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Dear brother

My life was amazing, with my brother with me, but things changed the way and twisted the wrist of our happiness.
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Bridge Street.

Taking a bite or two from a new monthly burger could be the reason you crave a different type of meat, but it’s up to you to protect yourself from undead Z’s craving a tasty brain. You get to take a look into the life of George—a chef who is determined not to become part of the undead clan.
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Doll-man’s Animated Series

Не проверенная история His name is David Seville as Doll-man who lived with his adoptive mutant red-clad parenting twelve years old divorce dad chipmunk Alvin Seville and uncles Simon & Theodore. He discovers comedy misadventure and learns a valuable lesson from getting trouble himself.
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Tale Of Two Dwarves, An Elderlore Story

Part of the Universe of Hearthlands of Elderlore A dialogue view of two dwarves mining in the great caverns of Orebor. Their Dwarf King lays heavy burdens upon them, however, the king’s wrath compares not to the mountain’s rage.
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A Mafia Family Versus The Innocent Boy

Title: A Mafia Family Versus The Innocent Boy Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Gang World of Mafia Summary: In a business world of Mafia. They were called "A Ruthless Empire of BTS" aka "Barter Trade Soul" If you ever encounter the BTS in the street be sure to run off to the opposite side as fast as you can. Because if you ever have a business wi…
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Do we need dreams ?

Part of the Universe of Telepathic World of Witchcraft and Mentalism Не проверенная история This is a short tale where I discuss my ideas about sleeping
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Sunset Bay

es una historia en Ingles de drama hare mas capitulos más adelante
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Death and Warships

The first of two parts where a teen named Jake Marcendo participates in the First World War. His family wants money and being a soldier pays well, except if he dies. Will he, though? PS: This is my first story on the platform so if it isn’t that good, I will continuously improve. Thank you!
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Love's Palette: Painting Poetry with Affection

"Love's Palette: Painting Love with Affection" is a collection of heartfelt poems that explore the myriad shades of love. Each poem is a brushstroke on the canvas of emotions, blending the colors of passion, tenderness, and longing. From the vibrant hues of new love to the subtle tones of enduring affection, this poetry book captures the essence o…
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CLOVER Book 2: Invasion

After fleeing New York and residing on Bear Island, Beatrice and Clover return to New York to fight against the Military and take back their freedom.
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The mysterious rose

Не проверенная история Two young teenagers venture into the woods. What will happen?
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Book of Poems

Part of the Universe of LIRA+VERSO Diverse poems for poetry lovers.
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The hit

A hitman agrees to unusual hit
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Dedicated to Adriana.
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Beyond The High Wire

In the vibrant world of the circus, Lena and Austin's unlikely friendship blossoms into a delicate dance of emotions. Secrets untold and feelings unspoken, their connection deepens until a heartbreaking choice tears them apart. As Lena tentatively explores new beginnings with Noah, Austin grapples with the pain of silent longing. Yet fate takes a …
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Erratic Landscapes (Poems)

A prophecy strikes the universe ruled by the "Stars of Divinity", these gods moulded a place full of magic, power and energy; where they decide to destroy everything for fear of the prophecy sent by a cosmic entity. Thus imprisoning Nhitroa, and releasing the chaos until it reaches the Earth where an elf will free him and unleash his vengeance and…
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Broken Horizons

In a tranquil coastal town in Chile, Valentina and her twin sister Daniela lead ordinary lives—until a devastating earthquake shatters their world. As chaos ensues, the sisters must navigate the wreckage, facing harrowing challenges and forging unbreakable bonds of resilience. Will they find the strength to survive amidst the ruins, or will the af…
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Diary of a Broken Heart - Freshman Year

Не проверенная история Liara Reese is beginning her freshman year of highschool, and she couldn’t be more unprepared. Struggling to win over an years-old crush, she questions things like love, happiness, and friendship. Read into this youthful diary of a teen girl just trying to make it through highschool. Will she and her first love ever be together? This is the first…
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Revelations of the Enchanted Mirror

Alex, a billionaire who bought an island to get away from the stress of his daily life discovered the island wasn't all that met the eyes. Nope, his island was concealing a mysterious magical realm and he realized that when he fell into a big rabbit hole that tingled with magic and was tossed into a field of flowers shielding an enchanted mirror b…
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Buy Verified Stripe Account

Не проверенная история Buy Verified Stripe Account If you want to more information just contact now. 24 Hours Reply/Contact ➤Email: [email protected] ➤Skype: SmmServiceIT ➤Telegram: @SmmServicesIT ➤WhatsApp: +1 (985) 287-7864
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Chasing Phantoms

This is just a little collection of poetry that life in its lawless course reveals to me.
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In 2026 in a technologically advanced city, which is sustained by the existence of an underground society of labourers. The son of one of the city's founders falls in love with a girl from the underground society, as the two societies begin to clash due to the lack of a unifying force.
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Meet Savanah! Her life is pretty simple! Or so that's how it looks from an outside point of View. Go to school, Hang out with friends! You know your everyday day to day activities of a Highschool senior. With Abscent parents, An aggressive boyfriend and a protective bad boy that lives next door. Her life becomes pretty problematic. Follow S…
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Flying in the Wind [Genshin Impact]

As children, Kamisato Ayaka and Kaedehara Kazuha were engaged to be married as adults, and a deep friendship and sweet youthful love blossomed between them. Everyone expected great things from both of them, like the young princess and prince of their respective clans. However, the Kaedehara fell out of favor in the end, Kazuha disappeared from vie…
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Black.Smoking.Angel [English]

I'm no hero, I'm no martyr, and by no means I'm a victim. The people described on the next pages will only be good or bad depending on what the reader thinks of them. I, however... Some time ago I was a soldier, and I killed following orders, then I was a survivor and I killed for food. Later I was a mercenary and I killed for a better life, and t…
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The Old Bull

Не проверенная история A short tale of an old tyrant Bull ceratasaur and his reckoning
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Cyber Wild West

San Perinado, Texas. 2115
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The Queen of Quok

No one envied the child, who had scarcely been thought of until he became king himself. Then he was recognized as a personage of some importance, and the politicians and hangers-on, headed by the chief counselor of the kingdom, held a meeting to determine what could be done for him. These folk had helped the old king to live riotously while his …
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