skywalker87x Steven A. Leach Jr.

In the gritty underbelly of New Orleans, an ancient feud between two vampire bloodlines threatens to tear the city apart. Xavier, a renegade vampire hunter, finds himself inexplicably drawn into this world after a brutal attack leaves him for dead - only to awaken to immortality as one of the undead. Rescued by Amani, a powerful vampire descended from an ancient Egyptian coven, Xavier must confront his new reality and unholy thirst. But as the two grow closer, a dark secret about Amani's past unravels that could destroy the vampires' uneasy truce. As violence escalates between the rivaling vampire clans, Xavier becomes entangled in Amani's dangerous world of shadows, subterfuge, and blood sacrifices. Hunted by his former allies and facing betrayal from those closest to him, Xavier must embrace his vampire nature to stop an ancient evil from being unleashed. In an ultimatum that will decide the fate of both human and vampire realms, Xavier and Amani must join together in an unholy blood covenant to prevent an apocalyptic prophecy from being fulfilled. But can Xavier's love for Amani overcome his desire for vengeance against those who damned him for eternity?

Suspense/Mistério Para maiores de 18 apenas.

#mystery #horror #suspense #thriller #vampires
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Chapter 1: Awaken

The cacophony of shattering glass and splintering wood roused Xavier from the torturous abyss. His eyes cracked open, breath rattling in his ravaged lungs. Hot liquid filled his mouth, the metallic tang of blood overwhelming his senses.

Awareness filtered in fragmented pieces - the pulsing ache spreading through his battered body, the shadowed visage of a figure standing over him, a woman's face obscured by the night. He tried to speak but his lips refused to move, paralyzed by the unnatural stillness rigging his form.

"Can you hear me?" The lilted voice drifted like a siren's call amidst the pounding in his skull. "You're going to be all right."

Delicate fingers brushed the sweaty strands of raven hair from his forehead. Xavier fought to keep his eyelids from fluttering closed, to make sense of whatever hell had besieged him. Memories slowly rekindled - the vampire hunt, the feral hunger in its obsidian gaze, the sickening crunch of bones as unholy strength collided with his flesh.

"Wh-What..." he rasped, tasting copper with each ragged breath.

The woman tutted softly, pressing her lips to his clammy brow. "Hush now. You've been through an ordeal."

Shadows danced at the periphery as Xavier struggled to bring her face into focus. She leaned in closer, tendrils of night-kissed hair caressing his cheek, until her features materialized with haunting clarity.

Thick lashes fringed eyes that burned amber with preternatural intensity. High cheekbones sculpted a regal beauty, porcelain skin so flawless it seemed etched from marble. Plump lips, tinged blue like a midnight rose's petals, curved in an enigmatic smile that seeped through his muddled consciousness and burrowed under his skin.


"My name is Amani." The pads of her fingers trailed feather-light down the stubbled line of his jaw. "And you, sweet one, are hovering on the edge of immortality."

A tremor lanced through him, adrenaline firing warning flares in his mind even as his vision hazed. He wrenched his leaden limbs to move, to fight, but agony detonated in every nerve-ending.

Amani made a soft tutting noise. "You're only hurting yourself. The transition is...volatile."


Xavier's ravaged thoughts scattered like ashes on the merciless night wind. His bones felt splintered, organs liquefying with every strangled gasp for air. Yet beneath the searing torment, something darker stirred - an icy foreboding that slithered through his veins like a sinister secret.

Amani's smile took on a predatory edge as she brushed her knuckles along the throbbing artery in his throat. "How I've longed for this moment. To walk the immortal path again...with you by my side."

He would have recoiled if his body could manage the strength. Instead, Xavier choked out a tortured snarl through the blood glazing his lips.

You bitch...what did you do to me?"

Amani laughed, the sound ringing like shattered glass in the inky darkness. "I gave you new life, hunter. You should be thanking me."

Reality careened as the truth embedded itself like a venomous fang - he was dying. Worse, this unholy seductress meant to drag him with her into some eternal Hell he'd sworn his life to eradicating.

Xavier forced iron into his buckling resolve, let the pain burning through his nerves feed his rage and hatred for the undying scourge he'd dedicated his existence to destroying.

"I'd...rather...die..." he growled through clenched teeth.

Tutting again, Amani traced his lips with one sharp nail, allowing a crimson bead to well in its wake. She leaned in achingly close, amber eyes glittering, until their mouths were a breath apart.

"Oh Xavier," she purred, voice dripping like honey laced with sin. "You don't have a choice."

With agonizing slowness, she pressed her lips against his in a mockery of a lover's kiss. He tried to pull away, to fight, but her grip was unbreakable as granite. She moaned a carnal rumble of pleasure, the vibration sinking into his battered core. And as his scream of rage dissolved in his ravaged throat, he felt it - the vile, blasphemous essence invading his blood, his mind, his very soul.

Coldness more profound than any winter's chill seeped into his marrow. Amani drank deep of his anguished cries, lashing him with her will until his thrashed and fought like a cornered, maddened beast. His pulse thundered with unholy rapture as death's icy kiss spread through his veins.

At last, she tore away, crimson staining her lips in an obscene burlesque of his life's essence. Xavier's vision hazed as his body, his reality, his entire world shattered into kaleidoscopic shards of darkness.

And from that endless abyss, a new, immortal existence awaited its final awakening.

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