The adventure of Sammy the Squirrel

In "The Adventure of Sammy the Squirrel Discovering a Secret in the Enchanted Realm," Sammy stumbles upon a hidden entrance to a mystical realm deep within the forest. Intrigued by the secrets it holds, Sammy ventures forth, encountering magical creatures and overcoming obstacles in his quest for discovery. Along the way, he forms unlikely allianc…
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Peek A Boo

The adventures of the rare Chantilly -Tiffany kitten named Peek A Boo
6 ГЛАВЫ 4.0k просмотры 1 Story completed

Kittens And The Mountain Meadow

An exciting story of the kittens and the mountain meadow as they discover the magic and danger of the life beyond the meadow
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Apple Cow

A girl and her cow bring the world together in the most adventurous magical way, a taste of happiness can unite a world of differences
6 ГЛАВЫ 4.1k просмотры 8 3 Story completed

Adventures Of Kittens And The Mountain Meadow

The adventures of kitten's in the mountain meadow where they meet the characters of the meadow and learn life lessons as they grow
11 ГЛАВЫ 12.2k просмотры 2 7 Story completed


Puddles the Lion-Hearted

Puddles the puppy grew up acting like a kitty. But, one day, he proved that he was not just different from his adopted kitten siblings; he was special. Written with sound-aloud words for the developing reader, this bedtime story soothes with a message of bravery and determination.
#3 in Детская литература 8 ГЛАВЫ 9.6k просмотры 20 11 Story completed

Geology Rhymology

A fun short story in rhyme form to teach young children the fundamental basics of Geology
Короткий рассказ 4.3k просмотры 8 7 Story completed

Our Solar System

A fun educational short story in rhyme form about our solar system for children
#5 in Детская литература Короткий рассказ 4.0k просмотры 8 10 Story completed

My Little Book Of Poems

A little book of poems for your little one to enjoy at bedtime, good for any age
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The Little Monkey And The Boy

Just a person who likes to write
Короткий рассказ 2.3k просмотры 4 9 Story completed

The Little Orphaned Girl

The little orphaned girl's life before the adoption and after the adoption.
Короткий рассказ 1.8k просмотры 8 12 Story completed

Rise High 2: The President’s Honor

It’s been 1 year since Nico Mazepin, Jeffy Francois, and their friends saved an airplane. When the president finds out, he offers them and their friends a flight in his private jet! But the 2 brothers wouldn’t be telling you about this if everything was smooth sailing . . .
9 ГЛАВЫ 4.9k просмотры 19 7 Story completed

MINECRAFT: The Book (2023)

Part of the Universe of The Dream SMP Steve has been an explorer for all of his life. He has been everywhere that he could think of. But he now has his mind set on making a mark on the newest dimensions: The Nether and The End (not to be confused with "end" as in something is done). He may have to overcome one thing though: his new, experienced friend - who might also be his secret cr…
#1 in Детская литература 11 ГЛАВЫ 29.9k просмотры 37 23 Story completed

"Stories for children promoting environmental awareness"

storytelling with values ​​that promote love and care for the environment in children, awakening their interest and involvement at an early age.
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The Frog named Fred

For all ages
Короткий рассказ 3.1k просмотры 3 11 Story completed

Rise High

Nico Mazepin is an average 13 - year old kid. He seems to lead a pretty normal and boring life. So, when he suddenly gets a free plane ride with his brother Jeffy and his classmates, including someone special, he seizes the opportunity. Little does he know, it won't be a normal trip . . . EDIT: Thank you so much for around 3K viewers. Please cons…
10 ГЛАВЫ 4.0k просмотры 14 7 Story completed

Kemonica's First Day At Gymnastics

Hi I'm Kemonica. I live in Alabama. Roll Tide.
3 ГЛАВЫ 4.5k просмотры 17 12 Story completed

Sally's Stinky Shoes

Sally needs a new pair of shoes but what ones will she find?
Короткий рассказ 2.4k просмотры 5 10 Story completed

The needs for kindness

A book for children teaching them what to eat, and to help their parents use the fruits and vegetables to please everyone!
6 ГЛАВЫ 3.4k просмотры 9 6 Story completed

Littupation Songwriter

A littupation songwriter been stranded in the backyard grassroots of my house, so he meets the giant African American woman.
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Alice the young detective Mystery at the Party

Alice is a 12 year old girl that is a detective. This is the first book in the series. Join Alice and her friends find out what happens at a birthday party.
#2 in Детская литература 11 ГЛАВЫ 15.5k просмотры 21 39 Story completed

Barsenty's Hub

Funny Barsenty - atmospheric stories about the kitten Barsenty, Jux and his friends The land of Barsentia is rich in vivid emotions, loving hearts and hardworking and talented inhabitants Love, harmony and creativity - for powerful leaders Забавы Барсентия - атмосферные истории про котенка Барсентия, Джукса и его друзей Земля Барсентия богата на я…
5 ГЛАВЫ 18.8k просмотры 8 13 Новая глава Каждые 15 дней

New Year's Adventures of Barsenty

Dear guys and lovely parents! An amazing story is presented to your attention. New Year's fun and friendly meetings of the kitten Barsenty and his friends in the magical city of fairy tales, Miraculous The greatness of brilliant ideas is a catalyst for your loving brain. In loving hearts and moments of creativity - the genius of future generations…
3 ГЛАВЫ 8.2k просмотры 3 6 Новая глава Каждые 15 дней

Lovemoniss: JMS

Funny songs, nursery rhymes and tongue twisters Lovetonis "Barsentius and his musical party" For hapiness kids and parents )) Best regards, @LapinaMargarita
9 ГЛАВЫ 7.4k просмотры 18 5 Новая глава Каждые 15 дней

Magic elements and Energy's moments

Children's song nursery rhyme For parents and their children To all the letters of the alphabet, a chant is sung to your child’s favorite tunes With great Love and best wishes, Lapina Margarita )) Детская песенка-потешка Для родителей и их детей-билингвов На все буквы алфавита, поется нараспев, на любимые мелодии вашего ребенка С огромной любовью …
3 ГЛАВЫ 7.0k просмотры 12 8 Новая глава Каждые 15 дней

Monster Wars

When nine-year-old Taylor Hophman moves to a new town with their family, they hope to find accepting friends and a place to belong. They aren’t the only one to move in though, a monster has made a home for itself underneath their bed, much to the monster who was already living in the closet’s displeasure. Taylor must find a way to resolve the crea…
1 глава 5.4k просмотры 5 6 В процессе

Босоногая команда

«Лет тридцать тому назад, на окраинах Петербурга люди жили гораздо проще, скромнее и даже веселее, чем теперь. На Васильевском острове, в 15-ой линии, за Малым проспектом были выстроены только небольшие деревянные дома, большею частью одноэтажные, с наружными ставнями у окон…» - Клавдия Лукашевич
7 ГЛАВЫ 20.0k просмотры 1 4 Story completed

The Happy Prince

In a town where a lot of poor people suffer, a swallow who was left behind after his flock flew off to Egypt for the winter meets the statue of the late "Happy Prince", who in reality has never experienced true happiness. Viewing various scenes of people suffering in poverty from his tall monument, the Happy Prince asks the swallow to take the rub…
1 глава 8.5k просмотры 7 14 Story completed

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