Jack wakes up ignorant of everything, but a strange passport leaves him some important information. Problem after problem, he ends up badly injured, more than he would like and to pay off debts he joins a wandering mining company. Accidents solved and more complex formations of socialization of his fellow miners ended in a trip to a new country where he intends to learn more about minerals.

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A passport to rest.

A brief moment was enough with the cold lulling his limbs and breaking what little consciousness he struggled to accumulate in order to think.

‘It's night,’ he hurried to his feet.

He concentrated on the few sounds around him as he regained his balance, but the silence around him made it clear that something was wrong, though it was more his instinct than anything else.

For an instant his feet gave way, falling forward into a puddle, he didn't know exactly what, but the stench made it clear that he didn't want to find out.

He wondered what state he was in for not even being able to stand up, but there was a more important problem than that pressing for his attention.

‘Damn it,’ he clutched his face in an effort to not only clean himself, but to try to wrack his mind to remember anything of relevance. ‘I don't even remember my name,’ the curse was followed by an impulse that brought him to his feet in an instant as his hand removed the little bit of liquor that stained his face.

For an instant a memory came so vividly that it confused him with reality and he walked outside.

The streets of people walking in a hurry, the lost in the crowd with problems to orient himself by the constant collisions with people and vehicles passing and going over as if it was a sport, but always in the same difficulty to walk and the arrival to the alley where he saw shadows of the height of people and before he knew it when he grabbed the wall it was already night again.

‘What was that?’ he looked back quizzically.

Somewhat worried he continued on his way, but falling to the floor he noticed how a hard element caused pain in his chest, he turned and looked through his clothes and noticed it, a strange metal plate that opened to reveal a dark sheet inside that contrasted the colour of the letters with a strange white emitting a slight luminosity.

‘What the hell?’, he looked around for a while, identifying personal information. ‘I guess...?’, the thought was quickly held back by the body falling in front of him.

For a moment he considered the problem, someone falling from so high, who was responsible, what part would he play in the act, is he close to trouble?

An instant later the body reacted by reaching out.

‘Please... oh...’, the trembling voice corresponded to that of a woman.

Another body fell, but this one was whole and didn't seem to have more damage than the recent fall, he didn't know in what sense this was normal, but his lack of fear made it very clear to him that it wasn't normal or he was the abnormal one.

‘Brother, it's been a while, how did it go with the guy's marriage?’

His gaze shifted to the frightened one, but he didn't take long to react.

‘How?’ he barely managed to ask when the girl's figure came up and a strange sense of familiarity joined him.

‘You know the one with the badge, or did you just steal it,’ he said as the blade acted like delicate fingers taking the item.

For a moment when he opened it, he had a doubt if it wasn't his information, there was no picture or anything similar, but he began to wonder, what had led him to think it was his and more importantly that he knew them, to even commit the crime in front of him.

‘It's going to turn out that you're the last one, hey can I borrow it,’ he pointed to the metal plate.

‘Yeah,’ he tossed it to him without the boy's consent.

‘If you'll excuse me, I have business to attend to,’ he didn't think much of it.

His action was to be simple, leave the alley and inform any authority of the place, a moment's pleasure lasted when the thousands of blades worked like legs that pierced his body in such a short time, he felt the passage of all of them before feeling the pain of them and a blow after that sent him to the other alley.

‘Hey, the idiot gave us his pass,’ he said very calmly.

They all looked at the pass in his hands were cellos with specific dates and years all varying from each other without a distinguishable order or coherence and proceeded to look at it more carefully, an instant in which the black paper came out and all tore off a piece to keep it in similar boxes and dropping the young man's belongings.

Already on the floor it formed a black paper with white stripes, but keeping the young man's information.

-o- Late - Hospital -o-

The voice echoed on the other side, as people seemed to attend to an emergency problem and upon waking he could only clutch his head dropping the bandage on his arm and a little while he lost the taste for rest as he got up he felt as if his bones had to settle, causing him to end up lying down again.

The accumulated sleep tempted him to rest and despite the pain he pulled the covers back over himself, the pain in his chest returned and he noticed how the plate seemed to vibrate again.

A small moment when he opened it, he wondered how it was returned to him, but the absence of sic numbers and incoherent shapes made him doubt.

Sleep renewed his thoughts, something troubling as he saw a shadow, a strange and unrecognisable face staring back at him.

‘Tell me. Was it worth it?’ the voice expressed no emotion.

Awakened, he couldn't even think of anything simple, the brightness left him unable to glimpse anything and when the voice passed in front of him he found something interesting, he didn't understand anything, in any sense, but he also wondered in what language it was speaking itself so that none of them understood it.

Every word that came out was answered by uncomfortable looks or simply ignorance and that lasted until someone with gestures appeared to indicate the simplest details, they saved his life, but his stay in the hospital cost money, he had nothing but that passport on him, they took it away, but he still owed a lot.

After a while the authorities intervened, they simply cleared up an amnesia problem, nothing they couldn't handle, a few questions and simple details, but he was left with the same thing, he had to work, he couldn't be kept whatever the excuse was.

His days in that hospital ended very quickly when a merchant arrived with an offer, a guild he could serve, as such they had no way of communicating with the young man but one thing was for sure, the one in charge could call someone to serve as a translator.

An older man arrived, for a moment he was asked to speak, but it wasn't until the caretaker in charge of the mime explained how to deal with the problem that he began to speak.

‘Well, I, excuse me, but where do I stand?’

The old man asked to talk some more and the caretaker continued to ask him to talk about his favourite food, to which he only replied.

‘I don't understand,’ the expression also told him the same thing.

A moment's confusion lasted for the rest when the old man spoke, but as he had understood before, he could not communicate in any discernible way.

‘I'm sorry, but I don't know this language, but I know someone in this place, who might understand it.

The conversation continued and the young man waited when a woman arrived, not so old, but she did show the detail of maturity in her personality and the concierge repeated the idea that she should speak and this time there were not so many problems.

‘This one, when I woke up all I saw was the floor and then I noticed the passport and then, it's confusing, some hallucination,’ he said, recounting a little of what he remembered.

‘I understand, young man, tell me. Do you have relatives?’ she was calm and very attentive.

‘As far as I know,’ he clutched his head, an inexplicable rush of adrenaline making him ache before he felt the urge to curse. ‘No, I just remember the alley and nothing else,’ he told her, holding back an aggressive impulse.

‘Don't worry, the men here have a solution to their economic problem,’ she said somewhat calmly.

‘What is it?’, she had understood that money was a necessary thing, from what she had seen in her time at the hospital.

‘The gentleman over there runs a mining guild, he says he is interested in hiring you, in return he will pay off your debt to the hospital, it is considerable and q...’, the voice sounded fearful at the end, but he pulled himself together very quickly ‘The offer might do you some good’, he said more cheerfully.

‘I see, how do I join?’ he said more cheerfully.

‘I'll ask you the details in a little while’.

The talk returned to the language he did not understand, but one thing was for sure he did not like the tone of a conspiracy, as he lent the contract to the woman and read it before giving her a summary and as such signing he handed her the few belongings he had.

Without much hesitation he arrived at a freight car, he noticed more people in it, many with scanty clothing, but mainly the absence of shirts, even having their hair tied up with rags, but all with mining tools, even one with a helmet.

Once inside he saluted and introduced himself, in the sole intention of making it clear that communicating with him was simply useless, and after a while he sat down, in the odd empty seat in the corner near the exit.

He didn't have much on his mind, he saw the plate trying to analyse anything, but the same a black paper with white stripes and what he identified as a name, he didn't hesitate any longer and put it away when the sound of the engine formed the rumble of the starter and he calmed down, only to wake up some more and the arrival of the well dressed gentleman along with tools for the young man.

‘Rest up, we'll work when we get to the mine,’ the way he said it was crude but understandable.

He pocketed the paper and proceeded to advise the rest of the details and convey the payment of each in the process and proceed to continue on his way and the movement of the vehicle.

For a moment he felt anguish, unaware of many problems, but when he finally noticed the streets as crowded as in his initial vision he found it interesting that they stopped so many times and in all of those only once to bring them a bag with a sandwich and a couple of pieces of bread, along with a canteen with what he identified as a peculiar white juice.

Time and anguish began to expand as he saw the buildings end on a single floor and the people dressed more plainly, more and more people became scarce and the eventual absence of both in the little space visible between the two curtains that formed part of the roof that shielded them from the sun.

Uncomfortable already after several hours of travel he simply made himself, but unlike before, now he had a view of the sky, marvelling at what he had not paid attention to, that deep blue and the shapes of the clouds, for a moment made his chest ache, but not from a dagger or from something mistreating his body, but from being truly moved and the tears came out of him.

Realising this he stuck his head out over the road and looked at the town that was getting smaller with every moment that went by and for an instant he heard behind him.

‘The new guy's got power,’ said the eldest of them all.

‘Yes. Will he gain much soon?’ he asked somewhat doubtfully.

‘I don't doubt it.’

At what point he could understand he did not know, but he had the idea that he could never change the strangeness of his existence and so he found himself the next day sleeping while the rest complained of the cold.

Morning marked the arrival at the mine and he was told the basics of mining, time and time again, rest seemed pointless and even continued when the rest were still eating, while he chewed with his mouth and his arms worked, days when everyone understood it was simply impossible, just eating and working at the same time or just working, even sleep seemed to be non-existent.

One day he arrived with a fatigue that sapped his strength and in one incident, the explosives were struck by a spark, causing the mine to collapse and strangely he was thrown out along with most of them, but trapping many.

Unconscious when he woke up he could feel his badge burning and looking at it he could see some digits and names that he could now read.

[Poland: Wieliczka-Deaths: 12-22/09/1930]

Terrified, but worried he began to dig with all his might, but there was a problem he felt weak and without strength, for a moment the wailing told him he must hurry and in desperation the glow of a jema on his forehead appeared, strength was granted, stones split faster his hands worked faster and he continued digging until he reached the end of the collapse, in 12 hours the digging was finished he could not do do dozens in days.

‘Well done.’

‘Excuse me, what happened?

A moment when he passed out he was simply taken to be attended to, amnesia again, but it was mild, he only remembered that he was digging and how he ended up there, he didn't even remember why he was in such a hurry, but his appetite did become hours.

The next day everyone congratulated him and as such the Salt mine contract was full and they had to leave, but they were given some samples, fascinated by the mineralogy he heard from his comrades he began to interact to learn more and have his own mineral catalogue, eager to see the future work like the rest of them, his next job was to go over the border in the year 1930 to Germany, with improved pay.

Learning much more of the details, they proceeded to wait to arrive, as they all looked at the changing landscape rejoicing at the grouping of their new comrade and an automatic mining machine, somewhat worried about their direction, but very encouraged by their increased wages.

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