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All it took was the wrong day for the sexy Isabelle Sanders, to pleasure her boyfriend to orgasm in college class when a long-time acquaintance, Izumi Nakagawa, blackmailed her into submission with a video of it and made her experience the wonders of lesbian sex. This story of the popular cheerleader and American exchange student takes us into the life of of her same sex relationship with her mildly autistic bookworm of a Mistress, doing everything in her power to satisfy Izumi's homosexual appetite while also trying to hide the existence of the arrangement from her dogmatic Christian family... For more context about this character, please read the first two parts of 'Easy As Panty Pie' beforehand. Part of the Horniverse.

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Coming In The Home

It was Monday and a full week since Izumi Nakagawa, who I thought to be my friend, made me not only into a lesbian servant of hers but also successfully 'turned' me and altered what gets me wet with sexual excitement. As I catalog this event down into my journal to vent out feelings as well as make my thoughts organized and tangible, I can't even get aroused by the thought of a man's erect member anymore. All that made my big, bald puffy womanhood tingle and grow wet with juices now was the vivid sexual imagination of my mildly autistic mistress's mouth, licking and sucking on it until I climaxed my womanly juices into it. Or if Izumi shoved her fingers deep inside of my womanhood and made me leak out creamy white goodness all over her hand. I was hopelessly addicted to those sexy acts of pleasure and wanted more sexual release from a woman, which I now have in the form of my first ever girlfriend courtesy of my secret mistress, Sara Suzuki.

The week prior...

After she made me strip naked for her and achieved climax inside of the women's locker room in our college, that would be our arrangement from Monday to Friday. Before cheerleader practice, Izumi and I snuck in after school, the former having her way with me sexually with her busy hands, and then leaving before the other young women showed up. In some cases, I would be so weak in the knees that I'd actually mess up some of my routines due to how hard my mistress made me cum beforehand. Even though I was being blackmailed with a video of me giving my now ex-boyfriend a handjob as well as tasting his semen for all of this to happen, I was content with this same sex relationship as long as it was discreet and not a threat to my social life with either my friends or family. But fate had its way with me just as Izumi did with my body.

It was Saturday and a very relaxing morning for me. I sat on my queen sized bed with a bible resting in my lap and dressed in a solid white nightie with no bra or panties on underneath, feeling as comfortable as can be reading it over vehemently as I and my entire American family were devout Christians. We all believed in God, Jesus, and all principles of the religious faith. Reading the Bible brought me immense comfort as it helped keep my mental state strong and was my greatest interest as well. However, there was one particular section that I had read over that made me freeze and grow bright red in the face as I then thought about my secret lesbian relationship with Izumi, making me shut the book altogether while a feeling of shame washed over me.

"Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves." The passage read before hearing my mother's shrill voice yelling from behind my bedroom door, somewhat startling me.

"SWEETIE, COME DOWN STAIRS! YOU HAVE A VISITOR WAITING FOR YOU AT THE FRONT DOOR!" I heard her say loudly, myself being visibly confused.

"Visitor?" I asked myself in a curious tone out loud while getting up from my bed, exiting my room, making my way down the staircase, and arriving at the front door.

"Who the heck is coming to see me during the weekend!? The other cheerleaders know that I'm never available on the weekends..."

As I opened the door to my house, it felt as though my entire body couldn't decide on having either a panic attack or faint from the overwhelming feeling of lust when my brown eyes met with none other than Izumi Nakagawa! I couldn't believe it, my secret mistress was at my house. No way was this happening.

"I... Uh..." I stammered repeatedly with a blushing face, completely flabbergasted at the sight of the mild autistic bookworm as she simply smirked at me.

"Aren't you going to invite me into you home, Slut? Or are you so horny right now that you're going to crawl up my white skirt and suck my pussy on the front porch instead of the privacy of your room?" Izumi responded with taunting seduction in her voice, the lewd statement somehow making my womanhood grow wet with excitement.

"Please come in, Mistress..." I replied with a softness in my voice as my eyes watched her medium-sized breasts bounce around in that navy blue tank top of hers, my mind picturing them fully exposed from both of my hungering eyes to see.

Upon entering my home, Izumi would waste no time and begin to start coming onto me in a very flirtatious way. As this normally got me hot and bothered for my secret mistress while we were in private, this time was very different, as my entire family, considering my mother, father, and two older brothers, were all home for the weekend! To make matters even worse for me, my dad was sitting on the couch in the living room on the right of me and streaming an American football game on the flat-screen TV just as Izumi stuck her left hand up into the underside my nightie.

"Oh my!" She said quietly with sexual awe in her voice as I moaned softly, my sex juices having leaked out onto the index & middle fingers of my Mistress's hand.

"No panties covering that soaking wet pussy and that big juicy booty of yours. My slutty servant was ready for me today, wasn't she..."

I stared in breathtaking awe with my entire body frozen where I stood, feeling as though that I couldn't be more humiliated in my life right now. Izumi was in my house and touching me under my night dress with my distracted father sitting not too far away from us! And my extremely aroused body couldn't get enough of the tingling sexual sensations with each rub to my naked womanhood. My dad's intense focus on the football game emboldened Izumi to begin rubbing aggressively on it with the whole palm of her left hand until I started dripping my clear juices all over the hardwood floor, smiling deviously over at the unaware father not noticing his adult daughter being sexually violated just a few feet away and by the front door.

"Oh god..." I moaned out in a breathless whisper, a small puddle of my womanly juices settling directly underneath my nightie and onto the hardwood floor below.

"You refer to your mistress when you're about to cum, Slut. Not God..." Izumi quietly corrected me with a stern tone of voice, taking her left hand out from underneath my nightie before bringing up to my face.

"Now clean your mess off of my two fingers, slut. And I get to it as fast as you can, too. Because the longer you wait, the higher chance of your family seeing you do something unholy in their house of worship, Ms. Sanders..."

"Yes, Mistress..." I simply replied with a soft whisper, leaning forward, running my tongue up her soaked digits and gulping down my own sex juices with my eyes closed.

My head spun as I licked my own fluids off of Izumi's soaked digits with my mind being in utter disbelief that the lesbian sex acts I thought were reserved only for our women's locker room meetings had officially made their way into my parents Christian family houshold! And I was committing unholy sin as well as getting off sexually to it. But as I felt more and more comfortable serving my Mistress in the presence of my unaware father, I immediately pulled away from Izumi's left hand upon hearing loud footsteps coming from the staircase behind her, my mother being the person walking down the steps.

"IZUMI!!!" My mom shrieked excitedly with a big smile on her face, immediately hugging my visibly blushing Mistress from behind after moving her foot off the final stair step.

"It's great to see you again! How are things with you and your mother, sweetheart?"

"All is good, Mrs. Sanders." My secret lesbian mistress answered my mother as I soon realized with visible confusion that she had her large black backpack on.

"Just showed up to the house like Isabelle had asked me to for our bible study sleepover weekend! The pretty gal wouldn't stop moaning and groaning about it to me. So, I decided to make time for your beautiful angel of a daughter, hehe. Right, my dear Isabelle?"

I couldn't have been more aroused than I was after hearing Izumi state that to my mother, even making subtle innuendo in it to set me off sexually. To make matters even worse, I never gave her my home address, let alone invited my agnostic mistress over to my house for a bible study! It seemed as though she just found the address on the internet and helped her sexy self into the house, knowing fully well that it wasn't in my best interest to turn her away due to our secret arrangement/blackmail. Therefore, I was left with only one way to answer my mom.

"R-Right, Mi... Izumi..." I said out loud with obvious anxiety in my voice as I almost blew my cover, the autistic bookworm turning back to both look and smile at me with a left eye wink.

"I couldn't help but pester her about it since she is of an agnostic mindset, hoping to convert Zumi to be a follower of Jesus Christ..."

"SOUNDS SPLENDID, GIRLS!" My mom rejoiced aloud as she then did a 180-degree turn and began walking up the staircase once again, my secret mistress motioning me to follow behind her up the steps first.

After nodding my head in agreement, I would take my time walking up the stairs as I was sandwiched between my own mother and Izumi, the two women being up front as well as behind me, respectively. But as I stopped and waited for my mother to move, however, my mistress would do something so naughty that it was the essential thing that got me addicted to our very sexual lesbian relationship and almost made me cream myself all over the stairs.

Remembering that I was entirely nude underneath my solid white nightie, which was to symbolize 'Innocence' & 'Purity', I would feel a very warm and wet tongue run from my already soaked womanhood all the way up and between the cheeks of my backside! I couldn't help but let out a breathless sigh, in absolute disbelief that Izumi had just thoroughly licked my butt! To make matters even worse as well, my mother immediately turned around with concern all over her face and catching me completely off guard.

"You okay, Sweetums?" She asked me in that typical motherly tone, myself nodding while also hearing Izumi giggle behind me at my anxious tone of voice.

"I'm fine, mom. I'm just really eager to get to studying with my best friend as there is so much to teach her right now." I would say while reflecting on the crippling irony of what was just said, my loving mother completely unaware of the real reason why Izumi was here in the house.

"Well, don't let me hold you gals up! Go right on in and make yourself comfortable, Ms. Nakagawa!" My mom stated as she then moved out and from in front of my pink bedroom door, my secret mistress walking right past me from behind.

Still reeling mentally from what she had done with her tongue to me, and while my mother was present, Izumi would open the door to my room, enter into the room, and took her large black backpack off from her small shoulders with haste. As for when I walked in, we would both turn around to face my mother before she grabbed the doorknob and began to slowly shut it.

"Have fun with your studies, ladies! And if you don't wanna be disturbed, be sure to lock the door behind me, okay Belli Welli?"

"Yes, Mi... Mommy..." I stammered out softly as my brown eyes stared into Izumi's matching colored ones, my naked, puffy womanhood basically drooling from her licking my butt and also imaging what was going to happen once the bedroom door had closed.

"I'll definitely be locking the door. Izumi and I are going to have very intense and thorough discussions in a few moments..."

It was then that my secret mistress and I heard the door close shut before I turned around, approached the doorknob, and pressed the button to lock it. As soon as that was done, though, I immediately felt the arousing sensation of two warm hands slap onto and squeeze very hard on both cheeks of my backside. In my mind, I wasn't ready to be exploited, but my hot and bothered body definitely was, however.

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