Larissa Bălan Seguir

Hello everybody! I am a Social Media Freelancer who loves to write and draw. * social on Facebook @MiniGlitch * drawing on Instagram @larissa.draws I am happy to meet you all! :) Constanța , Romania.
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ENTROU Nov 01, 2017

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Crimson Empire

The Dem'Sha lords had been hiding a powerful force sensitive member of their royal family, princess Aydanne. Wanting to secure power and to rise the new Empire on their planet, two of these lords make an alliance with the Supreme Leader, Kylo Ren ...
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Dream Code

História Não Verificada A lonely hacker is trying to steal information from the greatest tech company in order to build his own android. He lives in a metropolis where people can go inside the Web, trying to create the illusion of a life they never had. They enjoy their ...
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