To Home

Originally made for the Interactive Drama Competition, but ran out of time. (Still ongoing) Short story about a man named K and his decisions on where to go next.
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Time with You

When the near tragedy of an unexpected event ends up transforming the relationship of a father and son who never got along.
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After getting back from a long business trip, Antonio's mind is set on ending things. Telling his wife, once and for all, that he doesn't love her like he used to, and that from now on, they should part ways. But Antonio didn't expect that, between a few sips of a good cup of coffee, a lot can happen between heaven and earth; even old feelings r...
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Like Dogs Running in the Dark

Javier has everything a guy could wish for (fame, power and success), however, as the years go by he begins to feel a shaky emptiness within his heart, as if nothing else mattered anymore. And so, during one of his many spiritual pilgrimages in the search of answers, he decides to climb a holy mountain in the Pirineus - as his master has instruc...
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Opposite Words

Get ready to meet Veronica, a girl with a heart bigger than the world, fresh out of her native country. Despite missing her deceased mother buried in Colombia, she feels happy, as she struggles with Sofia, her younger sister, for better living conditions, working hard in Japan. However, love will play a hell of a trick on her.
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"You can recognize survivors of abuse by their courage. When silence is so very inviting, they step forward and share their truth so others know they aren't alone." ― Jeanne McElvaney
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Renan hides a secret that his girlfriend can't even imagine. After he disappears without leaving his whereabouts, finally, after three months of intense searching in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Valentina discovers that he has moved to São Paulo. Will her love withstand the harsh test of abandonment? What made Renan disappear without even warning...
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"In the wake of this world; the birth of all humanity, animals, and plants alike, we are here for a purpose. Really? For God’s amusement? Well, we really don’t know the answer now, do we? The creatures on the planet that orbits in the galaxy through vast number of stars, we live here only to die and then be born again, and the cycle goes on unt...
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Gabriel and Emily's relationship hangs on his ability to talk her older brother down. John seeks vengeance for her dishonor and a shame he cannot allow to stand.
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A Footprint At A Time

This is about the life circumstances of a husband and wife
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We loved

<Please leave review, I'm new! > This story is about Jordan. Jordan is a 19 year old boy. Jordan and his friends always were close during high school, but after graduation they lost contact. Now his friends moved on, while Jordan still lives in ventura, a place close to LA. When he's getting a coffee in the local shop, he sees one of his friends...
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The Orchard

The Orchard introduces some of A. Typist’s metonymic characters who inhabit his indistinctive landscape. There is The Gambler, the man who would gamble his arm off but won’t chance not believing in a higher power or afterlife – The Alcoholic, who gains fame from singing early in life and loses it when he gives up drinking. Then as an aged man wa...
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The Ex-wife

"Get out", he shouted at me "get out now and never come back" I wiped at the tears that were streaming down on my face. "What did I do ?", I cried "where should I go I'm preg-" I didn't even get to finish my question as he cut me off "I don't care you slut, just stay the hell away from me" ************************************************ Na...
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The Imprison Lovers

This story is about how two best friend that fall in love and how there love became to be and how there family and friends are there for them to get through what fate has in store for them and to help them face their enemies and other obstacles that are thrown their way I hope you like this story and let me know if you like it so far have a...
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Insanely Ill

Cassie Smith is a little girl who is very mentally sick. Her parents struggle to deal with her insanity as she grows up but it only gets worse as she's defiant in therapy and reaches the toxic age of 12 and 13 in middle school, where the other children are ruthless.
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Death and Birth and POVs
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Me & My New Love Story

This about a girl want to meet her new love that is her true soulmate and there was alot of obstacle that get in the way her true soulmate have overcome the challenges
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Healing Part Of Love

this is about two people went through some rough life the guy was going through drama and the girl that is important to him have move on and he lost her she doesn want to go back to her past because she having alot of battle again the devil now she is healing It was a tough battle for her because of his ex The main character Sakura Emerald Ryu S...
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Brown-Eyed Heaven

At the heart of the story is a love story. A wealthy teenage virgin falling in love with her extremely wealthy boyfriend. His family is part of a political dynasty & one of the richest in the world. She makes a rape accusation against him that nearly derails their relationship and his family comes after her hard.
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I Know What You Did

Looking over at Stacy, her green eyes meeting with my grey ones, I knew that it was time. Covered in snow, mud, and our best friends' blood we stared at the cabin. Jen was waiting in there, probably preparing herself. I don't know why or how she could have done what she did. I've known Jen the longest and yet, I didn't say anything. I know her...
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Sunset Bay

es una historia en Ingles de drama hare mas capitulos más adelante
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New Mission On 2021

This about another new challenges that is jealous and envy me they want to destroy me but I keep winnin
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Vampire the love story

Elena's family was murdered so she went to live with her aunt. Where she discovered who killed her family.
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Captured in perfection

The youngest out of six, nobody expects anything extraordinary from her. Infact, she was everything ordinary. Jada has to prove herself worthy of something. So, she decided take up a challenge no one ever expected her to. Well, was she truly ordinary as everyone thought? Dive in... Check out this story
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[ENG] Element/Emily [Book 0]

That girl, despite being able to possess powers, lived a normal life. That girl, even though the whole world might look down on her, didn't care, because she was loved by her family. Obviously this could not last forever. A traumatic event and a painful truth will change Emily and force her to follow a thorny path. Emily goes through her first ...
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Just a contract

Isabelle was married off to a man she didn't know because of her father's greed and was left to live with him for the rest of her life. Josh a striking young man who was the son of a mogul but had a reckless behavior was forced to get married so as to curtail his behavior. Isabelle hated her father for ruining her life and tried to avoid Josh bu...
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The Price Of Love Is Pain

A story of a mother who can not bare the thought of losing her son, and becomes consumed by addiction.
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Like a blooming flower

a small child in the 60s was diagnosed with autism and must learn to deal and cope with it.
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