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United States.
ENTROU Mai 06, 2022
Inko Mid Senior Nível 2

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Only Human

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The Angelic Devil

Tori is a young girl who realizes that in her world of magic, she is an angelic devil. Her unknown ancestors, made a deal with death, and a deal with God, so that one of their descendants would be the devil, and an angel.
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This Clue inspired story is about when Kary Garrett and some friends, all got the same invitation to a dinner party at a random guys house, but he turns out not to be so random for Kary's friend, Paris. When they decide to go, he seems friendly enou…
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What's Under The Bed?

A girl's dog dies, and then her little brother, and finally, herself. Trisha, her brother Josh, and her dog, Rocky, are all on a quest to find out what killed them, so that they may have access to heaven. Their older brother, Matt, is now in prison …
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On the Other Side

Stellar has always felt unusual, but when she makes a new friend, and they go hunting, she realizes she may be more unusual than she thought. As she travels to seek help on how to get rid of this burden she starts to realize maybe it isn't as bad as…
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