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Meet Leondra Phillips, an American exchange student living and going to college in Tokyo, Japan. While she is beautiful, only a select few of people know that she is a transvestite and is heavily attracted to biological males. And even though she wasn't necessarily crushing on her female friend's Catholic roommate, Leondra would develop strong sexual feelings for Matthew after doing what he did to her. This is the erotic story of how a Trans woman and a religious man ended up lusting for one another, with each of their steamy encounters pushing on boundary after boundary until one does something sexually drastic and passing the point of no return... Parr of the Horniverse.

Erótico Para maiores de 18 apenas. © All Rights Reserved

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WTF Just Happened!?

My entire body was hot with arousal as I began to masturbate in the privacy of my female friend's guest bathroom after experiencing what her male roommate had just done to me. And since I was a Trans woman (biological male socially identifying as a woman), the fact that he didn't know that his naughty deed was performed on me and not the female he wanted to do it upon only made my cock harden with lust for him even more as I jerked and tugged on it through my white thong panties.

"Yes... Yes..." I moaned quietly as my mind began to relive the ordeal in my head, pre leak semen beginning to ooze out of the mushroom tip of my white cock from inside of my underwear.

"I wish you were in here so I could suck your dick. As well as shove mine down your throat, pervert. Oh god... You're making me cum all over again, and you're not... Even... Here..."

As I continued to replay the intimate encounter in my mind, I started to cum with a vengeance. My dominate hand grew warm and wet to the touch, knowing that very large amounts of creamy white semen began soaking it as well as my panties without even having to look at all. After I calmed down and cleaned off my hand, I felt compelled to remove my panties from underneath my jean skirt and take them into the palm of my hand when leaving the guest bathroom, as I convinced myself of one thing: I wanted to be f**ked my female friend's roommate so bad, and I needed him to see what he had done to me.


I was welcomed in by my long-time American friend to her college dorm room after having returned from the USA and completed my surgeries to look more 'womanly'. Fortunately for me, they went off without a hitch, and to most folks who knew me, I'm absolutely stunning to their eyes! However, my buddy's american male roommate was disgusted by Trans people as he viewed them as 'Abominations' due to his Catholic background. But the guy would unknowingly get intimate with me in the most naughty way imaginable.

You see, my female friend's roommate had an immensely crush on her as the two lived in the dorm for college classes. In my honest opinion as well, it seemed like he had already made many sexual moves on my friend based on the lewd comments the young man would say to her in my presence as well as the very calm facial expression she would have toward each and every one of them.

'One day, you'll wake up in your bed totally naked, your pussy soaking wet, and panties nowhere to be found! And I know for a fact that you'd smile with satisfaction because you'll know it was me...'

That was just one of the hyper sexual statements he made to my female friend with obnoxious confidence. To any other college woman, saying that kind of stuff would deeply concern them as it definitely sounded creepy and 'rapey'. But that didn't seem to be the case with her whatsoever. In fact, she would simply blush at the lewd statement as if it were going to happen sometime soon! Hell, maybe a lot more had happened between the young pair that I didn't know of. But I knew what happened to me, and it was the best thing that ever could be done to me.

To explain what happened to me, I must let you know this: My female friend and I look almost identical from behind. Same skin tone. Same height. Weight. Hairstyle and color. Same size butt, even. To make matters even worse as well, we were also wearing matching outfits! Our choice of clothing today was a solid black skin tight tank top and a light blue denim jean skirt that was quite short in length. So much so that you could see into it and check out our big butts in panties from behind if we were to lay down our stomachs! That was what the male roommate was doing when he walked in and sat down on the twin sized bed as I played video games, assuming it was his biologically female roommate and not realizing she was still in classes.

"Damn." I heard him say in his low manly voice, knowing fully well that he's looking into my skirt and at my big butt from behind as I lay down on the floor on my stomach.

"You're looking mighty juicy back there today, roomie. I'm almost tempted to get down low and worship it. Just dont---

Without so much as a thought in my mind about it and staying completely silent, I began wagging my backside like a dog's tail and smiled at the TV screen as that had shut him up entirely. But little did I know that doing what I had just done resulted in him making his move on me.

"Oh, that's it!" He said with a grumble in his voice while getting up off the bed and down onto his knees, soon feeling his hands plant themselves onto my thick thighs before moving upward toward my butt.

"You think you can tease me with your phat ass and I wouldn't do anything about it!? Well, I have news for you, Roomie. You've taunted me for the last f*cking time!"

As I felt his hand pull the string of my white thong panties to the side, I was in a state of absolute shock. I couldn't move, keep on playing the game 'Fortnite', or even speak. And just when fear was going to overtake me, a wave of intense arousal traveled all along my body as I felt a sudden warm and wet sensation inside of my clean anus.

"It's about time that I ate your ass, b*tch..." He said very mockingly to me, tongue pushing itself further and further into my big white butt.

I couldn't f*cking believe it, but it was happening! My friend's male roommate, who had an extremely Catholic background, was unknowingly performing oral sex on a Trans woman's butt! And I lived euphorically for every second of it. I dropped the game controller down onto the carpeted dorm floor before drooling profusely out of my mouth, the young man's tongue ferociously wriggling around in my anus and making my cock harden with lust for him.

"Yes..." I thought to myself with the most slutty voice as I knew speaking that out loud would reveal that I, in fact, wasn't his roommate.

"Oh, f*ck yes! If he keeps that up, I'll... I'll..."

Cum? Yeah. That's just what I did after several minutes of him essentially making out with the inside of my backside and tonguing it with lustful precision. And I ejaculated my creamy white semen all over the carpet down below, drenching the crotch of my white thong panties in it as well. I didn't even need to stroke my cock to cum either, as it was the first hands-free orgasm that I've ever had in my life! My entire body shivered where I was laying, each new jet of semen soaking my panties more and more until I thought to quickly get up and run to the guest bathroom to recollect my thoughts. As I did, though, it led to me masturbating and making myself achieve climax once again.


After leaving the bathroom, I was met with the sight of my Becky McDaniels, who had finally returned to her dormitory. At the same time, though, I was also aware of the look of utter disbelief and terror all over Matthew Anderson's face as he stared over at me. He knew then that it wasn't his very hot female roommate's anus that he was licking to orgasm. No. It was of her Trans friend's.

"Looks like you aren't as straight as you think." I thought to myself before walking over to greet Becky, smiling at Matthew as I held onto my semen drenched underwear.

"And I plan to curve you even more..."

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