Female Lead


Mixed race African

Leader of The Deadly

Psionic abilities, Light manipulation, Aura vision, Hand-to-hand combat, Weaponry.

Goddess Sofia, The Enemy, Princess.


South African




Dark Caramel skin tone. Slightly weathered and wrinkled when presenting as her real age. When she presents as a twenty-five year old, her skin is perfectly clear

Thick wiry, 3C hair which is usually curly and pulled away from her face. Size 16-18. When using her abilities, her hair turns into black feathers. Black feathers flow from her shoulders in a cape. Her clothes become dark red robes and a heavy black pendant hangs from a thick gold chain on her neck.




BSc (Honors) Molecular Biology. Masters Genetic Manipulation PhD Nuclear Medicine

Extremely intellectually intelligent. Very rational with an eidectic memory.

Princess in the Deadly Army. Works as a lecturer or lab tech, depending on what age she is presenting as.

Owns multiple pieces of land and homes around the world. Wealthy.

Afrikaans, English, isiZulu, Sesotho, isiXhosa, French, Spanish.


Funny and generous but not emotionally intelligent. Tends to isolate herself and doesn't have many friends. Very loving and will die for someone once she loves them.

As a Princess in the Deadly Army she is expected to be on the "bad side". But that is the perception that everyone has about the Deadly. The Deadly aren't evil but are just neutral beings who guide the dead to the Underworld. They are integral to maintaining Order in the living world and they have the most difficult jobs

Her love for James. Her love for the Earth and her willingness to save it

Emotional eater. Insecure. Avoidant attachment. Bites nails.

Sofia is an immortal being belonging to a species of people known as The Deadly. This is not their actual name- it was given to them by their mortal enemies "The Heavenly" after the Heavenly mistook them for evil demons and started an eternal war against them. She is a Princess, royalty within The Deadly, and is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. She has the ability to manipulate time and space and open cracks between universes.

Seeing many of her friends and family killed in the war with The Heavenly. Having James leave her to go back to the "good side" and then not speak to her again for thirty years. Being the most powerful being in space and time but also being made ill by her abilities

Likes music and art. Loves science. Writes books in the moments that she is not working as a scientist

Going back to fighting in any kind of war.

Being in love with James for eternity but knowing she shouldn't initiate anything because he has gotten married and has a family. Even though she knows that he loves her too.

Fighting with her living family who want her to use her powers to revive and fight in the war. They consider her a traitor because she left them in the first war to be with James.

Alcohol and cocaine. She is not addicted because The Deadly cannot become addicted but she uses them more than she should