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The Canaanites Nation Of Islam Tribal Name!!!!

"Al-Shabazz Allah"


The Seer Isaiah M Morris

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A Universal Greetings

When Opening Up A Sermon, A Talk , A Speech , A Addressment etc.


In The Name Of Allah , Most Gracious , Most Merciful.

As salamu'alai-kum!!!!


When talking to your brother or sister you say the following.

  • Islam
  • Salam Islam
  • Assalamualaikum Islam


When your brother or sister greet you back with the following.

  • Wa Islam
  • wa salamu Islam
  • wa alaikum Salam Islamu.


When closing a meeting you say the following:

  • And We Say These Words In The Name of Allah Most Gracious , Most Merciful. Ameen , Islam Or Wa Salamu Islam Or walaikum Salam.


When opening up a service Surah Al Fatiha should be red and then you greet them with the greeting words of peace and then you start with what you want to do.


I say these words in The Name Of Allah Most Gracious , Most Merciful


The Seer Isaiah M Morris

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The Reformation Addressment

The Reformation Addressment To The Renewal Of The Organization!!!!


The Seer , The Patriarchy Isaiah M Morris!!!!


In The Name Of Allah (God),

Most Gracious , Most Merciful.

Canaanites Nation of Islam is an organization for all men, women, children and babies. The chosen people of this organization is the Asiatic black man woman child baby of the planet Earth. Through The Holy Bible And The Holy Quran the black race is God's chosen race and now that we understand that we are Almighty chosen people we must understand what the forefathers that paved the way for every black man woman of America to be able to stand up for his or her race.

Within this organization you will learn the lessons of Master Fard Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

For they are wise teachers wise as in you receive a knowledge that will someday become wisdom as the prophet of God, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah may peace and blessings of God be upon him said in the Hadith that as you receive knowledge you gain wisdom.

for they have wisdom of the Bible Old and New Testament for the Minister Louis Farrakhan said on different occasions that throw in the Bible away will be a great confusement when telling a lost and found people about Muhammad the son of Abdullah when he talked about Moses Abraham Noah Jesus but he did say he's the last of the last.' But i say in his day and time.

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Eliminating Books

Eliminating Books Of Resources.

The Seer , The Patriarchy Isaiah M Morris Speak's!!!

The Apocrypha And Gnostic Text. Are 100% bandit from this organization they are not to be read at all at any time on or off the platform. we in this organization need to be focusing on the Bible and the next book that will be introduced within this organization. taking the Apocrypha and Gnostic Text away from this organization will give better understanding to the existence of God and His prophets of past and present.

giving great thanks to the almighty God creator of the heavens and the Earth for his revealment of Prophecy that we may understand in later time the understanding of what shall take place in the future.


I feel that by the understanding of God almighty that this decision is right and that it is time for the Restoration Baptist Church of Reality Of The United Congregational Of Jesus Christ Shell be Renewed with better understanding knowledge and wisdom from the most high God almighty.



The Seer , The Patriarchy Isaiah M Morris

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