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A 35-year old psychopathic doctor,who the world believes to be a nice man and philanthropic, secretly enjoys homicide of his patients is threatened to quit when he begins to fall in love with a police officer out to expose his secrets to the world. Will she succeed? Will he quit. Stay with me to find out 😉

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Secrets lies in the dark


(Two officers of Malomo station are seen working also humming to the lyrics of Davido's latest song 'unavailable')

#Officer 1: (Sings) I'm unavailable, dem no dey see me. I'm unavailable, dem no dey see me.

(Officer 1 begins to the popular dance to the song while officer 2 stares at him in surprise)

#Officer 2: You sha love Davido's music

#Officer 1: Why won't I love his song. Don't you know Davido is the king of afro music. He's the best for a reason

#Officer 2: Nah true. My wife so much love Davido that if given the chance, she'll run away and go marry him

(Officer 3 walks in and join in on the conversation)

#Officer 3: You better caution your wife before she actually leaves you for Davido

#Officer 2: My wife no fit leave me

#Officer 1: Your wife doesn't even stand a chance. She's not close to Davido's spec

#Officer 2: Whatever sha. My wife is beautiful enough for me.

#Officer 3: Anyways, are you guys free tonight

#Officer 2: (Hesitantly) Yeah, what for?

#Officer 3: There's this new club that just opened down the street

#Officer 2: And so?

#Officer 3: I was hoping we could go there after work just to chill and have some fun. You know take our sticks out

#Officer 2: (Exclaims) Officer, you that you are about getting married, your mind is still outside. Guy stop all this habit so that it won't be the fall of you. I have said my own ooo. (Continues to work)

#Officer 1: Don't mind him, Kolapo. We'll go together after work, let's round up first. You're still in your late bachelor's days, surely you must've some fun before committing yourself to one woman for eternity

#Officer 3: My gee you get me

#Officer 1: (Faces #2) You better enjoy life when you still can. Don't let anything hold you back.

#Officer 2: Keep your advice to yourself

#Officer 3: Don't mind him jare. It's almost 10 pm, we should close up and leave before it rains

( A man drenched in blood suddenly shows up in front of their desk, staggering and unable to talk eloquently, kunle walks up to him, supporting his shoulders to prevent him from falling)

Man: (Slowly) Stop him, please

#3: Who?

Man: (Mutters) He's killed my sister. He wants to kill me to. Help, he wants to burn the world down. You have to stop him

#1: Who sir? Who do we have to stop?

Man: (Slowly falls and nutters) Stop Dr Lekan before it's too late (dies)

(The officers stood in awe after receiving the last words of a dieing man they barely knew, they hold a minute of silence for him before finally calling the ambulance, kunle stayed back at the station to make a reports of what has happened)

End of Scene

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