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(Book 1) "You wanna know how I know you're not sorry?" he whispered. "How?" I asked quietly. In a flash, he pulled me against him and drove his fingers inside me, eliciting a loud gasp from my lips. "Because when you came, you looked straight in my eyes." he growled. --------------------------------------------------------- Alice Simmons thinks everything in her life is pretty normal, even her increase in sexual drive, until she begins to experience things that are...inhuman.

Paranormal Lúcido Para maiores de 18 apenas.

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"Oh god, James!" I moaned loudly, rocking hard against the man beneath me as I rode his shaft to oblivion. Shockwaves of intense pleasure muddled my brain and I raised my ass, bringing myself back down on him, throwing my head back.

"Fuck, Alice. You're so fucking tight." James muttered, bringing his arms around me, making my breasts press against his taut chest. He wrapped his right arm around me and placed his left hand on the curve of my ass, squeezing a bit before pistoning himself deep inside of me. 

I screamed into his neck as he thrusted upwards while bringing me down on him, creating mouthwatering, liquid warmth in the pit of my belly.

James pressed his lips to my neck and sucked hard, eliciting a throaty groan from my lips. The wet slap of our bodies together brought my orgasm closer and I could feel it right there.

"Right there, James, right there!" I cried out, letting him destroy me with his cock.

"Turn around." he panted, letting me go so I could reverse cowgirl him. I was facing the closed door and I leaned forward, gripping the sheets in front of me. James tightened his large hands on my hips and began to push into me again. This angle made me see stars and I swore everyone in the house could hear my screams. And I didn't give one fuck.

I could tell he was getting close because he increased his speed, his deep moans getting louder with each thrust. My orgasm was building up and I felt like I was going to explode. I used my knees to bring myself up and slam back down, biting my lip hard as a flood heat came over me.

"Oh hell yes! I'm so close." I moaned, closing my eyes. James rubbed my clit vigorously, while continuously pushing into me. I was so into what was happening, that I didn't even hear the door open.

"James, I found the best-" My best friend, Eli, dropped what he was holding, and his mouth swung open when he saw us. At the moment, James plowed into me, hitting just the right spot, and I couldn't stop my orgasm from rushing in.

I didn't even try to stop the scream the erupted from me, gasps coming out in spurts as spasms took over my body. I clenched around James' cock until he came hard, jerking violently into me. Another orgasm crashed down on me as he filled me with his seed, his shudders feeling like he was fucking me all over again. This was the best part about being on the pill. No need for annoying rubber.

Eli stood there, frozen, watching as his boyfriend came inside of me over and over, and I gripped the sheets tightly, my eyes locked on him. A shudder went through me as I came down from my high and Eli shook his head, walking backwards.

"Eli, wait!" James called out, getting up, which caused him to push deeper into me. A small gasp escaped my lips and I moved off of him and onto the bed. Grabbing the sheets, I gathered some between my legs and then wrapped the rest around my body before dashing out the room to find Eli.

"Eli!" I called out, watching him walk quickly down the hall. He turned a corner and walked into an empty room and I quickly followed behind of him, sliding in just as he shut the door. "Eli, I'm sorry." He whirled around to face me, anger etched in his features.

"I'm sorry? I'm sorry!? I just caught you fucking my boyfriend and you're sorry?" He asked, his bright blue eyes murderous. With his muscular body, towering height, and manly features, no one would ever have guessed Eli Minorelli was into men as much as he was into women.

"You should be mad at your so-called boyfriend because if he's fucking me, then obviously he's not as gay as you thought he was." I snapped and I watched him take in a breath. I knew he wanted to hit me, but he wouldn't.

"You're not sorry." Eli muttered and I rolled my eyes to the ceiling.

"Eli, I am so-" My words were cut off when he pushed me against the wall, his hand wrapped around my throat, loose enough to breathe, but tight enough to turn me on. His blue eyes shone down on me, searching my face.

"You wanna know how I know you're not sorry?" he whispered, slowly taking the sheet off my body. I couldn't answer him. His fingers tightened slightly and I licked my lips, a shot of pleasure going to my groin. How I was able to get turned on so fast after just having mind blowing sex amazed me. "Answer me."

"How?" I asked quietly, watching the sheet fall to the floor. In a flash, he pulled me against him and drove his fingers inside me, eliciting a loud gasp from my lips. Eli leaned down, letting his nose travel from the side of my neck to my ear.

"Because when you came, you looked straight in my eyes." he growled, moving his fingers in and out of me vigorously. I whimpered with pleasure, squirming against his fingers, wanting him to hit that spot.

"That-doesn't mean-anything." I panted out, gripping his broad shoulders as I rode his fingers. He pressed his thumb against my swollen clit and I wanted more. I brought his head down and smashed my lips against his, not waiting for him to get over the shock.

We'd never kissed before and I was starting to wonder why because fire ignited in my veins as he dominated me, his tongue taking control of my mouth. He added a third finger inside of me and I gasped against his lips, the pain of him stretching me out consuming my body. He wasn't gentle and I fucking loved it.

He broke our kiss, looking down at me with hooded eyes.

"It means everything. You loved every bit of his cock inside of you, every stroke, every thrust. Every spurt of his ropey, hot cum spilling inside of you." he whisper-hissed in my ear and every word he uttered brought me closer to another orgasm. My third for the day. His fingers sped up and my fingers tightened on his shoulders and I felt my orgasm coming. Just one more thrust and-

He stopped.

"No." I whispered, my sweaty body clinging to his clothed one. Eli smirked, but kept his fingers inside of me.

"Did you love fucking my boyfriend?" he asked as I panted for oxygen.


"Did you or did you not love fucking the shit out of my boyfriend?" he asked again, his voice getting louder.

"Yes, dammit! Yes, I love fucking the shit out of your goddamn boyfriend. I loved the way he sucked the life out of my tits, the way he shoved his big dick inside of me, and the way he came so hard while you were standing watching. I loved every single bit of it and I don't regret a damn thing." I hissed, maintaining eye contact with him.

"Well, since you think his dick is so big, let me show you what you could've had instead." He removed his hand from my throat and reached down, dragging his sweats down his legs. My eyes widened at the sight of his cock, the head swollen and the slit wet with pre-cum. This was my first time seeing it and now I was starting to regret fucking James.

I licked my lips, imagining what he would taste like, what he would feel like inside of me. The thought made me clench around his fingers and he chuckled deeply at my reaction.

"Too bad I won't ever have sex with you, Alice." he whispered before curving his fingers inside of me, triggering my orgasm.

"Eli!" I cried out, not at all ready for the waves of pleasure that wracked my body, making me buck against his fingers violently. When it finally faded, I was panting like I just ran a marathon. His slipped his fingers out of me and put them in his mouth, sucking hard.

"Hm. You taste like James." With that, he walked out, leaving me in the empty room.


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Damnnnnn. What a way to start. And to end.
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