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Hey guys :) Hope you like my stories. feel free to vote and comment Braga, Portugal.
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Hey guys :) If you subscribe to my plan, you´ll have access to an amazing love story. Hope you enjoy Assine o plano

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História não Verificada Jaden Elliot Cromwell is a bastard. A son of a bitch. Probably the worst of them all. But even with all his flaws, he's hers. If she was poison, he was ready to take it all and die for her. Lilian Eve Madison is perfect. She has the best grades, th…
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All The Thing That I (Don´t) Hate About You

Matthew Clark is socially awkward - and he's ok with being invisible. He is a smart student and all he wants is to have good grades to grant his so dreamed scholarship in Havard. But, then Olivia Barrow arrives to his school. And when she focus her…
#23 em Romance 48.8mil visualizações 48 69 Novo capítulo A cada 15 dias

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Talia and the Kingdom of ashes

Talia was raised since a young age to be a professional assassin in Hangarass Kingdom. But, everithing changes when a misterious man wants to hire her to kill the heir prince of the rival kingdom. Talia is going to dive in well hinding secrets of th…
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