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Josephine, a 13 year old Hispanic Female from queens New York lost her bestfriend addlynn age fourteen due to some problems….. Grief is hard for her she feels alone suddenly. She just wants to see her one last time but she’s knows that’s not possible, but will she try? Yes. She still pretends she’s here. It helps her grieve… Read to see how Josephine finds her way back to how she first was after the death of her bestfriend.

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Your favorite animal was the butterfly

Most people say forever doesn’t last. But I don’t think that’s true. For us we’re infinity…

You’ve always loved the monarch butterfly. I’ve never fully understood why. You said it’s like watching a spirit find its way to heaven. When the butterfly finally hatches, it’s free. You’ve always longed for freedom…I wish your last moments could’ve been more happy, and exciting. It’s far from that, it was traumatizing…. I saw you bleed out to death. I will always blame myself. I should’ve known then, but when I found out it was far to late far to early. You didn’t want me to see you dead, so you did it while I was on vacation.. I came home a day early. I saw you on the ground quickly I called 911. It was to late. Why did I stop for gas? Why did I stop to get you something to eat because you weren’t feeling to good and refused to eat? Why didn’t I understand…

Hi, I’m Josephine, A 13 year old Hispanic Female from queens New York. My friend was only 14 the day of her death. A day I will never forget.

December 23rd.

That date is.

I miss your laugh I miss your smile I miss the way you made every moment worthwhile.

Funeral letter (later placed in coffin.)

Your gone, and I’m here it feels like your still laying beside me, and telling me about your day and all your drama. I would long for one more conversation with you. I miss you addlynn.


That next day I showed up to school. I had to I couldn’t let this derail my life I had to be distracted… I hid myself from the truth telling myself after school I’ll head to her house. Making myself excited at last.

Loud speaker:

“As all you know we lost a great student recently addlynn avori we miss you and hope you the best.”

“Hey class!” “I’m sure you all know what happened.. counceling is available to anyone in need. Uh… Josephine please meet me after class.” She look at me from across the room with sympathy in her dark blue eyes. She knows how are friendship was she knows what happened. The story was everywhere. I don’t know why but everyone looking at me made me wanna throw up. I started crying. I ran out of class,and walked right out the exit, and satIn front of the school. “Are you alright?!?” A girl new to the school asked me heading in with all her books. “Fine..” “I heard what happe-

“Look I don’t need your sympathy! I said I’m fine!”

Suddenly I couldn’t breathe everything looked so far away. My chest started to hurt. What’s going on?

“Are you alright?”

“No. Get help.”

She quickly ran inside dropping everything she has in her hands. A teacher walks out.

“What’s going on?!?”

“I can’t breathe.. “

So yeah I had a panic attack. They started getting normal for me after a while. I wish you could be here to tell me everything’s alright. But that’s yet to come. It’s not even close.

It’s infinity away…

I missed 2 months of school after that day. My councilor says to think of these 4 things:

Am I hungry?

Am I mad?

Am I tired?

It can help me understand why I’m having one. It helps a lot.

“Hey, Josephine!” Said my mother while I’m walking into the door. “Hey. I’m just gonna head to my room.” “I thought you were waiting for that movie to come out and you were gonna watch it?” “Yeah with addlynn.” “Josephine you can still watch the movie just watch it with someone else.”“No. It’s not the same.”

“You’re not the same these days. C’mon it’ll be fun.”


“Fine. Sorry I asked.”

I felt bad for screaming at her, but I’m just so overwhelmed. It’s all to much I just need to rest.

They say resting is lazy. I don’t really think so I think it’s meant to escape everything. like you’re free. Like freedom, like you always longed for, But never got to encounter.”

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