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September 26, 2023

Have you ever been in love?

Not infatuation… but love. 100% real authentic 24k love.

The kind of love that feels different from any love you’ve ever experienced before?

The kind that feels safe like you’re always home when you are with them?

Like your souls recognize each other as a piece that they had been missing?

A love so.. significant, that accepts you for all that you are? Flaws and perfections alike.

A love that never wants to see you down and will hold you up until you’re back on your feet again.

A best friend that will be super silly and have fun with you but understands when it’s time to be serious too.

A best friend who cares about the way you feel and knows that we are all human. And we work to understand the parts of each other that we can’t relate to.

To be accepted

To be cared for

To be understood

To be truly loved



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September 19, 2023

I think one of the scariest yet most exciting parts of living is never knowing what is going to come next.

Naturally, when we try to predict the future, we are basing it on past experiences. We understand that there are patterns and vibrations and energies that make up everything from the vast beyond to your eyes reading this page right now. We, as humans, all of us, really do think we know everything because everything we know is exactly that-- everything we know. We acknowledge that there is information out there that we have yet to learn, but still, we don't know that information yet. So, as stated prior, naturally we try to predict the future based solely on the past.

Our imaginations are also vastly wild and can take anything from the past and spin it into an entirely new story or idea. I fully believe that all books are written based on even the tiniest experience the authors have personally observed. King and Tolken included. So when you have fear of something, your mind will take that imagination and create stories of every kind, across the entire emotional genre spectrum.

This is something I have only just begun to understand. When someone experiences trauma anything could be a trigger for emotional responses. Now'a'days, any and everyone has trauma to a degree. It is all based on emotional responses to stimuli. And this, I believe, is how we learn. It is natural to take the past and spin a future scenario.

My advice to those of us who have trauma and experience severe levels of anxiety because of said trauma is to try to remember in the moment that it is your imagination. Nothing is fact until it actually happens in real time. That thing that your thinking is going to happen or might be happening right now-- stop. You have to pause and remember that it is not real. You have to trust yourself and believe that fact.

Because it is FACT.


If you fear that things are not going to be okay, I am here to tell you that right now, everything IS okay. You are making up stories out of your emotion, fear. Recognize that and you will recognize that all is well until you personally make it not so.

Love ya 😘


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