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Kacey Shurley visits her sick Aunt June in Bates Creek, Tennessee. While she’s there, she finds a book that she discovers can make anything come true when written in. She brings THE BOOK back home to her friends. They all use it for their own benefit without asking for much as they all worry there may be a price. Come to find out, there is. Kacey must keep herself and everyone else from using THE BOOK as it worsens her mental state.

Horror Horror teen Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

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Writer's Brain

Chapter 1: Writer’s Brain

He ran as fast as he could, his legs failing him with each painful step. The trees passed him in a blur. His heart raced and he was queasy. Rumbling footsteps neared. Thick blackness almost made it impossible to see as he leapt over the massive roots reaching out from what seemed like every tree. The thumping came closer. Leaves flew up from the ground and wind began to fly around him until finally, he didn’t notice one root. He fell on his side and his legs rested in mud as he closed his eyes. The thing was close now. That was it and he knew it.

Kacey’s pen stopped scratching against the paper. Her thoughts whirled in her head, going from one to the next only to bring nothing for the next scene. The climax of her story would lead to his death. Should she keep it? Would readers be happy with it? Would someone even publish her? Her thoughts collected and rebounded to her deeper motivations beyond the page. Why did she write?

She decided to resume later, running her hands through her hair. Pain filled her middle finger, the callus was red as a tomato. She grabbed her coat and threw it over her shoulders, walking downstairs. Kacey’s mother was in the kitchen cleaning the counters. Her father was washing dishes.

Kacey was a young African American girl with black, curly hair that glistened in the light. She wore thick glasses.

“What’s for dinner?” She asked.

“We’re thinking about it,” Her mother said.

Kacey sat on the couch in the living room and began scrolling on her phone. Her parents Nate and Wendy Shurley were both well off. Wendy worked as a nurse part time and Nate often indulged himself in project management work. The two were a great pair, at least she thought. They provided her with everything she needed or wanted. Really she thought of herself as spoiled and lucky. Kacey had a few friends here and there at her high school. She thought of herself as boring. And really considering she was an average teenager, she was to many. The only thing that set her apart from everyone else was her writing habit that could possibly turn into a career. She had a small friend group, with only a few true close friends. One of her closest friends was Abraham Venegas, or Abe for short. He was a Latino immigrant who came to Kentucky after his parents needed a better work environment. They kept contact online and talked to each other whenever they could in public. The thought of a relationship for Kacey was too much for her to handle. She never thought of anyone that way, not even him even though he was one of the funniest and sweetest people she’d ever met. He would probably be best described as a prankster or a jokester. Some people might have thought of him as rude, but those that really knew him knew that that wasn't the case. Another one of her closest friends was one of the most popular girls in school: Daisy Riley. Daisy hated being popular almost as much as she hated her own name. The only reason she was popular was because her brother was a new found basketball star and her parents were loaded. Her last closest friend was Samantha Jackson. She juxtaposed Daisy entirely. She was unpopular and didn’t care what anyone thought of her. Sam said what was on her mind with no remorse and love which made her a pure soul to anyone who met her. Notification after notification came through Kacey’s phone as their four way group chat came to life.

“Dinner’s ready!” Her parents said.

A smile swept across her face. She was so lucky to have people that cared. She was living a good life. But even in her good life, something was missing. At times she felt empty. It was like she was trying to grab smoke.

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