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She’s famous for being rebel and has a powerful hater: Roman Catholic Church. What’s the reason? She's an atheist who doesn't have respect for their rules even when her parents are members of a big part of them; Opus Dei. The college of cardinals think of her as a threat so, with the commander they decide to show the hellebardiers the temptation that walks in Vatican City. She meets love in the headquarters of the Swiss Guard, inside of the place she repulsed since she was younger. The most loyal man they ever had breaks one of the golden rules and he does with the infamous girl they warned him about so much finding himself in love with the danger that she represents.

Romance Romance adulto jovem Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos. © Felicia Evreux

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The commander sent us all to his apartment along with some cardinals and we found the big framed picture of a very beautiful girl solitary in the white wall. Some of us stared at the authorities and the others' eyes stayed with the girl.

"What's the meaning of this, Commander?" - I asked breaking the silence - "Who is she?"

"This girl, Feldwebel is Ivory Danielli"

"Is she related to the Opus Dei members? – Some of my guard mates asked

"She's their daughter, indeed" "And what makes her so important?" – I asked

"She's very disrespectful with our church" – I heard as an answer and I was going to ask how but I was interrupted

"She wears short clothes knowing it's forbidden and she's atheist, a demon" - One of the cardinals stated answering my unmade question as he handed me another picture of the girl, a picture of full body this time showing her wearing short shorts, my eyes narrowed but I was still surprised

How can that lovely blonde with angelic features be so dark?

I thought as I stared back at the wall, at the close up of her pretty face

"She might be beautiful but she has no heart, so I'll suggest you to stay away from her if you guys ever see her around the city. You must stay true to god"

The commander finished the break and he walked out with the cardinals, then my guardmates walked out afterwards to continue their duties but I left my previous seat and stood in front of the light coloured wall to glance at her more closely, I went directly to her eyes and I saw her so pure, so beautiful and I found myself feeling butterflies in my stomach and the urge to be with her burnt my flesh, something that was unknown for me until now.

I walked out of there as I folded the picture that was given to me to put it in my pocket simply because I decided I needed to keep it knowing that just at first sight, I fell in love with church's enemy and honestly I couldn't care less.

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