Dani James Seguir

I write paranormal and fantasy erotica. My work ranges from all fluff and sweetness to extremely steamy X-rated scenes. If you like my work, please follow and like! Cape Town, South Africa.
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ENTROU Set 27, 2022

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The Palace of Souls

The Palace of Souls, a magical hotel, situated in London is a hotel like any other. It caters solely to the most exclusive magical beings in the world and is a completely neutral zone. The Palace is a place of safety, sanctuary, refuge. But it...
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Fated to the Alpha and the Angel

The Palace of Souls is a safe haven for the global supernatural community and caters to every being that could possibly walk through its doors. (There are even rumours that the Palace hosted Elvis once – after he died.) The Palace also provides e...
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Lust and Leather

História não Verificada One night will change their lives forever. Will Aria give into her feelings, or will she reject the love of her life?
464 visualizações 1 3 Novo capítulo Todos os Sábados

Writing Blog

História não Verificada My erotic writing blog. I update this blog with erotic and romance writing tips, my thoughts on the romance industry, and how serialized romance fiction is making a come back
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Queen of Temperance: Cursed Lovers

História não Verificada This story picks up two years after my short story, Queen of Temperance. Soul ties, Lucas and Temperance are no longer together, even though the Fates chose them for each other. However, when Lucas calls Temperance, asking for her help, she ha...
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Queen of Temperance

Temperance is a succubus, cursed by Lucifer, to keep the scales of good and evil balanced at all times. Lucas is a demon necromancer, who is resurrecting evil zombies. Their paths cross when Temperance, who is determined to keep the scales bal...
1.6mil visualizações História concluída

The Road to Hell

A one-shot story based on a larger serialized story and universe I am building. Read on for a sweet declaration of love and a sexy, hot smut scene. There's more where this came from!
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Lust and Leather

A one-short story about a plus size doctor getting all the love she needs. Lust and Leather is a one-shot, high heat, steamy erotica. Romance does not play a large part in this story. Explicit content, for adults only.
3.1mil visualizações 6 16 História concluída

Another Kind of Love

A one-short erotic romance about a throuple. A MMF pairing who find love and comfort in a hard time. Heat rating: Medium with lots of fluff.
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