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His love for her grows as her discontent grows larger. Affection pours out of every pore but she does not believe this can last. He keeps up the flowers, dinners, and romance; taking every chance. She keeps to herself but her silence speaks volumes. He ignores this noise wishing to confide in her, his true feelings about her. She is not impressed but her interest allows the connection to grow stronger.

Is one to lose his mind for true love to blossom? She is fond of attention but to her, it must be pure. Many have tried and turned to manure. Clinging to her past; this is the static that defies the law of attraction. He sets out to clear it. The clouds of her judgment have exhausted themselves.

Clear skies allow one to see the reflection of thyself. She believes he has others but he desires none other than her. Love and hate have a relationship and let passion spur. He has given himself to her in every fashion. She leaves him empty, and emotionally helpless. He is destroyed in every imaginable facet.

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