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Poema Mi sentir

Dodge the eyes of the panorama,
squeezes the heart that escapes
runs from the cracked world,
tell the wind not to give way,
you will reach it
First you take a breath.

Look back, it's your truth.
In your feeling
What is missing will make you.
Memory with pain
it's better than not feeling,
no matter how gray the clouds are
They will not stop being there.
& nbsp;
It's time, again look
Our eyes meet
Searching in utopia for strength
Yearning the meaning of this
And fighting with the crater of the soul.
And the bombs of the mind.
& nbsp;
Drop it and leave it there,
Let this scene die.
Forget and come to my meeting
on the other side of this street,
reaching the mountain,
beyond your windows.

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