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tbonechase Trystn Waller

he is entranced by her burning hair... ele esta pegado em transe por seu cabelo ardente...

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Fire girl

Let me know - if I'm equipped - to write with special penmanship

for the friend I made upon this day; with all she makes so glad and gray

So I talked to the girl with yellow hair, like flames that fly and cause a flare

The Girl on Fire she is to me slow-burning like dry willow tree

But it brings to me a great elation for all this woman's scintillation

Like hell but pure upon her scalp, and it's easier to see it from here

From yellow flames I have to scare, let fire drip down on her breast

Her womanly chest I rest myself, and I romp inside a sacred friend -

she looks at me with eyes quite dim, and as she dreams she burns my limbs

As I reached for that hair--

That glowing, growing, flaming, playing, golden, smoldered

beauty of this woman I here call a friend

From the girl I used to peer

So I talked to the girl with yellow hair

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