Mountains Voice

Once, I closed my eyes and found myself in the mists of the mountains...
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The story of kila the pero

Не проверенная история This is a story of a young pero who was abandoned by her flock and has to find a way to survive. As she gets old and the moths go by she will learn on how to survive.
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The Missing Part Of You

A poem for a loved one.
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You'll never know

Just Read it once.
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Не проверенная история Shadow poetry that speak.
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The Royal Family

Не проверенная история Title: The Royal Family Author: mischa143kelvin Series: The Enchanted World of Magic Wielders and Magic Users Summary: "The Royal Family" is a captivating fantasy novel set in the Enchanted World of Magic Wielders and Magic Users. The story revolves around a prestigious royal family, The Viandragon Lumiere, blessed with incredible magical abilit…
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Sugnan's wife was a ghost.
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A poem titled "U". (Must read)
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The Elite Group Operation Team (The TEGO Team)

In the shadowy world where danger lurks at every turn, a remarkable group of individuals rise above the rest, forming an unbreakable bond forged in the crucible of high-stakes missions. Led by the indomitable JL Lewis, a former military maestro with a strategic mind and nerves of steel, they are known as The Elite Group Operation Team, or simply, …
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The Black Cat

The narrator is consumed by guilt about he's done, but he is not consciuos about its weight of his guilt, insisting that he is not bothered by this, and it's manifested in subconscious ways, He sees a vision of a cat in a noose in the ruined remains of this burned down house.
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Don't Mess Up

Не проверенная история Title: Don't Mess Up Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Race Against Time Summary: In the picturesque town of Pinebrook, the air is always filled with the sweet scent of blossoms and the gentle rustling of leaves in the breeze. However, beneath the façade of tranquility lies a web of dark secrets and sinister plots that threaten to unravel the live…
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The Town That Christmas Forgot

Can one woman restore her own Christmas spirit by bringing the joys of the holidays to a small town? *** It's nearly Christmas and everyone is getting ready for the festive season. Well, nearly everyone. Kara Miller, couldn't care less about the upcoming holiday when she is the last between her siblings to find someone to share the festivities w…
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Silent Love

Не проверенная история Everything might seems going more than alright in your life, you have a stable job, a beautiful house, and you are seeing a girl; it looks perfect until that girl goes missing, now the question arises. What happened to her?
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Sweet treats

Не проверенная история Shinsou Hitoshi owns a small pastry shop at the end of town, cake n coffee, which is at the end of the town, so. It's pretty far from big businesses, schools and other things. So He doesn't get many costumers. But, that's fine with Him. He doesn't care for the people who walk in, or for the people who walk out. That changes when a slightly taller,…
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Date Night - Alter Story

David's girlfriend, Allice has a couple of days off and invites him for a night out. What she has planned may be mundane, but with a memorable twist. This is the whole night as it happened with very few details left out.
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Не проверенная история Loneliness, a feeling most of us feel daily. Something that drifts in the air around us and infects the people we know and love.
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Не проверенная история Set in 17th century AD in Persia. 12 year old girl named Sheeva was going to mosque for Jummah prayer for the first time, when something glowing district her and she founded herself in brand new world.
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Unconventional Love Story

Не проверенная история Title: Unconventional Love Story Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Unconventional Love Story Summary: As the bustling city of Cascade Bay sets the stage, fate weaves an extraordinary tale of love in "Unconventional Love Story." Amidst the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the paths of Tyler, the bohemian artist, and Andrea, the determined businesswo…
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The same old me!

Не проверенная история After the two hectic years of pandemic, Who do you think changed?
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A Day At The Beach

Не проверенная история Title: A Day At The Beach Author: mischa143kelvin Series: A Love Story Of A Lifetime Summary: A Day At The Beach is a captivating tale that unfolds over the course of a single day, delving into the lives of four young adults as their paths intertwine on a sun-soaked beach. On this seemingly ordinary day, fate weaves its threads, drawing togethe…
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When the Sun sets

One day, in the Stream Valley, the Sun refused to rise.
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True Darkness

This is a dystopian story about a little boy and his family.
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Spiritual Sakura

In this book, Wagner shares spiritual teachings he received from japanese spirits and mentors during all these years, and talks about the connection between Brazil and Japan.
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You Talk

A poem for those who talk too much.
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Without You

Title: Without You Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Where Do Broken Hearts Go Summary: Have you ever love someone you didn't want to fall in love with from the beginning? What if you discovered the love of your life? But suddenly, in a blink of an eye, it all shattered into a million pieces. Where do you go from here? Where do broken hearts g…
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Colors of Death.

Must read. "Colors of Death"
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Semiworded Verses

When for the first time I tried to understand things that most people think they understand.
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Не проверенная история Title: Reflection Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Beauty In Beast Summary: A boy who was ostracized all his life by his mere existence. He was cast away for his appearance. They called him a monster. He was isolated by his community. He was feared by his own parents. He is tired of the cruel prying eyes that wants to devour him. He just wants to…
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