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Five for one, the other for another. Confusing right? Dear reader, what you are about to read is not just a story that has fantasy in it or whatsoever. This story is an entry to a world of the impossibilities. Where music is full of joy and it conquers all. A place where there were 6 legends of music who died, though they were never found. Till an ordinary boy they assumed, was called by the legend, she who plays the white violin, to come and awaken them. though the boy did not have such power. After they have realized that they boy dos not possess such mightiness, they left him be, with his hopes up and wishes he desired. He was full compassion. A baby boy was born and his birth was unlikely. as he grew up, they gave him a black piano, his instrument of life, later it turned red. Shocking, but immediately he played it, he opened what could never be closed.

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They say people are only loyal to their need of you, once their needs change, so does their loyalty. Though I did not know any of it. Oh excuse my rudeness for not welcoming you to my world, by birth I was named Isiah, I am the most unknown boy in Arcanum Vale. I never fit in or belong in any of the categories of a human. Thus I am known to be a lost boy. I have no friends, my family though is there for me, however they do not know much about me. I have siblings, my older sister Katerina, my younger sister Livia and my young brother, Ezekiel. They are often popular around the village.

Yet Arcanum Vale is not just a village, but a place where music is our daily bread. The rhythms of music are our heart beats. Music in our village controls the elements of nature. Depending on the cadence of the sound of music. Some use instruments to make music, others use their voices. When somebody plays music, it is like they are welcoming peace upon themselves. Nobody has ever lived without music, though some have stories about the lost girl who had a white violin, rumors has it, when she played her violin she would summon the Quintessa Celestria. They are the ancestors of the 5 elements of nature and music. First is the piano, made for water, it is said that it hold the power of peace and harmony, the woman who holds it, is said to be Serena. 2nd is said to be the holder of the flute, he is named Melodia. He represents the air and embraces its natural breezes. 3rd, is Victoria, she who plays a red violin and sets fire as she pleases, said to be the rudest yet most caring. 4th is the player of the guitar, the guitar that is made of wood and connects it to the element of earth. They say he is the most quiet and sensitive, by name he is Alexandra. Lastly we have Beatrix, she is said to be the youngest, yet her power is to summon spirits and manipulate them. She is said to be one of kind, reason being, the power to summon spirits and manipulate the quintessence is rare. Though her instrument is the panpipes.

Their stories where mysterious, and some scary. Our parents would tell us them as bedtime stories, however at the end, it is said that they where burned alive in a house called the Tranquil Haven. No one ever saw their bodies, nor their instruments, though they heard their voices. Like angels crying and their instruments playing like they would never be played again. The fire was not a normal fire, it was blue in color, not small but enormous. No one knows what caused it. Many have been curious about the story, and often went to check, but each and every time someone goes there, they return without the knowledge. It is like they never went there. However the girl with the white violin was called Cordelia. She too was curious about them. So she left without notice, those who know her said that her violin was not ordinary. Her father gave her the violin as her birthday present when she was 16, but it was brown when he gave it to her. As soon as she played the violin in front of the village it turned white, her dress turned grey and her hair was red. The village was shocked, they were speechless. Thus some were filled with jealous and wanted to have what she possessed. Once in a week she would dream about 5 different instruments and their holders. She would wake up screaming, and crying saying that their pain hurts her. she said it was like angels crying. Begging her to come and save them. But non of her parents nor the people in the village believed her. So she decided to go all by herself to the Tranquil Haven. Days passed, weeks turning into months and she was no where to be found. Her parents would go and seek for her but they came back like they went, not knowing anything. And seeing nothing.

It is a bedtime story.

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