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A blog that could possibly help you love yourself, in the process of relating to the feeling of self-hate.

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Are You Happy With Yourself?

If not. Me neither.

We all have our insecurities, but some are so intense that they are now obsessions.

I obsess. What about you?

You probably do think about your insecurities for the time you face them, but are you obsessing about things that may or not be on your body all of the time, without having to even face the mirror or pure sight of yourself?

First one. That's normal human being behavior. So is the second one, it's just a lot less healthy or barely known as a real issue. Sure, they are both bad options to handle self-love that may not be there. But guess what, you may have so many other options than just those two. But, why are you feeling this way?

Why are you feeling as if you're less adequate in one place on your body, mind, heart, feelings? Please do me a favor, and ask yourself that exact question. After you do that, find an adequate answer that has nothing to do with yourself being adequate. Do not share your answer, just bring it out when you feel like you need a pick me up. Don't do that yet though, until you've read this blog, and possibly messaged me with your obviously always, anonymous answer. Only share this with yourself, or with a person (meee) that will relate even though you may be struggling more or less than myself. It doesn't matter the severity, it's self-degrading, no matter if it's something that makes you think, or something that makes you obsess.

Find something that can change that severity. Something that may still be serious, but at least a little less degrading. You're a person, that believe it or not, is beautiful. Worth it. Handsome. And besides all of those stupid words that people think are what they want to be, that you're a person that believe it or not is perfect just being yourself. You don't need to even be perfect. Let's forget those bullshit words anyways. Don't you agree? I don't care, I think so. That's called mindset boys and girls. Love yourself, and others around yourself. Love yourself first though. I mean I guess you can be nice sometimes (that was sarcasm, of course you can be nice. I'm sarcastic 1000% of the time. I'm sorry. Have a good day, and obviously practice self-love.)

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