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The Magic Silver Bullet

Strategic Magic Bullet Points When Visiting Overwhemington...

  • Remember it’s a VISIT and you’ll soon be back in Tidy Town.
  • Ask a friend to help or even PAY or barter for someone to do an hour of TIDYING. A stranger to your shithole can straighten piles (of stuff), sort good from rotting laundry and hoover round the edges. (I have home help in for 45 minutes 3 times a week and the effect is electric. I feel SO much better after they have tidied and washed things or even done light dusting (some are more frail than me - bless). Really half an hour can work wonders, shit in straight lines looks SOO much better).
  • Run away = walk in the park/nature! Look, you don’t have to run, relax, enjoy, look, birdies! (Hour max)
  • Deep breathing, in and out slowly through the nose, hold for 4 in between, mouth closed. Forget any other version, this works. (1 hour really far to long).
  • Write that book/paint a picture. Half and hour limit on distraction projects but make them bite sized and achievable (feel good factor). Look at what your reading! Worth while or what?
  • Help a friend with a small task (see above x 2).
  • Shoot yourself - last resort obvs but it WILL def solve the issue.
  • Shoot a neighbour. Win/win: get rid of someone who annoys you and look, prison cells are generally clutter free. Sorted.

No guarantee but most of these will work to some extent - your mileage may differ...

So, on to chapter 2?


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Jackie Inkspired Blogger Jackie Inkspired Blogger
Hello! Your story is on the verifying process. We have seen that you have some empty chapters, we recommend you to write them again, so your readers can follow your story better. Maybe the trouble was that you didn't save those chapters. Anyway, hope you have good writing. :)
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