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telepathyisoverrated Erin Beer

Entry for The Author's Cup: The Poet Leader challenge. 'Have you seen inside my head?' Is a book about teens and young people who are easily misunderstood. The poems each tell of a struggle teens face in the 21st century from exams and relationships to mental health and generally struggling to express their own emotions.

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Life inside the storm;

Sometimes I believe I live inside a storm,

My brain feels like it whirls miles ahead of the norm.

Emotions cloud judgement is what they always say,

But I've never been good at keeping them at bay.

And so I'll spin and tumble inside and out,

The people who stand aside my survival they'll doubt.

Sometimes I believe I live inside a storm,

Of colour and wonder somewhere I can transform.

Maybe this one will be my day,

When the storm breaks I will runaway.

To a new land that lays undiscovered,

Where those who doubted me will be all but covered.

Their voices I will no longer have to endure,

But that dream of mine is merely premature.

Sometimes I believe I live inside a storm,

My head is filled with a factual school swarm.

Of days and weeks, hours and seconds,

My life doesn't really have a direction.

What is North and what is West?

What do je déteste?

See these things really have no meaning,

If all I know is Pythagorus' theorem.

Sometimes I believe I live inside my school,

If I'm not in a classroom I'm at home working like a mule.

Up until late or awake before the sun,

Trying my hardest to get it all done.

So I can move on to the undiscovered land,

And forget about those outrageous demands.

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Margarita Lapina Margarita Lapina
Bravo! TYVM for best Ideas!!

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