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Amy is a teenager with a head full of dreams and a fueled want to be famous. When staying with her father in Nevada, she meets her Idol and father's boss, Miles Axelrod, a billionaire Oil Baron who's company sits on thin ice due to the Electric fuel shift.

Drama Todo o público.

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Chapter One

The drive from New York to Nevada seemed like it took forever. It felt like not to long ago she was in her childhood house, then packing her bags to stay with her dad till she graduated. She saw New York blast past her eyes till she got to the airport where some of her dad's security workers waited for her. Her mother smiled weakly at the two men and said her goodbyes.

"Alright, Amy, please behave while on the plane alright. I know this is your first time without me, but I got a lot of work to do and cant accompany you."

Her mother said, regret being evident in her voice. Amy frowned, feeling bad her mother couldn't come with her, hey could have made this a memorable trip for them.

"Don't worry, mom. Dad's bodyguards will get me there safely. I'll call you when I land in Nevada."

Amy said, hugging her mother tight. Her mother dug her face on her daughters shoulder, like it would be the last time she would ever seen her again.

"Alright, I love you."

Her mother replied, resting her hands on her shoulders, kissing her forehead. Amy watched her mother back in her truck and drive off. She turned to the tall men, who smiled warmly.

"Miss Amy, let's get going, the Jet is prepared to leave in 20 minutes."

One of the men said. Amy nodded and they all walked into the airport toward the terminal to board their private flight. Once they were onboard, Amy took in the interior of the plane. It was huge, with seating, an area in the back which was her father's bedroom and then a small area across the seating that acted like a small kitchenette.

"Amy, please page us if you need anything."

The other man said, before they went through a door on the other side of the plane. Amy sat down on the large couch and turned on the television. When the screen lit up, the news was on and she saw familiar car with a man who looked a lot like her father.

"I'm here at Axelrod Oil with the Billionaire baron himself, along with his closest co-worker. Miles, what do you think will happen when electric becomes the new oil alternative?"

The anchorman asked, lending the microphone over to Miles. Amy felt her heart leap out of her chest sewing him.

"We hope people who don't think too much about the future and still uses oil over going eco. With every person that changed over from oil to electric, it hurts oil and makes it obsolete, somehing I heavily want to avoid."

Amy was too fixated on Axelrod, she didn't hear the engines roar to life and the plane begin to move. One of the guards came back into the living area and called out to Amy, who was completely void of his presence.


The man shouted, Amy jumping out of her seat, her head turning fast at the voice that said her name. Seeing the man standing there made her embarrassed that he may have caught her staring at the green rover on the screen.

"We are taking off, we will be in Nevada in 5 hours."

The man added. Amy nodded at him, assuring she heard him. He went back into the room, leaving her once more alone. For the longest time, since she was young, she was an admiring fan of Miles Axelrod, seeing him as no more then an all out good guy.

"Cant wait to be in Nevada."

She said, as she laid down on the couch, slowly falling asleep. As the hours passed, the plane landed in Las Vegas, where a car waited to transport Amy to her fathers estate. As she awoke, she looked out one of the windows, seeing they had landed. She grabbed her stuff and exited the plane door, seeing a man waiting at the bottom of the stairs for her.

"Ah, Amy, your awake. We saw you were sleeping soundly, so we landed and let you sleep. Your father is excited to see you."

The man said, escorting her toward the vehicle. He opened the door, letting Amy crawl in, shutting the door and getting into the drivers side. As his door slammed shut, he adjusted his rearview mirror before turning the key, the engine turning on and the dash lighting up. As they drove out of the airport and toward her fathers estate, she watched videos of Miles Axelrod on YouTube as she drifted back off to sleep. When she felt soft pokes on her arm, it was the driver.

"Amy, we have arrived."

The man said. Amy opened her eyes, seeing her father walk out and welcome her.

"Hey there, honey. Welcome home."

Her father said ecstatically. Amy got out of the car and hugged him.

"Let's get you settled in, then tomorrow I will show you around the place where I work."

He added, as he grabbed her luggage and carried it indoors. Her fathers house was a large 2 million dollar stone mansion. A large pool in the back with a jacuzzi and a gorgeous view of the mountainous landscape. Once inside the foyer, she looked around, the large staircase that led upstairs and the painting that hung up on the walls.

"Well, I'll get these upstairs to your room and you can get comfortable in the living room."

Her father said, as he carried her luggage up the stairs and disappeared, leaving her alone. She walked through into the other room, seeing 3 massive couched in front of a large television that had to be at least 120 inches long. She sat down and looked around for the remote, which sat on the large glass table. Once her father walked into the living room, he sat down beside her.

"You're all settled in now. Hope the flight wasn't stressful for you."

Amy shook her head and looked over at him.

"No, your bodyguards were there to protect me."

Amy replied, smiling at her father. He smiled back and rested into the sofa.

"Well, You'll be here for a solid 2 years till you graduate. So better start studying till school starts."

She did as told and headed up the stairs to study. After getting her clothes put away and settled in the drawers, she began studying on her science and technology. She wanted to become the greatest scientist that ever lived. Breaking records, making stunning discoveries and heck, even creating the very answer for immortality and youth. No one would have to die, no one would have to be sick anymore. Her cure could save millions upon billions of lives. However, her fathers voice brought her back to reality.


She got off her desk chair and raced out of her room and downstairs to eat. At the table, the maids served them their beverages and then left the room, leaving the two alone. She looked up at her father, seeing his was looking down at something on his laptop.

"So, dad, how has work been for you."

He looked up at her, seeing her questionable look. He sighed longingly and rested an elbow on the table.

"Well, with how the world is shifting and changing. 40 years from now, electric is all people will use. Oil like Miles said will be obsolete."

Amy frowned, feeling bad that her father might be out of a job if everyone stops using oil. Oil barons like Miles will be forced to shut down or transition to electric power to make up for the money he's losing from users who changed from oil to electric.

"Miles couldn't possibly give up if that happened, right?"

Her father thought about it, and sighed again.

"Miles may be a tough guy on the outside, but he's down right terrified of the future."

Her father replied. Amy thought about what Miles would do in a situation like that.

"I think Miles would fight hard against it."

Amy answered. Her father rubbed his forehead and groaned.

"Only one way to find out when more people change to Electric."

The two ladies walked into the room and placed their plates of food down, before they walked off again. They ate in silence, which began to eat away at Amy. She wanted to say something, but knew her father would only either ignore her or tell her to not worry about it. Maybe tomorrow would tell if things where to get better.

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