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This is the first where Lisa meets a rare superhero, and their erotic adventurous, start to happen! Well she been in love and dominated too! As she embarks on this erotic adventure with athe suler hero named petey! She is disowned by her mother and soon finds her way lusting and desiring sipomeone whoop refuses to show is face for the time being! When he names her Dusty (Lisa) he ends up realizing that he is falling in love with her it wasn't just for fore play anymore! But what does he look like! The only thing that is blurring the lines between seduction and love is the sight of his face! What will come from the only play relationship!? Will she see her lovers face! Will they ever find normalcy after a stalker comes? Also, feel free to read my other erotic fictions as well, rather be the series or the standalone Universo Não Verificado Era Histórica, Atômica Compartilhar

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