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A girl with a passion for dragons manages to make a dream come true thanks to a very special book.

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Dream, Imagine and Live

We can dream of many things, which change as time passes.

When we are children, we almost always dream of what we would like to become, what we would like to live with and what we would like to see when we are adults.

Although as adults we also have dreams that could be different from those of children, there are certain things that we still like to dream about in the same way as when we were children.

Dragons are something we all like to dream about; flying with them and over them on a trip that we all like to imagine; its majestic shapes and impressive size has captivated the human dream for centuries.

We would all like to experience the experience of listening to them, seeing them and, above all, being able to touch them.

Know that they exist; that are real and that live beyond our imagination in a world that only those who dare to dream can reach, is something that inspires to dare to dream.

On a rainy night, a girl was at home with her grandfather reading fantastic stories of dragons, which fascinated the little girl.

Those stories were an old book so thick and heavy that the girl could not load it or read it without the help of her beloved grandfather; in this book, which was his favorite of all those he had seen in his short life; the little girl could read incredible stories about the greatest and most fantastic creatures that they have ever imagined.

Great and powerful winged dragons that flew over the kingdoms of great Europe, ancient Asia and other unsuspected places.

Imposing dragons whose wings were bigger than an airplane and as strong as a volcano; beautiful Chinese dragons as majestic and wise as any and even a dragon with the appearance of a feathered serpent that caught his attention.

The little girl listened attentively to each one of the stories her grandfather told her while she saw each illustration in the book without losing any detail; she watched carefully as he asked his grandpa: Where did they come from? Where did they live? Did anyone live nearby? and other things like that.

His grandfather answered what he could without breaking the illusion of the little one, barely managing to answer him since with every new dragon that knew more questions on the part of his granddaughter they arose.

In a moment after looking at the clock and after a noise coming from his stomachs, the grandfather realized that it was something late and it was time for a small sandwich.

So he asked his granddaughter to wait for him for a moment since he would go for milk and cookies for dinner; there was nothing better than milk with cookies for dinner while reading a good book or ... perhaps she did not think so; I ask with a big smile to his beloved granddaughter.

The little girl, still excited with great euphoria and a loud scream, responded almost shouting "YES", her grandfather smiled and left the room asking him to wait again while he went for his snack.

The girl opened the book that rested in the armchair and began to leaf through it a little more, observing all the illustrations of dragons that there were; subject to his little stuffed dragon that he liked so much, since his grandfather had given him on his birthday. Beginning to play with this, holding it tightly she turned quickly while imagining that she made him fly, threw it into the air and then caught it; he moved his wings as if he were flying, making her roar with her and talking to the dragon as if they were both great friends.

She held him with her hands and looking at him told him what would be great if he were a real dragon. Telling the stuffed animal to imagine how far they could go flying with its great wings, its roar would be so loud that it would be heard everywhere and he would be as majestic as any.

It would be so big and so strong that nobody would challenge it.

Then the girl hugged the stuffed dragon tightly as she closed her eyes wanting to see a real dragon.

The book that was in the armchair suddenly changed its pages without anyone doing it and then from this began to emanate a beautiful multicolored light with many flashes.

The little girl who had her back to the book did not realize what was happening, when; a sound like a small roar caught his attention.

She turned quickly and managed to see how the book was coming out that beautiful light and strange sounds that had never before heard. Astonished and fearful approached slowly trying to find out what was happening; and then small dragons began to emerge from it.

The girl was amazed by what was happening.

These little dinosaur-like dragons ran around chasing and playing with each other, some more spit out tiny balls of fire, while others came to greet the little girl who was happy to see her beloved dragons alive, meanwhile; Dragons of all kinds kept coming out of the book.

Some small as a hen and others as big as a truck, which went flying straight into the sky taking with them the roof and some walls of the house; the girl was astonished watching how dragons came out of that book; amazed at how impressive they all were. Such was his astonishment and fascination that he did not realize that he was no longer in his grandfather's house.

Suddenly a couple of dragons with great wings amazed her as they flew out of the book straight into the sky and landed in front of her, stretching their gigantic wings as if they wanted to marvel her on purpose, marveling the little girl much more than she already was. She told herself that this must be a dream and that what she was witnessing could not be real.

Until the book came out two majestic and giant Chinese dragons; one red and the other white being accompanied by smaller ones flying around them.

The two dragons were so big and beautiful that together with a special glow that emanated from these two, the little girl was stunned motionless watching them climb to the top of the sky almost touching the clouds; to immediately lower winding towards her approaching quickly to where the girl was.

Surrounding her both flew almost to the ground level around her when one of them approached and stopped in front of her, landing on the ground slowly; the girl looked at the dragon without losing any detail of it, she observed his big eyes which seemed very beautiful, his long mustache and thick beard.

The little girl who was excited and even more so when the other dragon also slowly approached her.

Both dragons surrounded the girl slowly approaching her large bodies allowing her to touch them with her small hands, who managed to feel the scaly skin of one of them and the soft fur of the other, drew on his face an enormous smile of happiness and emotion. Both dragons surrounded her until they finished behind her, poking their huge heads over the little girl's shoulders.

Who they looked with their huge eyes; which, inspired tranquility and harmony to the girl; who in his face could not help but see a great smile of happiness. By having them so close and able to feel them she was filled with joy as her desire was coming true; I could feel its warmth and skin when caressing them, I could feel its breath and above all feel that they really existed.

Then he let go of his little stuffed dragon by dropping it, which vanished just before it hit the ground. The girl with great tenderness caressed both dragons and with a soft voice told them: "I knew they were real and they really are very beautiful", hugging one's nose and giving a little kiss on the nose to the other.

A tear of joy crossed the face of the girl and with a huge smile on her face, the little girl did not stop touching them or looking at them meticulously; until both dragons suddenly raised their heads directing their gaze towards the horizon; a dark horizon covered by storm clouds in which something huge was hidden. At that time both dragons moved away from the girl slowly to take flight in that direction.

That little girl looked towards the horizon trying to see what was happening; some thunder and lightning began to illuminate that gloomy place, slowly revealing the outline of what appeared to be a titanic dragon hiding in stormy clouds and shadows.

The thunder echoed around her while the girl watched as the dragons headed towards that place.

Soon the sky began to clear little by little opening the way to the sun's rays, which barely managed to sneak through the gaps that the thick clouds.

Slowly as the sunlight began to illuminate everything; revealed the figure of perhaps the greatest dragon ever seen by someone and which was shown before the astonished eyes of a small; who to be able to distinguish it was left agape even more surprised, by that dragon; it was he who once told him that he could be the greatest dragon of all.

His stuffed dragon had become a real dragon, the biggest dragon that anyone had ever seen before, so was the size of that titanic being that even the Chinese dragons she had caressed before, were small in comparison to this one.

The girl could not move because of how excited she was, only contemplated her dragon, which remained far away in the distance looking at her with his big eyes; when suddenly he stood on his hind legs and stretched his long neck along with his wings as much as he could.

Making it look more imposing; and just when the little girl could not believe it, the dragon let out a powerful roar so loud that the earth began to shake, the wind began to blow with great force and the sound was so strong that it seemed to be heard until the ends remote from the planet.

The girl with her hands still covering her ears and after hearing the roar; he began to shout with great emotion, jumping with joy and with loud cries, congratulating him for being the greatest and strongest dragon of all.

That dragon only watched her attentively while being hidden again and disappear when everything was covered with clouds and darkened.

The girl, still impressed by what she had seen, remained standing facing the horizon while she was illuminated by a ray of light coming from the sky that fell directly on her.

Then he closed his eyes slowly still managing to see his beloved dragons approaching, breathed deeply and when he opened them he discovered that he was again in the room where he had been reading the book with his grandfather; who at that moment opened the door entering the room with two glasses of milk and cookies.

The girl was standing right in the middle of the room facing a wall where her stuffed dragon stood on the floor in front of her; her grandfather looked at her and asked if they continued with the book.

The little girl looked around wondering what had happened, when she saw her grandfather asked if she had seen them and especially listened; his smiling grandpa asked him to listen to what? The girl answered the dragon's roar; his grandfather looked at him, surprised by what he had said, and told him that he had not heard anything.

Then the girl told him that a gigantic dragon had roared so loud that it could be heard everywhere; at that moment the grandfather remembered hearing his granddaughter imitating the roar of a dragon while playing with his stuffed animal, so with a smile he told her that he already remembered it; a great and powerful dragon had roared so loud that it almost broke the windows.

Upon hearing this the little girl was happy for what her grandfather told her, but in just a moment she realized that she had not heard it and only told her so as not to break her illusions.

The little girl was sad, because she supposed that what she saw and lived had not really happened; apparently he had only imagined all those dragons.

His grandpa left the cookies and milk on a small table near the armchair to go for some napkins he had forgotten in the kitchen.

The little girl walked towards her stuffed dragon, held it with her hands and asked if everything had been real or a dream; Then, when he lifted it, he discovered underneath it something big and bright and very particular, the dragon scale.

When he looked at her, his little face lit up with joy, drawing a huge smile on his face. He held it up with his hand and looked at it astonished by a special brightness that he had; Now she was sure she had not dreamed of the dragons and everything had been real, so with great emotion she ran to the kitchen to show her grandfather that she had actually seen a great dragon.

Meanwhile the book remained in the closed chair as if waiting for someone to open it, suddenly from under the armchair a small dragon came out from under it and I climb it until I reach the book.

Which opened a bit with his snout entering again in this, closing just and the dragon finished entering.

Once this was done, that book remained there waiting for the moment to transport anyone who wants it, to a world full of dragons.

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