This journey will be a tough walk

Available on Kindle/Amazon for free reading and for sale ---- My skin slides against the wooden floor, leaving pieces of splinter stuck inside, "Issabella, get up, now!" Fresh blood enters my nostrils; mom's grim view frightens me, "Why are you covered in blood mom? Where's dad?" Her weight doesn't leave the door, red substance leaks from her neck... what bit her? Everything changed around me, everything I thought was just a movie happened in a few seconds… I lost everything, I lost all I care about… but will I give up? Will I allow this unknown world to consume me? I-I don’t know… this journey I embrace will be a tough fight I never thought I would ever have to walk… all I care about is making through today, to face tomorrow… Universo Não Verificado Imagined, Post-apocalyptic Compartilhar

#violence-and-heartbreak #drama-and-friendship #post-apocalyptic #zombies

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