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Borderlands is one crazy ass series. You know what it needs? A crazy ass fan story. Filled with humor, sad and series moments, and shit ton of gun on gun VIOLENCE! So yeah! Here we go. Hope you enjoy!

Aventura Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

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The Beginning of our journey

A few treasure hunters, scavengers drove in their technical. They had nearly died getting this ride. Bandits were getting bolder nowadays. Harder to deal with. Not everyone had or could afford a New-U station. Even then, not using one for a long time could have it's effect taken away. So it was always best not to use one if you could help it. The group consisted of a young man, probably just old enough to be a college student, who apparently needed a change of clothes as his was rugged and dirty. Skinny too, signs of a sheltered life. Despite that he actually seemed to be the freshest and cleanest of the bunch. Implying he may have landed here by accident. It was something that happened all too much on planets like Pandora. Some came by some mistake they made, others had a freak accident and were trapped here. It usually ended in a few ways, either they integrate with whatever semblance of society was on it. Or they became bandits, people no better then animals. Or just get killed and feasted upon actual animals. Looked like he was one of the lucky ones. His blue eyes looked hallow though, and he had the face of a killer. Someone who had to deal with the trauma of taking a life. He also had a nasty black eye on his right. Apparently something happened that caused him to take a bad hit. Chances are he would be fine, it just hurt like fuck for him.

He sat in the back, not saying a word. Looking gloomy and pessimistic about life. The one next to him was in a Crimson Lance uniform. A soldier type, probably a wandering mercenary. It looked modified, and it looked like it was associated with the newly formed Crimson Raiders. A resistance movement that sprung out of the mess that Hyperion was making when Handsome Jack took the helm. They still had some influence however, but it was greatly reduced since their top head had been well....reports were foggy regarding the details how he died. No one really knew for sure except the Vault Hunters and the newly appointed Commander Lilith. Things sure were getting dicey. On the two figures left, their was a skag in the truck with them. Sitting up with it's tongue hanging out. Skags despite their bizarre and alien appearance were still technically canines. And it showed in their behavior. The only reason this one wasn't trying to tear their head off was because it belonged to someone. That someone was driving the technical. A local hunter that had slayed all manner of beasts big and small. He was the sniper of the group, a damn good one at that. He was no Sir Hammerlock, really he was a dude who had a thing for ghillie suits and all sorts of camo-based clothes. He never really showed his face outside the suit. But had a near monotone voice when he spoke. All they knew was that he was a thin white male with brown eyes. Not much to go off other then that really. His nearly nonexistent emotional state worked for when he stalked prey, killing creatures here without being spotted was by no means an easy feat. The kid made it a point to never piss him off, as he rather wake up tomorrow.

The female in the turret was a arms dealer who was no stranger to combat. She mainly wore a black trench coat that hid the body armor underneath. She was a demolitions expert for the Crimson Raiders. Responsible for blowing up many a Hyperion outpost as well as other targets. Her face was scared up a bit, but not to the point where half of it was gone or anything. But it had seen some battles, and they left their mark. Other then that she looked fairly good for a local. Emerald green eyes, and dirty blond hair. With a hint of....let's say redneck in her accent. And a figure most would die to have. She had a history with the combat armored soldier who sat with the kid in the back. Said soldier was keeping a eye on the kid. That rifle wasn't just to keep bandits at bay, it was to keep the boy from doing something stupid.

They were all trying to find a safe haven. They all had survived far longer then the New U system could sustain them for. So they made it a point to not get too reckless. As the smallest mistake could get you killed out here. "How's the kid doin' Keller? Still quiet?" The blond bombshell asked.

"Yeah. Been like that since he split that bandit's head open...It's never easy your first time.. I've been fighting my whole life and I can still remember the time I had to do it." His voice sounded grizzled and aged. Had to be in his mid 40s at least. "But I'll make sure he gets out alive. Even if he hates me for it."

"Heh..well you got the hate part down pat. You did ...knock some sense into him." She hesitated. Although the young man was quiet for about an hour now, his emotional state was terrible. No one ever said toughening up was a easy process for anyone. For a school kid such as him, it must have been especially hard to take in. He was from one of the other planets surrounding Pandora. One of the more developed colonies a bit further out. They were on a tour across the system when something happened. Engines to the cruiser malfunctioned and the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing. Most survived the crash with a few casualties...it was only the calm before the storm however.

Within minutes bandits came circling in on their position. And instead of killing them outright, they took their time. Making others run for cover as they gave em a chance to get away. It was a massacre. A sick hunting game where defenseless students and staff members desperately tried to escape. Only to be cut down by gun fire and ran over by crude vehicles. The boy, only survived due to Keller hearing the commotion and blowing a psycho's head off, who was seconds away from ripping open the kid's guts. Needless to say he clung onto him like a scared puppy after that.

That was at least 4 months ago, now they were a group all banded together with one thing in mind. Get to Sanctuary. It was their only chance of survival. So much had happened in that time. Getting caught up in gang wars, simple hunting trips turning into monster fights were their survival was at stake, even running into Hyperion goons that still had some level of control. Really, their never was a dull day at Pandora. But their was one problem. Sanctuary was now a floating fortress in the sky. Their existed means to get to it, but finding it was the issue. Ever since the attack by those plant mutated soldiers, getting into Sanctuary had become a lot harder. Security was tighter. And Lilith intentionally made it harder to find. By having the place constantly fly around Pandora. So it's location on maps were always changing. In short, their situation was kinda fucked but salvageable.

"We'll find a place to camp out for the night, but it needs to be somewhere secure so as no bandits try to get the drop on us." The hunter said, his tone callous sounding and dim. People called him Dire. Other then that, that was it. He didn't really like letting people into his personal life. As he found it senseless and a waste of time. The name was more fitting then one would think. When it came to animals, he knew how to break them and make them kneel. As the skag he had in the back, was one he personally broke and made into his hunting/attack/guard/ whatever it needed or could be dog. And it did a damn fine job at following orders. When it came to wildlife, Dire was the alpha.

Alice however despite her arms dealer background was far more open and even sweet. Despite seeing and fighting many battles, she knew how to be friendly and understanding to others. The boy actually viewed her as a bit of a big sister figure since she had to prevent him from doing many, many stupid things in the four months he was on this rock. But in all that time, she never really tried to downplay or undermine him or his struggles. Something he was not used to given his middle class background. If Keller was the strict father figure, Dire the disciplined Uncle, then Alice was the caring and understanding mother. The boy....the boy had no idea where he stood. He was someone who desperately tried hard to not be a burden, but often in his rush to prove he was worth a damn, he got into a lot of trouble. More then he was actually used to. On Pandora, a skag pup chasing your kids was a minor nuisance. And he had been chased by many skags. Needless to say Keller did not shy away from poking fun at him at it. It may have been harsh, but it certainly did help the child to grow some hair on his chest. Something the soldier knew he needed if he wanted to survive. As this world was extremely unforgiving. His name was Joseph. Joseph Daniels Wheeler. And he was the newest addition to the bunch. And it often showed with his obvious naivety and not well thought out actions. Was he dumb? Of course not. His whole life was having education drilled into his brain weather he liked it or not. But he was young, emotionally unbalanced, and scared. Clearly not the recipe for a cool-headed individual.

But, so was most of the group at one time. Well except for Dire, something was up with him. Maybe not the work of pure evil but something due to constant environmental drilling. He was just one meticulous son of a bitch. And he knew how to take his time. It was what made him such a good sniper, he never really fired unless he knew he was gonna pop someone's head like a melon. Or just kill them really, he was more fire for effect more so then anything else. No looking good, just a clean kill and nothing else. The perfect predator really. It was kind of freaky in it's own right. Given the fact not much phased him, or even angered him. Top it all off...he wouldn't say much about his life rather then about his hunts, or what he planned to hunt next. Methodical, calculating, and damn near emotionless. A terrifying combination when put with a sniper. And, according to him, assassin as well. And yet he still called it a hunt.

They were all a motley crew of misfits who somehow made things just work. They didn't really know how, they just figured it out by putting hearts and minds together like most humans did. It was something all had to do at the end of the day. Something that was required to survive, the ones that didn't were just canon fodder meant to be killed. And the group had come across more then a few types of canon fodder in the short time they had been together. This planet really never gave anybody too many breaks. It just was that hostile for anyone.

"You sure about this Marcus guy Alice? From my past dealings with him he'll do anything for a buck." Keller explained. "It's true, he is a loose cannon. But, here's the thing he will do ANYTHING for a buck. All you have to do is flaunt enough money his way and you essentially have a guy who will feed you if he has to. It's weird but awesome at the same time."

"Marcus is the type of man who will do anything for cash, whoever pays him or gives him the better deal, has his loyalty." Dire said abruptly, still monotone as always.

"Maybe....still. Watch yourself with that Russian. Dude is more sketchy then a Hyperion representative." Keller reminded the two.

"Sketchy or not, we're running out of choices. How many bandits did we have to kill just to survive? How many beasts?" Alice reminded.

"I get it Alice. Your tired, I'm tired, we're all tired. Extremely so." He then turned to face the boy. " Even boy here is still drained from recently." The soldier said. Joseph didn't even look him in the face. He was still a bit sour from the shiner he gave him. But it wasn't like he gave him any choice, he was having a mental breakdown and considering suicide after his first kill. Putting a shotgun barrel to his mouth for Christ sakes. What was he to do but knock some sense into him? Keller was good at killing bad ,dangerous , and really hard to kill people. Talking others out of their own deaths wasn't his forte. They never really teach you that in the Crimson Lance. But they did teach you how to harden up, and what you could do to make sure the man next to you does to. On that, he was at least useful with.

"How much further?" The masked warrior asked. "Shouldn't be too long now. Been driving for the past hour at least." The blonde replied.

Dire's skag then began to sniff the air as he turned to the right direction, he began to growl. " Company..." Keller said as he cocked his rifle. "Boy get down or pick up a rifle. Do one or the other." He demanded. Immediately Joseph curled up and stayed down. Not wanting his head to get blown off. Soon, bandit outriders appeared from their right flank. Marauders and psychos in tow with it. Their intent clear from the murderous cries they made upon spotting the group's technical.

"Dire! Get us out of here!" Keller ordered as he opened fire on the vehicles, while Dire stepped on the gas trying to loose the group. Alice turned the jigsaw turret towards the bandits and began letting loose a barrage of deadly spinning blades. They hit the front of the first outrides before striking a wheel, causing it to tumble over and eventually explode due to one round causing critical damage. Keller pointed his Dahl issue burst rifle towards the driver of the second one. At first they missed but it wasn't long before his aim found the skull of the driver, causing the next vehicle to drive off in the other direction before spinning out of control. Causing psychos and marauders riding alongside it to fall off and get crushed by the outrider's wheels and sheer weight.

This victory was short lived however, as even more cars began showing up. "Son of a bitch it's a fucking ambush! Dire! Get us the hell away from these guys!"

"Going as fast as I can.." He called over, doing his best to maintain composure. Meanwhile Joseph cowered and whimpered on fear. Quietly begging for it to all be over. " I don't wanna die...I don't wanna die..." He whined. Soon a rifle dropped to him. " You wanna live boy!? Then quit crying like a bitch and fire towards those bastards!" Keller shouted through his visor before opening fire once again.

David looked towards the gun with teary eyes, reluctantly grabbing it and aiming towards their attackers. The first shot he flinched, before shaking his head and shooting back once more. This is what Keller had been making him practice for anyways. The marauders still had no intention of stopping though. All they saw a technical with a bunch heavily armed folks in it, they saw money. People to murder, and probably rape too given their was a lovely lady in the turret. Of course, they would have fun just trying to get to the damn thing.

Although they outnumbered the group five to one, their aim was nothing to brag about. As they spent more time raiding things then actually honing their skills. Which is why another technical would be blown up by extensive saw blade damage.

"Ha ha! Eat it you sons of bitches!" Alice cried before snapping to another outrider, again blowing it up rather quickly. She wasn't the type of person you wouldn't want to go up against if she got her hands on a heavy machine gun. She really enjoyed turning people into swiss cheese, and wasn't afraid to admit it either.

A round landed close to Joseph's foot, startling him and causing him to fall over. "Get up boy!" Keller demanded, knowing letting up the fire could be the difference between life and death. Joseph immediately complied without even saying anything. Although he didn't look it, Keller had actually been drilling him relentlessly every chance he got. Be it through physical exercise, or even intentionally breaking him down emotionally. Subtle or not. It may have seemed harsh to any civilian, but from a tactical standpoint it made too much sense. Pandora was a violent and often cruel place to live. Keller had to make sure that the child could take it, less he be food for the raks.

A round then landed in the head of the closest bandit driver, Joseph had struck a kill. Rather then feeling sick this time, he was actually happy. Happy that he was being useful to the group. "I got one! I got-" Before Joseph could even finish, something came out of the left corner of the technical and rammed it at full speed. Anyone outside flew out from the truck.

Joseph upon hitting the ground was knocked unconscious.

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