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The air in Wales is different. It’s the soft breeze of open country land mixed in with its exciting culture of sheep and castles. Yet, it’s not all that meets the eye. Wales is the people. Those who are merry with drink, who’s cheeks become rosy red and who’s voices sing in harmony with each other (even if they can’t really match a tune). Wales is the small towns. Where everyone knows everyone. Where your Uncle’s, Brother’s Dad is your Mum’, dog’s, best friend, because in Wales everyone is family. Wales is the language. The artistry of the words as they tumble from the tongue, not words but lyrics of a song as they seep into the soul much deeper and more meaningful than anything else. Wales is Eisteddfod, a festival of colour, a celebration of a place so small yet filled with so much life.Where people come together to be happy, to dance, to recite poetry of Dylan Thomas proudly at the top of their voices, so loud you’d think the whole world could hear them.

Wales is Cymru, Wales is Home.

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