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This story of the dream of a girl who wants to be a princess and in a book finds the way to achieve it.

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Princesita sin Reino

Every girl can be a princess, 

regardless of whether she has real offspring or not.

It does not matter if their parents are kings or not. 

It does not matter if they have family or not. 

All girls can be princesses 

with or without kingdom. 

All the girls are princesses.

They just need to believe that they are …

In the middle of the night ... In a big city, There is a great old building that inside is an orphanage; in its several floors there are rooms where children rest, a large dining room, a large living room serves as reception, a large dining room, rooms where they study and even a large back garden.

In one of those the big rooms where some small ones who rested from a long day were sleeping; In one of the beds that were there, a small tent made of sheets was raised above the bed, dimly lit from the inside.

Inside, was hidden a small girl reading a large old book, a book of delicate yellow leaves, barely visible letters, cover and back worn by the passage of time and readers who had been so captivated with that book . No matter that; that one, it was a nice book whose cover could hardly be noticed the drawing of a knight and a princess.

Page after page, leaf after leaf the little girl read and read, absorbed without stopping; immersing itself more and more in a unique and different fantastic world; a world full of princesses, princes, knights, dragons, witches and fairies.

Night after night he read that old complicit book of many adventures and desires accompanied by his faithful teddy bear, to which he held firmly between his paws a small battery lamp so that she could enjoy reading it comfortably.

There was no night that did not read that great book; read, read and read without stopping, each story and each adventure made her want to read more and more, her favorites without hesitation were those stories where the protagonists were princesses.

That book had many stories about princesses; from those in which the princess had to be saved from an evil monster, even where they had to save a loved one by sacrificing everything they had no matter what they lost forever.

She read and read incessantly each story until the end, only stopping her reading when at the great old clock of an old nearby tower she pointed to midnight; which was announced by a huge bell of serious sound that echoed throughout that area of the city.

So loud was the sound of that bell that it seemed as if she wanted everyone to hear her ringing, especially that innocent reader who still wakes up did not intend to stop imagining.

When she heard the bell ring, she knew that she had to stop reading and the book along with the lamp to hide; since at that time with extreme punctuality, the governess who guarded them gave her round of midnight trying to ensure that all the children were sleeping peacefully in their beds; so that the new days rested and full of energy began.

When the governess went to that room the little girl had already stored her great and invaluable treasure under her pillow, so that no one would take it off and enjoy another night of good reading, dreaming of those places where the princesses and children lived. brave knights with whom I had dreamed so much.

One night after so much reading, she came to a page that caught her attention; a page in which was described how should be a real princess and what made her a real princess.

With great emotion, the little one carefully read each word, each paragraph without losing any detail of what she said there; and because she also wanted to be a princess.

She knew deep down that she was also a princess, that her parents were kings who had left her there as a baby to protect her from any evil that threatened her; so they would take care of her and no horrible creature would hurt her.

But what they did not know was that the governess was an evil witch; so strict that he scolded her every now and then and punished her for things that were meaningless, so evil that she did not allow him to look for her parents beyond the great bars that guarded that orphanage.

With each word she read, she was more and more convinced that she was a princess.

But what did she need to be a princess?

• The princesses lived in a castle.

She had been sheltered in that orphanage whose appearance resembled an old castle; really that place was not an orphanage, he thought; but a place where kings from all over the world hid their children from those evil ones who wanted to harm them. After thinking about it for a moment, his reading continued.

• A princess has long hair and beautiful hair.

Subject your hair with your hand, stroking with care; and after a moment she told herself that she had it, her hair was that of a princess.


• A cheerful voice singing robin beautiful like a nightingale.

For a moment she thought and wondered what her voice was like, in that orphanage there was a choir in which all the boys and girls participated; she looked for in her memories the compliments that they had made remembering that they had told her that she had a beautiful voice, it was not the most beautiful of the choir, but it was a beautiful voice that she had.

• Skin as soft as a peach.

She stroked his arm and her face carefully, looked at his hands and with a smile said that her skin was very soft.

• A serene, captivating and virtuous look. 

 She had to look at her own eyes, but did not need to; for he knew that his gaze was that of a princess.

• His parents are kings.

Of that she was sure.

She was excited about what she had just read since she was convinced that she was a princess; she stood up for a moment, closing her eyes thinking that the only thing she needed to be a princess was a great dress; which with great effort and imagination was made with the sheets of his bed.

 A diadem that she kept in a shoe box under her bed, acted like a tiara that showed her royalty; finally she made a small ponytail with a garter that she used as a bracelet, because she had also seen in the book and elsewhere some princesses with ponytails.

So she soon closed her eyes and imagined herself as a princess and even with her eyes closed, she breathed deeply wishing to become a princess.  And at the moment of opening them, the orphanage had suddenly become a great and beautiful castle with white walls, large columns and bright white marble floors; those old windows with horrible curtains, now they were beautiful stained glass windows in which the light entered and through these you could appreciate a beautiful blue sky dotted with great white clouds like the cotton that crossed the sky in that moment.

That huge room in which he slept became the room of a princess. His bed was now the most cozy and grandiose bed in the world; she jumped on is discovering that it was something she had never felt before. The cream-colored sheets and bedspreads so big and thick that one was enough to protect it completely from the cold; which, observing them with care, discovered that they were finely embroidered with images of the princess of the little girl.

The walls were a resplendent white color, the door frames were finished in purple, while the stained glass frames had a golden finish. Velvet curtains and a large pink carpet gave the final touch that was missing to that place.

Her dress made of sheets became a great and majestic melon-colored dress, in her hair the garter was transformed into a refined ribbon bow and the diadem in a beautiful tiara that perfectly combined and beautifully crowned this little princess.

She got off the bed and walked all over the carpet feeling with her bare feet the great softness and some tickling that this caused her, the feeling that she felt was very pleasant since she had never before walked on such a thick and soft carpet.

I walk slowly to the great door, opening it with great emotion, discovering that the great corridor that led to that great reception room that was always cold and cold, was now full of music and joy; At that time it was a large room where a dance was held, a great party of masks awaited her.

The small way through the carpets of that hallway to where the party was, happy she was since at that party all the children of the orphanage dressed as princes and princesses were.

Each one with her parents who, as she had imagined, were kings and queens from different parts of the world. Parents embraced their children with great love and affection; all the boys and girls had found their parents whom they equally embraced with strength and happiness; she was happy for what was happening, however; she had not yet seen his people, so she started looking for those in the crowd.

The girl was searching and searching everywhere wishing as soon as possible to find her parents, she was anxious to see how they were the greatest kings of all time, she wanted to meet those wonderful people who were her parents.

When, suddenly; From the back of the room a sweet voice emerged that called her by her name. The sweet voice of a woman who called the child, which was soon accompanied by the thick voice of a man who also called him saying “daughter”.

The little girl was drawn a big smile of happiness on her face, her heart was filled with emotion and without thinking much, she ran quickly making her way among those present with the firm intention of knowing her parents, without anything could stop her and there was nothing to prevent him from knowing them.

But just before he got to where they were, something happened.

Suddenly the lights went out frightening those present; in the great room you could hear some cries of the frightened children and the parents trying to calm them, the little one just stood in her place in expectation of what would happen.

The great doors of the entrance and the windows opened violently hit by a strong wind gusts coming from the outside that entered with such impulse that it almost knocks down all those present and destroys the stained glass windows.

Fear was just beginning to take hold of the little girl when, in a moment of courage, she continued on her way to her parents, determined to know them at all costs without anything stopping her.

But shortly before it came with them a great and imposing witch entered the door; he walked calmly observing everyone with his dark black eyes, as black as the deepest darkness; that witch was followed by several shadows that quickly began to chase everyone in the room.

I was frightened by what I was seeing, but still the little one continued with her attempt to get to where her parents were.

However ... Just before arriving and just a few steps away from finally seeing his parents; a horrible shadow stood in front of her, preventing her from knowing them.

The little girl was terrified to have the fearsome shadow in front of her, she backed slowly as she turned around watching with horror as the shadows took over the whole place turning that beautiful place into a horrendous dark building of black color.

That magical place was returning to be the orphanage in which she lived, the shadows merged with the things they touched; soon in the blink of an eye all those present along with the shadows had disappeared.

 Unfortunately his parents had also left. The little girl looked at this and she started to cry inconsolably, because now she would never know her parents.

That strong desire that existed in his heart could not fulfill which caused him great distress; while she cried and the great witch cried slowly with great footsteps that reasoned all around she approached until finally she finally finished; the little one soon realized that someone was behind her, slowly I look up observing little by little to be more frightening that she had never seen.

Realizing that this horrible witch was her governess, in an unexpected move, she tried to hold it with big, bony hands, but the little girl deftly managed to avoid it by rolling to one side, immediately starting to run; the witch started chasing her.

While the girl fled, she could see how there were still some of the witch’s sombre lackeys, who little by little merged with the few things that were disappearing along with the castle leaving only the great empty hall.

The frightened girl was fleeing from the great witch who was pursuing her; crossing the great hall he climbed skillfully by the great stairs, climbing the steps two by two; but the witch did not seem to care that the little girl ran away since she was just walking very quickly.

Soon, from a distance, the sound of the clock that announced as usual at midnight began to be heard; that sound of chimes resounded throughout the building.

The little girl ran and ran until she reached her room, which still remained like a princess’ room; nevertheless, as the chimes were heard, this was the fourth of the orphanage; the little girl climbed onto her bed and covered herself with her blankets, hoping the witch would not find her.

She held her book tightly together with her teddy bear, closed her eyes and trembled with fear she begged to leave the witch and leave her alone. Suddenly the sound of distant footsteps was heard approaching from the hallway, the bedroom door slowly opened with a chilling and overpowering grating followed immediately by the sound of the resonant footsteps approaching the child.

More and more closer they listened until ... They stopped by the side of the little girl’s bed.

A great and terrible chill crossed over the girl’s body due to fear that she felt, holding her book and her stuffed toy with all her might while she waited fearfully for what seemed inevitable.

The last chime of the clock was heard from a distance and then the blanket went flying through the air, exposing the little girl who was curled up shaking with fear, until she felt like some hands were holding her and causing her to scream loudly and open the Instantly, and in doing so, he did not see the witch, but her governess.

Who was terribly alarmed by the screams that the little girl was giving and that were heard all over the place scare the others, since the little one was sleeping and apparently had a nightmare.

The little girl, seeing her carefully, realized that the governess was really worried about her; who quickly embraced her asking if she was well, I check the temperature, the pressure, the body and her eyes too.

The little princess was amazed by the reaction of her caretaker, who hugged him feeling great calm and tenderness on the part of her; the governess asked him if he was well, if nothing happened to him, if nothing hurt him, what was the matter with him; Perhaps he had had a nightmare.

The little girl with tears on her face replied that nothing was happening to her, she had nothing. Thus, when she realized that everything had been a dream, the little girl felt a mixture of feelings between grief, grief, bitterness, sadness and melancholy, but; I also felt joy.

She was sad because of her broken dream of being a princess which apparently was not; but joy because who believed was a fearsome heartless witch who only wanted to hurt her, it was the opposite.

Even today he continues reading that old book every night before going to sleep, but now he does not do it alone; since it is still accompanied by his faithful lamp and his beloved teddy bear, only now.

She is also accompanied by her friends and companions of the orphanage, as well as her governess, who reads those beautiful stories night after night giving each of the girls beautiful dreams.

Where they are the princesses of their own kingdom, the heroines of their own adventure and those who will one day have their own little princesses.

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Jorge Giovani Vallejo López Aproximadamente desde los 14 años inicie a escribir algunos cuentos propios, me encantan las historias de fantasía, acción y aventura; más aun me gusta escribir con una bella melodia alimentando mi imaginación.

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