Coming Of The Reaper

A Man named Steve has been having chronic nightmare since he was six. he never thought the nightmares were tales of things to come. he tries to resist his future... the coming of the Reaper is soon...
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A Witches Life: The Bloodline Curse

Part of the Universe of AWL Alternate Earth Annie, a just turning 16 year old teen, discovers that her whole life may have to change, due to the curse of her family Bloodline awakening. can she fend off the curse to her life?
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Diaries Of The Sovereign Rule

Something is happening in the magical realm of Faenbel. The rulers are preparing for The worst. Read These Diary Entries to see how these kings & queens prepare to defend their kingdoms.
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The Taming

We are immortals. The Forever Knights. I am a shapeshifter. Collared with a special pendant to be summoned by our alpha. She tried to steal it. But the last thing she expected was for me to turn the tables as soon as we were out of view of my party guests. But she was a thief, a liar, and an imposter. The only thing I wanted to steal from her...
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