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When Hilary and Amy returns to London, Hilary is thrusted into an adventure that will answer untold questions about her past.

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Chapter 1

Hilary had most of her stuff packed, a few things here and there were the last minute packers then she'd be set for the airport. She packed her laptop, charger, phone charger and her other mentionables till she finally brought her suitcase down.

"You ready cuz?"

Amy asked seeing her set her bag down by the front door.

"Yup, just waiting for you, now."

Hilary replied, seeing her squeal and text back whomever. Hilary knew this was important to Amy and insisted she don't go back to the United Kingdom alone. Hilary thought heading back home to her late father's estate to see her mother again seemed like the right thing then stay at a hotel.

"Well, if you're done talking to whomever, can we leave?"

Hilary asked impatiently, seeing Amy grin nervously and nod, before they packed their stuff in her mother's van and drove to the airport. When they arrived with her parents trailing behind, they all shared hugs and goodbyes, before her mother drove the van back home along with her father whom drove the pickup truck. They went to the front desk and went through security no problem.

"Good, our flight isn't canceled."

Amy said happily, as she raced toward the entrance to their flight. Hilary grumbled to herself and followed her. She showed her passport to the man and he nodded, letting her and Amy on their flight. Amt picked a spot in the back, so no one bothered them. Hilary rested her suitcase in the upper compartment and sat down, fiddling on her fully charged phone. It be a long 8 - 10 hours flight and Hilary knew what to do during that long time, play, enjoy and sleep.

"Attention passengers we are arriving at London International Airport."

The pilot announced as Hilary and Amy sprung up from their slumber and waited patiently for the plan to land at the dock. When they finally got off the plane and into the airport and walked to the entrance. Amy squealed with excitable glee.

"Oh, can't believe we are here in the United kingdom!"

Hilary knew she was a little over excited and again grumbled to herself.

"Yeah, but one problem, there aren't any taxi's running this late at night"

Amy frowned a bit before looking back down at her phone.

"You did tell you're mom you were coming did you?"

Amy replied, looking up, seeing Hilary look guilty then confess.

"No, I didn't, I should call her and have our chauffeur pick me up, I'll be right back"

She said, walking off toward a couch, but felt like someone was watching her she turned sharply to see no one there. Hilary rubbed her temples and groaned before finally making a call.

"Hello, Willfred Residence."

The lady answered.

Hilary felt a little tense, but broke the silence.

"Hey mom, it's me, sorry I never called all these years!"

Her mother let out a gasped, almost making Hilary jump.

"Oh, honey, goodness no need for apology, how are you, dear?"

Her mother replied happily. Hilary swallowed hard and explained herself.

"I kind of need a ride home, I'm here with Amy at the airport and need transportation as taxi's aren't running at the moment, it's almost 1 am in the morning."

She heard her mother call for someone and returned to the phone.

"Dear i have someone coming to pick you up, cant wait to see you."

She said warmly. Hilary nearly vomited hearing her mother so calm about the situation, not after ignoring her for the last 15 years.

"Thank mother, see you soon, love you."

She said, before she hung up, took a long breath in and met back with Amy. Amy was squealing to herself and Hilary knew exactly why. Ever since Miles Axlerod made her his new Assistant and become "Electric", Amy has been swooning over him since she could remember. Amy had confidence that she would be the one to revolutionize and wonder-fuel like Allinol and make it great for all cars alike.

"Hill, I have someone picking me up, I guess this is goodbye for now."

Amy said, walking toward the front doors. Hilary followed her and saw a Limo outside, a man waiting by the opened car door.

"Miss, Willfred?"

Amy smiled and nodded before turning to her cousin.

"Nevermind, it's here, I'll see you around, love you."

Amy said, quickly hugging her and jumping into the Limo, and watching it drive off. Hilary took in the fresh air and breathing in, before seeing a familiar car pull in and park in front of her. A lady climbed out of the drivers side and closed the door behind her. The lady nearly walked past her before breaking the silence.

"Mom, I'm right here."

She said, seeing the lady stop and turn to her, seeing those familiar aqua-green eyes, the eyes that resembled her fathers.

"Look at you, you have grown so much."

The lady said before hugging Hillary tightly. Hilary hugged her back, resting her head on her shoulder. When they parted, she threw her suitcase in the back and got in the front passenger seat. They drove straight into central London, past the Buckingham Palace and soon down a road that was just outside central London. When they finally drove up to a closed gate, her mother pushed a few buttons and the gate opened. They drove in and parked in front of a large estate.

"So, are you moving back, or...?"

Her mother asked, looking over toward Hilary.

Hilary hadn't really thought about moving back to London. She was so in tune with herself back in New York, enjoying what she had. But finding out she had a British mother, it made sense to move back for her, right.

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