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Something lurks behind every tree in the forest, missing posters has been posted every day. What could possibly be the one taking all these innocent peoples souls? Join Daniel in a journey to the unknown. This story is participating in "The Unseen Fears" writing competition.

Suspense/Mistério Todo o público. © All Rights Reserved Noah Rowland 2024 17/03

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Daniel, a young adult, at the age of ten-years-old, he lost his father mysteriously. To him at least it seemed like he just disappeared. And coincidentally, it actually happened right after the few missing posters were added . . . And a few days later of him not coming back, he was gone.

And was printed alongside the other missing posters and added onto the posts. Daniel was sad, and disappointed, because he was a bad kid back then. Getting in the utmost of trouble, and trying to get away with it. Most of the things his dad seen and heard of him doing was bad things.

He regretted that a lot, well, everyone has their personal demons; they are part of us. We get it when we were just born, have you ever done anything bad in your life? Or perhaps something horrible? you have a demon. Your entity, is the only one responsible for your bad-choices, and negative actions, and in some cases reactions.

Sometimes, people can’t handle their dark side, and then as it gets stronger. It corrupts you, and you do horrible things and you get sent to jail for it. All you can do, and what everyone can do, is to control it. Daniel was strong enough to control it, but to him in able to do so, was like looking for one key in a pile of thousands of others to unlock the door in darkness.

There was at least one thing his father would be proud of; taking his job, being the new boss of Jerry’s Timbers; his father’s company.

Daniel has been working there since he was about eight-years-old. He couldn’t chop down any trees, because according to his father he didn’t reach the age requirement suitable for it. But he was used as a little muscle of carrying small logs.

But then, since he is alone, he has to work by himself to provide logs for his dad’s job due to his father’s disappearance. He could remember so effortlessly, of waking up in the morning realizing his father was gone, he checked the kitchen counter for a letter that his father usually writes down when he is gone out. Perhaps he went to go shopping to Woolworths and get a couple of brewskis, or maybe went to get a coffee from his favourite café down in town.

That’s what he thought, but no. There was no letter . . . Daniel thought he forgot, because there is always a once for everything. But then there has been new missing posters of different people posted around the city . . . And one of those people . . . was his father.

Daniel now stands in front of the forest, which holds the cases of more missing people than anywhere else . . . the infamous forgotten forest. And he is here, to find the unknown, he took a step into the forest, that one step had shot chills up his leg, and began crawling up his body. Also widening his eyes, and adrenaline flooding, crashing in his body. Causing his pupils in his eyes to shrink; showing his true fear.

He stepped his other foot in, goosebumps scanning up his leg the weather changed, briskier and a bit windier. feeling like he stepped into a portal to another world, the forest looked gloomy, partially misty, looking like it’s lacking in colour, the forest being honeycombed in eeriness, and deathly silent and the dark, hazy clouds hovering above it. And then he began his approach; the journey of the unknown.

Daniel has a glance around his surroundings, seeing trees snapped, in half. It has been a while since he has first stepped into a forest, well, excluding his job. It has been years, last time was since high school with his mates, in the eighth-grade hanging out hiking in the woods together. Hanging out with each other was the best moments of Daniel’s life. His friends would nickname him Dany. Some of his mates till this day are still actively in contact, some others are dead silent, they’d never.

As he dawdles in the forest, as he peers over to the left, he sees a word carved vertically in a tree saying ‘It’. He continues walking, still finding that really odd, but nothing to be concerned about, well . . . that is what he thought at first. He sees another one, but the one to his right, it saying 'will'. It is trying to tell me something, he thought. He sees a tree more spaced out from the others, he walked closer to this substantial-sized tree.

He stopped walking right at the tree trunk. And then there was a weak, raspy voice, saying ‘look up.’ Daniel instantly looked up. Seeing two words carved in the tree saying, ‘take you’. He put the words together into a sentence, and it said, ‘It will take you.’ His eyes widened again in realization. And the hairs on his arms stood on end.

This thing seems to know that he was coming here, but how? No person or even animal could ever see into the future that Daniel would be coming here. That is when, he messed up, and that this thing has a bit more power than he realized. Maybe this thing, isn’t a human nor animal possibly not even a creature . . . but a monster?

He decided to turn back because of the circumstance that he put himself in and realizing that this thing is way smarter, smarter than him. And so, he ran back, he knew he was going in the right way, because he only walked straight . . . Then he thought to himself, I should of been back right about now.

A shadow of worry fell across his face, his chest began constricting with fear, and mouth gaped open as he breathes heavily to gain back his energy. He’s now trapped in the forest, and alone. He looked up to the sky, and he let out a sigh. He turned back around, and walked towards where he was originally at; walking further into the forest.

Night time is almost here, he has only an hour and a few minutes of daylight left. Or either wise, he is done for . . . the unknown is most powerful in the night, because you can’t see in the night. He used the time to shout out for help, usually at a time like this; you’d be running around and calling for help. Daniel was committing the exact opposite of that; he was sauntering, eyes wide; which shows his awareness is at the brink.

Getting ready to run from anything that tries to jump out at him. He knew the hunt for the unknown was a horrible idea; deep down, he had a thought before the journey of the unknown was going to end up horrible, but that thought was hidden from him. A pretty big coincidence of it being hidden away from him, maybe it wasn’t a coincidence.

‘Help!’ He yelled, his voice cracking like it was a walkie-talkie losing its distance of communicational range. After desperately yelling out for help, all those times had no response back. He had to find himself another way to exit this forest. But there is no other way on trying to get back to his house before his mother realises he is gone. He looked up to the sky, praying he will get out of this mess alive.

He then heard a distinct crack to his right. Daniel turned swiftly where the noise was. Then he walked backwards slowly. As he was walking backwards, it felt like he bumped into someone behind him . . . he shuts his eyes tightly, he held his breath, his core tightens to vanquish the fear as he slowly turns around to see who was behind him . . . there was nobody.

He felt relieved, but as relieved as he was, he realized that, that when he felt himself bump into someone, that can’t be his imagination. Something is following him, stalking him behind every tree around him. So, then he continued searching, ignoring what happened, and took it as a hint to be more aware than he was.

There were the clouds above him were grumbling, the wind picked up whistling as it highjacked some leaves that were on the ground. There was a feeling of a dark, mysterious and pure evil presence circling around him.

It made all his hairs stand up, his eyebrows raised, and eyes widened, his core tensing again, and his body dead frozen. It is here, the unknown. Daniel walked backwards slowly, planning on going to run. But then, he felt a hand on his left shoulder grasping it tightly. And there was a whisper in his ear saying, ‘You know what’s so mysterious about the unknown?’ Daniel was to terrified to say anything. And then the whisper said, ‘I’m part of you, Daniel.’ And then, the thing, the demonhim backwards into the darkness.

A couple of weeks later, Daniel was now on the posts alongside his father. And, his friends. And all that it leaves, was his mother. Everyone has a demon, what is your demon?

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Noah Rowland An award-winning expert young horror writer that's been writing for 6 years possesses and imagination that’s woven with threads of horror and suspense. An imagination that teleports my readers into the unique realms of true horror.

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