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Kingdom of Underath

The fantastic continent where the Kingdom of Underath is situated and where the six books of said series envelop. Universo Não Verificado Histórico, Idade Média Compartilhar

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Histórias de The continent

Kingdom of Underath: The tales of the time trav… Canon Main Story
Dylan Brown lived an ordinary life. Until one day, he somehow found himself on the fields of an unknown country, at an …
Kingdom of Underath: The tales of the lost boy Canon Sequel to Main Stoty
James wakes up on the shores of Underath, unable to remember anything from his past life. Will he be able to survive an…
Kingdom of Underath: The tales of Prince Zagreu… Canon Prequel of Main Story
The second book of the Kingdom of Underath series! Prince Zagreus leads a comfortable life. Now, though, he became an …

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