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Addison Dolan
About an upcoming book. I'm thinking for it to be even better than Harry Potter, to make it a challenge. 0 отзывы
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About my upcoming book
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More about an upcoming book.

Well, it seems like I've come up with a name for my magic school something that might seem better than Hogwarts. it's called Alzano imperial magic academy, might not seem that impressive rigtow, but when you read the story you will love it. I've come up with the two main characters, they are Adam and Jane. Somewhere along the story, a new girl shows up, her name is Jade, and she looks severely identical to Jane, where the two don't get along very well in the beginning. Massive fights happen between them. When Jade seems Adam for the first time, it becomes worse.

so, just stay tuned, the story could become better and more interesting than Harry potter, in fact the school is located on an island in the middle of the ocean, the only way to get there, is through an underground train, hope that doesn't sound too lame. instead of using wands, the students have the ability to use spells and hex through their mouths once they've mastered it. no students are allowed to use their power ugil hey have passed the four tests that happen when they get there, and each student takes the test separately. this is all for my next blog, hope I get some comments, because I really need it, I need some help.

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About an upcoming book

Well. sorry for not adding another chapter to rescued, I just find it lame like any other story I've written, but don't worry, I'm going to write something better. Im sure most of you have heard of Harry Potter. in that case, I plan to write a series that's even better than Harry Potter. I wished there was more to Harry Potter, that's why I plan to write a series better with more details, and more volumes. I know I could probably never measure up to Harry Potter, but we'll see. it's also harder, because I know I can't copy anything from Harry Potter. Right now, im thinking of my characters, im thinking about the first plot for the story, and the setting. it will definitely take alot of thinking. I want to make it the best selling book in the world! my dream. here's an update about what i think my first story of my first series should be about. ok.

it's about a young girl named Charity. my first character. I like the name Charity. i think it will be a good fit for my girl character, since there will also be other girls in he story to name. There's going to be two main characters, one girl, Charity, and a boy, which I'm still thinking about. I want a name that's better than Harry, I don't know if I can use that name for my character, and just not use the last name Potter, give me any comments about what you think the name should be for the boy.

now, I think the girl should be very different from the rest of the students in the academy, I'm also going to use in the story. I know i can't say she's famous because Harry is famous, and that would be almost copying, i have to make my book completely opposite from Harry, and i can still use magic, but using magic a different way, maybe not even spells, maybe they use magic by their mouths, that would be interesting! just anyone who would like to give me any title names for my book, or any ideas for the characters, or plot, please make some comments. it would be a great help. ill let everyone know what i come up with, but I dont think I'll be writing any stories In the meantime, until I come up with my first book, which is going to take some time unless I get some help, but I will be blogging more about it. again, remember to comment. I could use all the help I could get, I might even give anyone who helps me, credit when my book comes out someday.

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