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Phoebe Wang

Byron never thought much about how weird it was for everyone to be afraid of his mom. In fact, he never really noticed it until he meets one of his mother's friends and their children. What's this AWG? What do you mean his mother was part of an all women gang and she was their leader?

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Chapter 1

"Who's your mom?"

Byron turned to stare at the boy standing next to him, completing ignoring the scene in front of him. It wasn't like it was something unusual or worth keeping his eyes on. It was just his mom and someone else with her. The question sounded quite silly, but he supposed it was a reasonable question. They've never met before so of course the other boy would be curious.

"She's the one holding that guy hostage and threatening to crush his private parts. Who's yours?"

"She's the one with the metal bat bludgeoning that guy's getaway car."

Neither said anything as they watched the two women handle the "villains" who dared threaten their "precious babies." Everyone else that had been in the vicinity had ran a long time ago and the authorities would arrive soon. In all honesty, he was surprised that the police or heroes hadn't showed up yet. At this rate, they might have to save the villains from their moms. Actually, he noted that there might not be anything left to save as he watched the man plead for mercy. It was silly of him to ask. When his mom was like this, there was no mercy.

"So...what do you want to do?"

The boy whose name he still didn't know shrugged his shoulders. "We can't go too far or mom will get upset."

"Mine too."

They fell silent. Not that their moms were boring, but they were bored. Watching their mom beat up the bad people stopped being interesting after the first couple of times. The only difference this time was that their moms have never had a friend to help them before. After a couple of games of I Spy and Rock Paper Scissors, their moms were finally satisfied with their work.

The good news was no was dead. The bad news was that they were still alive to feel pain. Well, Byron couldn't feel too badly for them. They did deserve it for trying to do bad things. They had tried to take him and his new friend hostage so they could escape. It was only natural for their moms to react the way they did.

"Byron, it's time to go."

"Clyde, come over here."

Like the good children they were, they scrambled to hug their moms. They ignored the bloodstains on their mother's clothes as they enjoyed their mothers' warmth. They also conveniently ignored the carnage going on behind their moms. The two mothers laughed at their children's antics.

"I'm sorry sweetie," Reba said as she brushed Byron's hair with her hand. "Are you hungry?"

"Uh huh."

"How about I treat us to lunch?" asked Ethel.

"We couldn't possibly impose," Reba said.

"I insist."

Byron tugged on her clothes before shooting her puppy eyes. "Please mom, please."

"Well, I guess I can't refuse if Byron really wants to. It's been far too long since we last saw each other."

Cylde perked up. "You know each other."

"Of course we do. We've been friends for years," Ethel said before turning her attention to the other woman. "Really, you didn't call or visit in years. What happened?"

"I've been busy. With my husband gone, I've had to raise Byron all by myself."

Ethel gasped. "How awful. What happened?"

"I'll tell you all about it on the way to lunch. Where do you want to go?"

"Let's ask the children. Kids?"

Byron wanted to have macaroni while Cylde wanted steak. Hearing the later's answer, Byron gave him a confused look. Why would anyone like steak? It was so tough and chewy. It didn't taste very good either unless you add a lot of stuff to it. Cylde took offense to that and went on to explain the joys of steak. Not to be outdone, Byron argued in favor of macaroni. The two mothers laughed at the children's actions.

None of them paid any mind to the mess they were leaving behind. Once they were out of sight, the police and heroes finally arrived on sight. Some were confused at the sight. Others were shocked at the carnage. A few winced and couldn't bring themselves to stare for long. Then there were the select few that had reactions far beyond what the first three had.

Their colleagues could only stare as some of their members went through what they could only explain were fits of insanity. One of them fainted while another burst into uncontrollable laughter. Someone else had chosen to curl up into a ball and rocked back and forth as they muttered something under the breath. Another chose to burst into a broken sob.

The final person just sighed and said, "I haven't been paid enough to deal with this nonsense."

"Jerome, do you know who did this?"

"It could only be them. I would recognize their scent anywhere."

Those not in the loop could only stare at each other and shrug their shoulders. They could practically hear the emphasis on them, but none of them understood who he was talking about. Were they supposed to know who he was talking about? Was the cause for all the violence someone famous?

Someone dared to voice their confusion aloud and were given a deadpan stare. "It's the AWG."

"The what?"

"The AWG which is short for All Women Gang."

That didn't exactly sound like a scary name. If anything, it sounded quite silly. It almost sounded something a bunch of delinquents would come up with while they were trying to act cool. It also didn't leave too much to the imagination about what kind of group it was.

"Are they villains or vigilantes? Why haven't they been caught already?"

"About that..."

Reba and Ethel sneezed earning worried glances from their children. Byron was the one to ask, "Are you okay mom?"

"I'm fine. It must be allergies."

At the same moment, Ethel said, "Or someone talking about us behind our back."

Byron and Cylde shared a look. "Is that a bad thing?"

Ethel just shrugged her shoulders. Well, if she didn't think it was important, then they had nothing to worry about. What was important was waiting for their meal to arrive. They didn't even take a minute to look at the menu and ordered their preferred meal. Apparently, there were places that served both steak and macaroni. The very thought was mind blowing. What other crazy possibilities were there? Would there be places that serve sushi and ice cream?

Actually, what was more surprising was how they were allowed inside the restaurant in the first place. Considering how both moms were covered in blood, one would think the supervisor or manager would call the police to arrest them. Instead, they were given their own private room so no one could bother them. It also kept them from bothering other customers. The waiter did look nervous when taking their order and he ran off fairly quickly after he took their menus.

"So mom, how do you know her?" asked Byron as he kicked his feet back and forth.

"Ethel is a friend of mine way back when I was in school. We used to hang out a lot."

"How come you've never talked about her before?"

"Well, I ended up marrying your father so I sort of lost touch with everyone except Mandy. We're neighbors."

"How is Mandy? I haven't talked with her in ages."

"She's doing well. She got married around the same time I did and now has a kid Byron's age."

Ethel squealed. "Cylde could use some more friends. He's been having such a hard time making friends in school."

"Byron's the same. He would cling to me every time I took him to school and cry when I left."


They laughed just as their waiter returned with the food. If they paid attention, they would have realized it actually wasn't the same waiter as before. It was a totally different person. He was the third unfortunate person to deal with them. The first two had been quick to send someone else to deal with the customers with excuses that they had other tables to serve or their shift was over.

He squealed when Ethel suddenly slammed her fist onto the table causing the silverware to jump off the table. His feet managed to avoid getting impaled by the forks and knives. Not wanting to stick around as it was clearly hazardous to his health, he finished passing out the trays. Quick to excuse himself, he went off to find someone else to deal with them.

"I can't believe that rotten husband of yours. I can't believe he would just run off without warning," said Ethel.

"I admit I did cry a bit after it happened."

"Do you want me to hunt him down? My husband is a hero and has a lot of contacts."

"Mandy offered to, but I wanted to handle it myself so I left Byron in her care before I went to look for him. Let's just say we reached an understanding."

"That's good. I'm glad to see you're doing okay."

"How about you Ethel? What's your husband like besides being a hero?"

"He had quite the mouth on him when we first met. I think I smashed his face in with a metal bat before he took me into custody."

"That must be quite the story. How'd that happen?"

"Let's just say it was a bad day for the both of us and leave it at that." Ethel made a waving motion with her hand. "Anyway, after that, we ended up seeing each other more and more until we decided to get married."

"How romantic. It was quite different with me. My husband was my coworker and that's that."

"How's Mandy's love life doing?"

"She and husband are doing so well. He even got her to stop cursing."

"No way. He got Mandy to stop cursing."

"Well, not completely. Sometimes she slips, but most of the time she's quite polite."

"I got to meet him."

"I'll talk with her and see if we can have a get together like old times."

During the entire time they were talking, the two boys were quietly enjoying their meal. Most of the stuff their moms were talking about went over their head, but they got the gist of it. Moms were childhood friends that hadn't seen each other in a long time. They were some things that did catch their attention like Andy's mom used to curse.

Byron never knew Aunt Mandy cursed. She didn't seem the type to even say the word stupid though he did catch her say the b word once. She had been so upset with herself when it happened. If she was anything like how Andy was now, then Aunt Mandy was the female version of his friend. He wondered if his mom was going to set up a play date between him, Cylde, and Andy. It would be fun.

Cylde was too busy tearing into his steak to think about anything else. He savored the way the juice spilled out onto his tongue of his bloody meat. It didn't taste as good as his mother's cooking, but nothing ever was. She would get the bestest, freshest meat possible and serve it to the whole family.

"Oh Cylde, you're making a mess." He frowned as his mom wiped his face with her napkin.

"Your son is quite adorable."

"Thanks Reba. I think yours is cute too."

"They'll be such heart breakers when they grow up. Not there was anyone good enough for my son."

"You're so right. My husband was talking about finding Cylde a partner sooner than later because he's a ghoul."

Reba gasped. "He didn't. What happened?"

"I was going to beat him within an inch of his life, but then he remarked about how not everyone could be so lucky to find their match later in life."

They both squealed again while Byron and Cylde stuck out their tongue in disgust. Why did their moms have to talk about girls? Girls were yucky and gross. They weren't fun to play with either. It was always playing dress up or playing house. Both were really boring. The girls never wanted to play with toy swords or go on adventures.

If someone were to comment to them that their moms were both girls, they would have said it was completely different. Their moms were cooler and better than girls. It was insulting to compare their moms to those whiny and annoying brats.

"Well, it was great seeing you," said Reba as they left the restaurant after paying their bill. It was strangely quiet and almost deserted by the time they left. Must have been a slow day. "Don't be a stranger and call okay."

"Of course. You can call me any time. Tell Mandy I said hi."

"I will. I'll let her know to give you a call."

With that, they waved goodbye before going their separate ways. Reba looked down at her son who was holding her hand ans asked, "So what do you think of them?"

"I think Cylde's so cool. He told me his teeth was strong enough to bite through stone."

"That is cool."

"And he wasn't bothered by the fact I didn't have any powers or anything. He thought it was awesome that I'm a normal human."

"I'm glad."

Of course Ethel would teach her son right. Now her own son could have at least two friends. The very thought made her sigh. It was so difficult taking care of a son who was completely normal. With no powers nor supernatural heritage, it was hard for him to interact with kids his age. No one wanted to be his friend. At least Byron didn't have to deal with any bullies. She would have been beside herself if anyone was terrorizing her sweet Byron.

Unbeknownst to her, all thoughts or attempts to be "mean" to her son had been squashed early on by both parents and the faculty. None of them wanted to see children getting hospitalized for going after the wrong person. It was also part of the reason none of them kids wanted to hang out with Byron. They were too afraid to get on Reba's bad side if what everyone was saying was true. It was much safer to just ignore him outright. Then they couldn't be blamed for anything that happened to Byron.

On the bright side, Reba couldn't wait to tell Mandy. She would be so excited to hear how Ethel was doing. It was too bad they lost contact with the other girls. After high school, they sort of went their own separate ways despite their promise to stay together. Wouldn't it be exciting if they could meet up and introduce their families to each other? She supposed it wasn't meant to be. Well, she would just have to settle with just the three of them.

Jerome shuddered as he felt another chill crawl down his spine and he was a vampire. Vampires weren't supposed to feel chills or feel as if someone was walking over their grave. Was it too late for him to retire or transfer out? Why couldn't the AWG just stay inactive?

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