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Remnants of the old world

The world has seen the greatest human tragedy of all time. The last war, wiped the world clean from all civilization in 2640. All that is left now. Is ruins and sands that hide deadly beings all over the globe. Universo Não Verificado Imagined, Post-apocalyptic Compartilhar

#post-apocalyptic #fantasy

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Concept Art, Map designer.

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The Badlands: Kinship Canon Main Story
The Badlands, the worst area of the globe. The entirety of humanity is left to but far and few settlements across the... $6,99
The Badlands: Brotherhood Canon Side Story
A man from Californex realizes fishing may no longer be his viable career path as the increase of different threats f...
The Badlands (Worldbuilding story) Side Story
A small story for lore I think I'm going to use in another book later.
The Badlands: The StormRiders Side Story
This is the Legend of the Stormriders as passed down by the generations after the bombs fell. Who formed the storm ri...

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