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⚠️Based on a true story, some parts have been fabricated and dramatized for fictional purposes. Read at your own risk⚠️ This book is not for children. By law the legal age for an adult is 18, but you can’t drink nor smoke, so 21+ please. ⛔️ WARNING ⛔️ -Vulgar language will be used -Mild Violence -Sex -Betrayal -Toxicity -Rape DESCRIPTION: Yasmine forgot about the past because she had new beginnings to worry about, but what happens when the past catches up to the present? She goes from being a simple living, single mother to counting her last days of her life before a sexy kidnapper reunites her with the very thing she was praying to forget about. Her baby's father.

Drama Para maiores de 21 anos apenas (adultos). © All Rights Reserved I, Kalissa Fahoome, do not allow my work to be used or adapted in any way without my permission.

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Intruder Alert

Chapter 1: Intruder Alert

Yasmine crept out of her dark bedroom and into the dimly lit hallway of her three story home. The lavender walls and white trimmings were her idea, along with the family portraits and creative designs along the walls. She purchased the house while pregnant with her son, and made it to her liking overtime.

It was eleven at night on a Tuesday, and she had take Semaj to his babysitter, and work early in the morning due to her being first shift. Her three year old son, Semaj, was in his bedroom across the hall, and she went to check up on him.

Yasmine opened his room door and witnessed him sound asleep underneath his Spongebob cover and sheets. She smiled warmly to herself as she thought about how far she came in her twenty-six years of life. A sense of peace washed over her at the sight of her baby, and tears of happiness clouded her vision.

She had secrets and problems unsolved, and enemies she hoped she never saw again. She prayed every night and day that God spared her baby boy. She was the cause of her problems, and he didn't need to get caught up in the crossfire. Her poor upbringing forced her to get her hands dirty, and it was one particular tree she barked up that almost cost her life. Her dealings with the father of her child.

Yasmine ventured downstairs and into the kitchen to make Semaj's lunch for preschool in the morning. The young, three year old was smart and tall for his age. Yasmine had him reciting his ABC's and 123's at the mere age of one. He knew his colors and possessed the ability to form complete sentences. Semaj loved school and he always came home ready to tell her something new he learned that day.

She put his lunch to the side in the refrigerator, and went into the living room to watch the popular television show, Power. Two episodes in, Yasmine's eyes began closing. Clearing her throat, she sat up and turned off the television. Deciding to get ready for bed, Yasmine went upstairs.

She climbed into the steamy, hot shower and lathered up gently with her Dove Foaming Body Wash. As she watched the bubbles fall at her feet to run down the drain, the sound of something falling to the floor came from her bedroom.

Immediately she paused, trying to focus past the noise of the running water. If it was Semaj he would be calling for her. Nervousness sunk to her toes from her stomach and her heart raced inside of her chest as her mind ran in several, different directions.

Is there someone here? She thought.

She shook her head at herself. She washed the remaining soap from her body and casually turned off the shower. She stepped out of the tub and quickly wrapped a towel around her body.

Yasmine placed her black, Senegalese twists into a ponytail straight to the back as she watched herself in the mirror. For someone with a highly exotic appearance, she was surprised she was no one's woman.

Maybe because I'm a woman with a child and baggage. She thought, removing her towel from her body.

Her hazel eyes swept up and down the reflection of her many tattoos, wide hips, thin waist, little pudgy stomach, thick thighs, and phat ass. She possessed a body most chicks had to purchase, but she had her insecurities. She grabbed her towel, and wiped away the droplets of water that remained.

Suddenly the bathroom doorknob twisted and the door swung open with full force, hitting the wall with a thud. Yasmine jumped, facing the intruder. Fear consumed her limbs, paralyzing her in place as she locked eyes with a man dressed in black from head to toe. He was almost as tall as the bathroom door and he sported a large, muscular build causing her nerves to skyrocket. There was no way she could fight her way out of this one.

"P-please don't hurt me. You can have wh-whatever you want. Just please don't hurt me. Take all my money." Yasmine's voice trembled uncontrollably.

She wrapped her towel around her body the best way she could to place some type of barrier against her and the man. The man's brown eyes could be seen through the eyes in his ski mask, and they were lingering up and down her being lustfully. Letting her know he appreciated what he saw. Tears welled in Yasmine's eyes and her body stiffened, something that never happened prior to having Semaj. She used to buck first and ask questions later, but now she was flinching.

She had no guns in the house because of Semaj. She made a promise to herself that she would never result back to the lifestyle of killing. She kept her heat in the car and still, it was harboring dust. She was alone, with her baby in the other room, and naked with the exception of a skimpy towel—with a strange man in her home. She didn't know what to expect.

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