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Inside this town of Forestberg, where nothing usually happens. This town is about to be turned upside down. Chris and his family will have to do everything in their power to survive.

Paranormal Lobisomens Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos. © Shaun Waller.

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Chapter 1.

Hello my friend, I really hope you are doing good and having a good day.

This one is called Lady Luck, because in life that’s the only thing we need in certain circumstances, let’s get into this one.

We are in a town called Forestberg, it is quite secluded as there is a forest that wraps around the whole town, a main road that runs through the town, with different off roads that branch off to four different neighbourhoods.

*Beep* *Beep*

Grocery products are being scanned inside the supermarket that Claire works at. She is the general manager but at the moment stacking a shelf with tins of different contents, taking some branded cans of beans from a box within the trolley. The smell of cooking breakfast and coffee coming from the café that’s located in the corner is enough to make anyone hungry, her belly growls almost telling her to go and get herself some, even though she had breakfast this morning.

Claire is a smartly dressed woman, wearing a nicely ironed white shirt, neat black trousers and shiny black shoes, her name badge and role within the store is visibly pinned on her shirt, her eyes are green like grass and her hair is a dusty blonde, at the moment it is tied up so the strands of her hair don’t get in her face, but when let down it drapes halfway down her back, she is a beautiful lady, she has a small scar on her forehead, which she got when her and her brother was younger, kids will be kids, her parents weren’t happy spending time down the hospital, but accidents happen.

Claire has finished unloading the beans onto the shelving as she is folding an empty box to put it with the rest that will get recycled later, an older lady wearing a glum expression, pushing a trolley walking up to where Claire is working, she grabs a can of beans from the shelf.

Claire asks, “Hello Mary, how are you doing?”

“Not doing good Claire, Robby is still in the hospital, darling.”

Claire comforts Mary by rubbing her upper arm, while responding, “Oh dear, fingers crossed he gets better soon.”

“You and me both dear.”

They carry on talking while Claire is still stacking the shelves.

A man within a house is sitting at a brown dining room table. His name is Chris, he is Claire’s husband, a laptop is in front of him, picking up a mug with tea inside, looks nice not too strong or too weak, having a drink of it. He goes back to working at the laptop.

Chris is wearing a navy blue shirt with the top button undone, with black trousers and black socks with brown slippers on, he is wearing a nice silver watch on his left wrist, blue eyes and short styled light brown hair, he has stubble around his chin and cheeks, he looks like he could do with a shave.

Some time later Chris is outside in his back garden, it’s a nice sunny day, hearing a few birds squawking in the distance, he puts an unlit cigarette up to his lips, lighting it with a red lighter. He looks over to the fence which separates his house from his neighbour, but it’s not a big fence, maybe three feet in height.

Chris is smoking as he hears his neighbours back door close, his peace is broken by Tim his neighbour coming to the fence for a chat. Now one thing you should know is that Tim is mid thirties and a big conspiracy person, wearing a black t’shirt, that has a winking-green alien doing the peace sign in the middle of the t’shirt.

“How’s it going Tim?”

Tim nods as he holds up a see through pot with some green substance within.

“This is what I found yesterday in the forest, this is definitely alien goo or their blood.”

Smoke leaving Chris’s nose while responding, “Looks strange, have you reported it to the authorities?”

Tim shakes his head in a no gesture, “They think I am some weird nut job but I know they are real, this is proof that they live among us.”

Chris stubs out his cigarette, “I don’t know what it could be but I would definitely hand it in and make sure you don’t get it on you.”

“There looked like there had been a disturbance where I found it, I can show you.”

Chris responds, “Maybe another time, I am very busy with work.”

Tim nods as Chris walks back into his home to finish his work on his laptop.

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