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Hello, I love to write stories but occasionally I can get carried away with other things. So I’ll try my best to update my stories on time. United States.
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ENTROU Jan 07, 2022
Inka Cavaleiro+ Nível 4

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Includes the ability to see all of the book chapters that I have written. I will also make an extra effort to get more chapters sooner. Assine o plano

Minhas Histórias

End of the Road is near

História não Verificada A multitude of poems that are based around the end of the world. Also this doesn’t entirely belong to a subcategory.
2.1mil visualizações 1 Novo capítulo Toda semana

The Journey

História não Verificada A boy and his best friend what could go wrong? Well the end of the world. After being separated from each other Jeremy, (the protagonist of our lovely little story) begins to believe that his best friend is dead. Then around his 17th birthday he fin…
1.8mil visualizações Novo capítulo A cada 30 dias


História não Verificada This is a story about a young girl and her will to avenge her family that has passed, but she never found her brothers corpse……could he be alive?
16.6mil visualizações 14 5 Novo capítulo A cada 30 dias

The vampires blood

História não Verificada This is a scary story about humans and vampires. The humans decided to go to war with the vampires to obtain their blood, but they didn’t last long. ;)
911 visualizações 1 2 História concluída

The animal and human war

História não Verificada This is a short story about how humans destroyed an animals home, so the animals destroyed the humans home. This turned into a never ending war.
881 visualizações 1 1 História concluída

The devil’s rose

História não Verificada This is a short story about a girl and a killer rose called the devils rose, the rose feeds on blood and people. She finds a way to stop the roses and finally lives in peace.
1.0mil visualizações 1 2 História concluída

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