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Verified stories, what are them, why we are doing it, and how to get your stories verified.

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Verified Stories

Verified Stories are an effort to raise the quality bar of our story catalog towards our readers, and writers as well. Inkspired is becoming a place to find quality stories, as it is our aim to help authors develop them, reach new audiences, and monetize.

So how does the process works?

The stories, novels, comics, and book series that are well written, without spelling or grammar mistakes, and with promising content, will get verified by our editorial team. In this way, when browsing in our stories catalog, readers will know which stories are verified stories and which ones are "Non Verified stories" (for the time being) which is equal to the fact they are still Waiting for Verification

Authors with stories that are Verified will gain more exposure of their work and therefore increase their number of followers/readers as we will be promoting and recommending these stories to all of our users, depending on the kind of stories our audiences like to read. Also, verified stories will always feature first in our Stories "Discover" section and our catalog, and the main page, the on-site recommendations, and featured stories will be limited to them.

If you publish a story and it is being shown as "Non-Verified", do not worry! Your story is still published and available to be read by anyone, however, it will not feature in our recommended reads to readers until it gets "Verified" by our staff.

How does a story gets verified?

Stories that become published on Inkspired will automatically enter in a "Waiting for Verification" status, while they keep being published and available to read by anyone.

"Waiting for Verification" means that our editorial team will be checking and verifying your story soon. Whenever a story starts being checked by a staff member, the status can either change to "Verified", "In Review" or "Rejected", depending on each case.

"In Review" means that the story has been checked by our editorial staff, however, it has not been "verified" yet because of minor mistakes such as grammar or spelling errors, punctuation errors, or small details that need improvement to comply with our Community Guidelines. If this is the case, our staff will leave a comment on your story, telling you exactly what you need to fix in order to get your story verified. You will need to do it, and then just wait until our team checks your story again.

Stories that go against our Community and Content Guidelines will be "Rejected" and will be unpublished from the platform immediately and the author will be notified. This will only happen if the story goes against Inkspired policies, terms of use or Community Guidelines, if it is advertising or plagiarism, or if for some reason it is not suitable for our audience.

If your story gets "Verified", the label "Non-Verified story" will disappear from your story profile and it will automatically be able to be recommended to readers by our system.

How long does a story takes to get verified after I publish it, or what I can do to get it verified as soon as possible?

We get it! As an Inkspired Author, we understand is it of your best interest to get your stories verified :)

Our editorial staff could be super busy verifying the hundreds of stories being published every day. For that reason, for the time being, we are prioritizing the stories with better performance among our community, meaning the ones attracting the best combination in between views, followers, comments, reviews, and likes. For that reason, we cannot promise any precise timeline on how much time your story will take to get verified: it could be minutes, hours, days or weeks.

The good news is that there are optional ways to put your stories in our "Priority queue" under our Self Publishing services section if you just want to speed up the process.

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Jose morales Jose morales
Escritor con grandes deseos de publicar y editar nuestros escritos y que sean leídos en el mundo entero , espero la colaboración de inspired.
11 de Setembro de 2019 às 08:47
Francisco Rivera Francisco Rivera
Gran espacio para publicar escritos propios. Desearía poder reunir lo escrito en un sólo lugar para realizar correcciones y ofrecer mejor producto de lectura a los potenciales lectores, así como proponer material para concurso y publicaciones pagadas.
2 de Setembro de 2019 às 23:34
Светлана Винн Светлана Винн
попробую эту услугу )))
25 de Novembro de 2018 às 12:26
Manuel Ibarra Manuel Ibarra
Totalmente de acuerdo y apoyo al equipo de Inkspired, por el gran trabajo que realizan.
7 de Setembro de 2018 às 07:01
Ainhoa García Ainhoa García
Yo compre lo de verificar tardara mucho?
5 de Setembro de 2018 às 03:51

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