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I made this story a long time ago for a writing contest. I found it again on my old wattpad account and decided to post it here for you all to enjoy. I'm thinking of making a second part, and if you enjoy the story, I'll make it.

Fanfiction Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.
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Twisted Love


All I ever think of is Him. The way he laughs, how his eyes light up when he smiles, such a beautiful smile. It all drives me crazy. I want him to be mine! But...there’s just one problem keeping me from getting to him. Her. She doesn’t love him like I do. She doesn't want him in the way I want him. She needs to understand, Senpai. Will. Be. Mine.


“What took you so long!” A girl with long red hair yelled out in frustration, her green eyes showing it quite obviously. The boy sighed “I’m sorry Lizzy, I overslept again.” He apologize, a shy smile painted his face. “Well you know I don’t like to be kept waiting!”
“We don’t have to walk to school together if it upsets you so much.” The boy looked away from her. His expression changing from a smile to a frown. How dare she upset him! “N-no! Th-that’s not what I meant.” Lizzy grabbed his arm desperately. “J-just forget about it okay? Now come on Nathan, let’s hurry before we’re late”
Nathan. My beloved Senpai. “I can’t let her take him from me.” I followed them to school. Before I could reach them, a voice from behind called my name. “Lunaria, I can help you win his heart.” I turn around to meet a strange girl. Her long purple hair flowed like the cherry blossom trees in the wind. “How do you know my name? And who are you?” I approach her questioningly.
“My name is of no importance, and to answer the question of how I know you. I know everyone in this school. Gathering information is my...hobby.” I glance at her with suspicion, “Okay, and how can you help me?” I stood my ground, my amber hair flowing with the wind just as hers was.
“I’ll tell you each girl that has feelings for him, and you must eliminate each and every one if you wish to win Nathan’s heart.” She smiled. I knew she definitely had tricks up her sleeves. “Alright, I’ll accept your offer. I’ll do anything to win my senpai’s love!” At this moment I knew, this is where my story began.

Of course, my first rival to eliminate was Lizzy. But I somehow had to get her away from Senpai. “Lizzy-chan, can I talk to you for a moment?”
“Of course! But make it quick, d-don’t ask why okay?!”
I smiled. Oh it’ll be quick. Quick and bloody. I led her to the rooftop where I knew I would be able to dispose of her dead body quickly. “It’s actually quite a nice view up here Lu-chan.” I smiled as her back was towards me. “A lovely view to see you vanish.” I laughed as I pushed Lizzy over the railing and watched her fall. Ah~ The sound of a broken body is music to my ears. After dumping her lifeless body into the furnace, I moved on to my next target.
“Lu-chan, your next rival is Mary. She’s the leader of the Cooking Club.” I mentally took note in my head as I planned a way to eliminate her. “Got any ideas on how to get rid of Mary-chan?” I texted back Info-chan. That’s what she told me to call her. “Poison her.”
As I entered the cooking club room, I saw Mary-chan organizing the cooking supplies. “Mary-chan?” She turned around. “Yes? Are you here to join the club?” It was the only way I would be able to get close to her. “Yes.”
Once becoming a member of the club, I took my chance and grabbed some poison. Taking one of the cupcakes she made, I sprinkled on some of the poison. “That should be enough to do the job.” I said to myself. “Enough of what?” Turning around in panic, I relaxed when I saw that it was only Mary. “I...Have a cupcake for you” I held out the treat to her. I mentally laughed at the easy elimination. “Aw, thanks Lu-chan!” She happily took a bite. In no time at all, the poison did its work. Slowly Mary fell to the ground choking, then, dead. With a satisfied grin, I dragged her to the furnace and left her body with Lizzy’s to burn.
“Alright, two down. Eight to go.” The next seven were a piece of cake. Ruby, the drama club leader, was eliminated by electrocution . Alice, the occult club leader, was eliminated by suicide. Kim, the sports club leader, elimination by drowning. Annabelle, the school nurse, burned alive. Rina, the substitute teacher, framed for murder of a student. Roxy, the leader of the delinquents, elimination by expulsion. And Nathan’s little sister, Amy, elimination by matchmaking.
“This is too easy.” I smiled at Info-chan. “I’ve already eliminated nine rivals, so the final should be no problem at all.”
“Not so fast Lu-chan.” Info pushed up her glasses. “The last rival will be almost impossible to eliminate. Mira, student council president, and the principal's daughter. She had been recently informed of all the disappearances of the students you disposed of. Mira has more power than you think.” I tilt my head with disbelief. “And why should I be scared of her?”
“Mira-san has cameras, metal detectors, and members of the student council watching every inch of the school.” I sighed, “So, it’s going to be a challenge to rid of her once and for all.” I thought for a moment. “I’ll figure out something.”
“Good luck, and don’t get caught.”

For the next few days, I kept watch on my beloved. Nathan had noticed the disappearances of the girls and his sister’s sudden new boyfriend. “This week has just been getting stranger and stranger.” Walking up to him, I smile shyly. “H-hi s-senpai.” My heart began to beat miles faster, my head glazing with dizziness as I got lost in his beautiful green eyes. “Oh, uh hi Lunaria.” I stepped a little closer. I was so close to having him for my own. “Senpai, you won’t have to worry any longer, I’ll keep you safe~” And no one will ever come between us. We’ll be together forever my love. Fear began to dull his eyes. “W-what are you talking about? Do you know what’s been going on?”
“What’s the matter Nathan? I thought you’d be pleased to have all those unworthy girls gone. Hahaha, they were all not good enough for you my love. So I took care of them.” I smiled widely, a twisted grin on my face. “What’s the matter darling? You should be happy, I did this all for you.” Nathan backed away from me, but I grabbed his arm, preventing him from escaping. “Don’t run. You can’t run from me Nathan, no more hiding.” Using a syringe, I carefully put him to sleep. “Sleep well my prince, I’ll be back soon.” Hiding his sleeping body in one of the unused classrooms, I began to finish what I had started.

“Mira-san, it’s been three days with no activity. Whoever was the cause for the disappearances is most likely gone now.” The student council vice president spoke calmly to Mira. “We can call off the defences now.” Mira gazed at the vice prez, her blue eyes like shards of ice. “Alright, I’ll call off the defences for now.” She finally decided. Turning around and gazing out the window at the school entrance, she spoke quietly to herself. “But I won’t stop watching.”

The school day had gone by with no report of a problem. Soon, school had ended and all students had gone home. Mira stayed behind to work on a few last minute things. I quietly stood by the closed door, ready for my final task. Mira was all alone so there were no witnesses to worry about. I opened the door and walked in, a twisted smile painted on my face. “Mira-chan~”
Startled, she quickly turned to face me. “Lunaria, you were behind all this, weren’t you.” I laughed. “So you figured me out huh? Well, you’re too late now.” I approached her slowly, a kitchen knife in hand. “You thought you could take Nathan from me didn’t you? Well you can’t.” Mira grabbed a pair of scissors from on top of the desk. “Hahaha, you really think that will stop me? You’re foolish to try and fight back. So why don’t you just die!” I lunged at her with the knife. She dodged and threw the scissors at me. I simply moved out of aim, the useless weapon missing me.
“Why are you doing this!?” Mira fought back, holding a strong grip on my wrist and stopping the knife just inches away from her throat. Kicking her off, I stood there and smiled down at her. “Why? I’m doing this for love. To protect and keep what’s mine.” I drove the blade into her left leg, then her right. “Throughout these past days, I’ve taken out every girl who was in my way of winning Nathan’s heart.”
“You’re crazy!” Mira gritted her teeth, trying to keep herself from screaming out in pain.
“Me? Crazy? What’s crazy is that this world is keeping me from winning his love!” I yelled out in anger. Just stop talking! Just die! Die die die die! I brought the knife up to her throat. “This is where your story ends Mira-san, and where mine begins.” With one swift strike, I slashed her throat. Finally, no one else to get in my way.
“Now, to confess my feelings to my beloved.”

Nathan’s Point Of View

I woke up to find myself in a dark basement. How did I get here? Where am I? Trying to stand up, I only felt a tug hold me in place. “What the…”
“You’re finally awake darling!” A girls voice broke the silence. “Who’s there?” I tensed up, ready for whatever threat might jump at me. She just laughed and walked into view. It was Lunaria.
“Haha, I’m so happy to finally be together with you like this~” She chirped happily, never taking her eyes off me. “It took so much work to get you here. All those other girls were in my way, keeping us apart.” She brought her hand up to her face, “I took care of them though.”
I gulped. “Are you saying that you….You killed them?”
“Of course darling!” She chuckled.
Lunaria’s Point of View

I gaze at my beloved. Finally he’s mine and only mine! “I won’t let anyone hurt you. I’ll protect you forever my love.” Bringing my face close to his, I gave him a gentle kiss. “You don’t have to worry anymore.” I gazed at him with calm and gentle eyes. You will be mine forever, and I won’t let anyone get in my way.
I frowned when I noticed he wasn’t looking at me. “Why won’t you look at me?” I grew impatient when he didn’t answer. Taking my knife, I brought it close to him, but not too close. “Look at me.”
He slowly looked up and stared into my eyes. “Say that you love me.” I demanded.
“I...I…” He stuttered, fear froze him in place. “Say it”
“I love you…” I smiled, satisfied. “I know darling~!” I walked over and put away the knife. “I’ll be the perfect wife for you.” I moved my gaze back to him. “You are mine forever.”


This isn’t the end my dear, I will come back


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This is really demented, beautifully written. I'm loving it the more I get into it. Following!
February 14, 2021, 19:19
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Wow, just wow. It's fantastic!
January 26, 2020, 21:48

  • Alex Rader Alex Rader
    I'm glad you like it ^_^ I'm still thinking of making a rewrite and turning it into a novel uwu January 27, 2020, 13:54