Learn how to effectively use TikTok for your marketing campaigns with this comprehensive expert guide. Maximize your reach and engagement.
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"Мир или война?"

Не проверенная история История жизни подростков, и их сложных взаимоотношений.
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The Gang Leader's Girl

Amy is a 17 year old teenage girl with a normal life. She has a wonderful father, amazing friends and a loving but mysterious boyfriend. She then decides to follow Dave, her boyfriend and ends up at a creepy warehouse, just to find out that he's a gang leader. Join Amy as she lands in a world filled with rivalry, guns and scary but hot as fuck gu…
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Black Cat - A lie out of songs

Не проверенная история In every school there is this one girl who never says a single word, has no friends at the entire school, always wears old, dirty clothes from second-hand shops and is not noticed by anyone. At my school, this girl was me, Samantha Stone. If I hadn't taken the chance to change my whole life, to help my mother with money, I proved to everyone that …
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Road to Fame - First steps on the stage

Не проверенная история A group of teenagers compete in a national talent show. Their goal is to win.
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Не проверенная история Not for under 13
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Evaluating ROI with PPC Resellers: How to Calculate Success

Не проверенная история In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising remains a potent tool for businesses to drive targeted traffic and achieve their online goals
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Not Together

Не проверенная история Kaitlynn has to leave her beloved cross country team for her dad's job, but the relationship she finds with J offers her a whole new adventure.
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#^My darling cat^#

Не проверенная история Приветики,читатель)Здесь я покажу тебе..Абсолютно другой мир)))Мир магии и..Конечно же любви…Это не история сопливой романтики..Это история о Реальности…Что ж присаживайся поудобнее ну а я если ты готов(а) начинаю свой рассказ)))
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The Battle of the Slayers

Part of the Universe of The Universe of Anime Не проверенная история A story of the highs and the lows
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Summerville college

Не проверенная история A book about a boarding school
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The Incident

Не проверенная история A story about a twin in a car accident
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Hoper Teenybopper

Не проверенная история Young adult fiction stories. A break from teenagers confused inquiring minds.
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I am the light that never goes out

Не проверенная история Katrina is a girl, pressured by her parents, and she has a best friend. And you could say that's it. But it isn't. She has more than just a simple life. She crosses her path with a boy who would help her repair a wound she didn't thought she was prepeared to repair.
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Однокрылые (monoptera)

Не проверенная история Действия истории происходят в интернате на окраине посёлка. Воспитанники ищут утешение в смирении, готовы врать самим себе что за стенами ничего нет. Главному герою было мало этого мира, и он создал новый. Но он несчастно влюбляется в девушку из параллели и ради этого записался в клуб музыки, хотя в жизни не разбирался в этом искусстве. Эта истор…
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