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Izumi Nakagawa's sex life gets altered dramatically, all because of a pen... This story is the prequel story to 'Easy As Pie' and part of the 'Horniverse'.

Erótico Para maiores de 18 apenas. © All Rights Reserved

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Unexpected Entry

My breathing was labored as I stared at the back of my crush's head before closing my brown eyes, the tip of the black & blue ballpoint pen he had allowed me to borrow from my math homework down in between my legs and inside my short white skirt as it gently rubbed at my soaked panty clad crotch. I was overwhelmed by arousal at this point as all of my anxiety and fear would get pushed down in favor of an orgasm. I was close to winning this dare that my girlfriends thought I was too much of a wussy to do.

"YES!" I screamed out in my mind as I felt my wetness build up in my white panties, my legs parting more and more as the pen slipped further into my womanhood.


Since I was sitting in the back of the classroom and next to all of my female friends, I knew I could get away with the most glorious climax that I've ever had since turning 19. It was so overwhelming that not only did it caused my entire body to violently shiver in my seat but also get my womanhood to gush out clear juices onto the desk chair before dripping to the tiled floor. However, my ability to marinate in this ecstasy would be interrupted as it felt a hand give me an aggressive pat to my bare left shoulder.

"IZUMI! OPEN YOUR EYES!" A female voice whisper yelled over to me, my left ear having picked that up.

I would then open my eyes back up, look straight forward, and notice something odd. Ryoku, my crush, was no longer in his seat! Making matters worse as well, the black & blue ballpoint pen he had given me was also no longer in my left hand. But those two things wouldn't be the main issue.

Upon looking at my left and right sides, my girlfriends Aneko, Eizan, Koroko, and Sara stared at me with wide eyes and shocked facial expressions. Each of the white faces was flushed with redness as well, Aneko audibly gulping before shifting her gaze downward. My eyes would then follow her line of sight before seeing the Ryoku's pen lying on the ground in a small puddle of my juices. It was only upon that revelation that my brown eyes would widen as well, having realized that there was something else inside of my womanhood. After looking down underneath the desk shortly afterward, I felt as though I was dreaming before almost fainting.

Some time earlier, during lunchtime...

It was the afternoon when Izumi Nakagawa and her girlfriends: Aneko, Eizan, Koroko, and Sara were all enjoying a fantastic off campus lunch at their favorite Japanese restaurant. The five college girls would gossip amongst themselves about academic topics before shifting the conversation to a more sexual direction, which Izumi didn't feel all too comfortable with.

Compared to her sexually active friends, the shy young woman was a virgin with no sexual experience with men. However, she was addicted to self pleasure and a frequent watcher of pornography. Izumi would be far dirtier minded than her 4 female friends, in some cases having even touched herself to the thoughts of seeing each of them naked despite the fact that she was straight. And other people talking about sex, especially while in front of her, the young woman would grow wet in her panties with arousal involuntarily as her vivid imagination created endless amounts of sexual scenes.

"EW!" Aneko said aloud in response to Eizan's statement about liking the taste of a man's semen after explaining how she gave a male stranger a blowjob in an alley for 15,055.80 Yen.

"You're disgusting, Ei! And you took a stranger's cock into your mouth, too! That's so damn reckless..."

"I don't care, 'Neko." She replied casually as while Koroko and Sara watched the two girls bicker, the young pair soon noticing Izumi's hands inside of her short white skirt after looking over at her.

"Zumi!" Koroko said with a whisper, doing her best not to startle the distracted young woman or alert Aneko and Eizan's attention.

However, She and Sara would soon blush with disbelief as Izumi was too wrapped up in her inner thoughts to hear her as she then proceeded to touch herself and achieve climax from underneath her white skirt! The two girls were so in awe at the fact that she managed to keep quiet, gently rub the palm of her right hand onth Aneko's big round butt all while fingering herself to orgasm with the left one, that they both got damp in their respective panties! In Koroko and Sara's minds, Izumi was the bookworm kind of gal, not this dirty female they just witnessed making herself cum while groping their unaware friend's butt as she casually spoke to Eizan.

"Dear lord..." Sara whispered out loud shakily, recognizing the wetness inside of her underwear before turning to the side and looking at her equally shocked looking friend.

"Izumi's a sexual deviant, Koroko. I've never thought I'd ever see her do something this... Hot..."

"Agreed..." She responded with trembling breath before the young woman reached down in between her legs with right hand and deep inside of her short black skirt.

After doing so, though, a loud squishing sound could be heard by all sitting at the table as well as cause her to let out an audible moan of pleasure, alerting Izumi, Aneko, and Eizan to look over at her. Koroko's entire face went red in response, herself embarrassed of how the situation looked to each of the three girls.

"Koroko..." Aneko said with a calm, motherly tone of voice.

"Why are you touching yourself in public, and at my family's restaurant no less... again? My parents almost kicked all of you gals out last week! You know what? Don't say anything. Take your hand off your pussy, get up, go outside, and start the car! We are on our way out anyway..."

"F**K!" Koroko thought to herself as she quickly glanced angrily at Izumi with a knowing look before getting up from her seat and marching out of the restaurant.

As Aneko shook her head in disappointment, Izumi watched as she, Eizan, and Sara got up from their table and left her parent's restaurant. Now sitting all by herself, the young woman would adjust her white skirt to cover up her matching colored panty clad crotch before catching up with her girlfriends. Lunchtime was now over, and it was back to the college campus for math class.

Sometime later and before the dare...

The five girls would return to their college campus and be greeted by tons of attractive young men. With the exception of Izumi, the four young women would express visible enjoyment from the men who gawked at each of them. The young woman trailed behind her squad of gals as they did suggestive movements and poses in their bodies, while Izumi used a textbook to cover her embarrassed facial expression.

"They sure are real crowd pleasers..." The young woman thought to herself as she looked side to side, seeing one shy looking man made eye contact with her before shifting his gaze downward.

Upon seeing this young man, Izumi's heart raced with arousal as she was the last of the five gals to enter the college campus building and made her way to math class with them. It was none than Ryoku, her crush who had taken interest in her when she came over to his house for math tutoring. After walking through the hallways and entering the classroom, Aneko, Eizan, Koroko, Sara, and Izumi would take their desk seats in the back of the classroom. Since they were early as well, Izumi began to reminisce about Ryoku, Koroko and herself as the four girlfriends chatted amongst themselves.

The young woman was an expert in mathematics while her boy crush struggled immensely with the subject. Being the kind soul that she was, though, Izumi offered up to tutor Ryoku at his home since the beginning of the fall semester. Even though the two hit it off pretty well with one another and become really close friends due to their introverted natures. However, the young pair of adolescent adults would soon face a dilemma that proceeded to change the perception of the other. It is a very interesting as well as sexy one.

Being a frequent watcher of pornography himself, similar to his female friend, Ryoku would one day have the courage to play out one of his sexual fantasies on Izumi during a math tutoring session. Within the privacy of his bedroom, he ripped her shirt off of her upper body before tearing it up with both his bare hands and a pair of scissors, doing the exact same thing to the young woman's bra, skirt, and panties! What would make the entire exchange even more interesting was the fact that Izumi didn't show any emotion when Ryoku touched her or ripped her clothing off. She just... stood there completely naked with a neutral facial expression and let it all happen. She wouldn't verbally protest to her clothes being shredded or fear for herself for what would happen after Ryoku finished with them either. almost as if she knew this would've occurred.

It would even get to the point where the young man stripped naked as well, threw Izumi onto his bed, and pinned her both arms down with each of his hands. And with his hard cock pointed straight down at her womanhood, Ryoku would threaten to f**k the young woman and take her virginity while also telling her that she'll enjoy every second of it. However, the young man immediately reconsidered his decision upon seeing Izumi staring plainly up at him with her brown eyes and replying with a simple 'Okay'.

Upon hearing that response, Ryoku would lose all confidence in going through with having sex with the young woman and began to feel remorseful from what he said, had done to her clothes, and attempted to do to her. However, Izumi immediately reassured the saddened young man as she admitted to getting aroused by the lack of control over the situation. To Ryoku's shock as well, the young woman would retrieve her backpack and pull out a spare change of clothes! He watched on in awe as Izumi explained how she always packed backup clothing for their math tutoring sessions just in case something like this would happen to her one day between the two of them.

A couple of weeks would pass since that incident with the young sex addicted pair, both afraid of the other. Ryoku was terrified that Izumi would tell her friends about what happened between them while the young woman was fearful of their chemistry failing. Izumi really liked this young man, and to her surprise as well, him having ripped her clothing off in the way that Ryoku did it had caused her romantic interest in him to reach astronomical levels! The young woman would go home every day and masturbate to the young man, achieving climax by playing an alternate version of what Ryoku had done to her.

For fourteen days straight, Izumi rubbed herself to orgasm with the ballpoint pen that her admirer had lent to her to use for homework, playing fictional scenario of her boy crush taking her virginity. However, she did this during a sleepover with Aneko, Eizan, Koroko, and Sara, Koroko, and while at the former's luxury house, actually waking up and catching Izumi in the act of masturbating while the other girls were in deep sleep. However, Izumi would not be prepared for what happened next as it had only amplified her sexual hunger.

Wanting to get some revenge for embarrassing her in front of Aneko, Koroko would snatch the pen out of Izumi's hand and slowly insert it into the horny woman's wet panty clad pussy! Koroko would find satisfaction in making her bookworm of a friend moan and squirm on the carpeted floor as their friends slept soundly, getting wet from around as she continued to slowly slide Ryoku's pen in and out of Izumi's womanhood while also wriggling it around inside of her. However, the friend was not ready for what happened next.

The horny Izumi found herself staring into Koroko's white nightie and in between her parted legs as she sat down on them, blushing at the sight of her wet pussy. Overwhelmed by her building climax, the young woman's face immediately leaned forward, got underneath her white night, and buried her tongue into Koroko's womanhood! The slutty act alone would cause her to stop pleasuring Izumi with the pen and hunch her upper body forward, softly moaning and groaning with a burning red face as the young woman heard her own pussy getting eaten out.

Izumi and Koroko were not lesbian by any means. They loved men. Their shape. The masculine frame. And especially their cocks that sprayed out that creamy white goodness. However, the former was so horny that the sweet taste of the latter's pussy didn't matter to her. As for Koroko, she would cum, and do it hard. Even though the feel of her tongue contributed to her orgasm, it was the lovely sound of Izumi's enthusiastic licking and sucking that sent her over the edge. This would also be the birth of a brand new relationship between the two young women. And very lesbian one, too.

Unbeknownst to Aneko, Eizan, and Sara, Koroko would order the horny Izumi to service her sexually. Her big boobs. That phat butt of her. And especially the young woman's juicy pussy. Izumi would have to please them all or else she'll tell their friends about her new sexual cravings. Today was a very nerve-racking day as well, especially given what Koroko had ordered her to do in class once Ryoku arrived in the math classroom and sat down in his desk in front of her.

Much to her dismay, Izumi's horny Mistress instructed her to masturbate with her admirer's ballpoint pen until she came when Ryoku showed up, which the young woman did with enthusiasm. She was so into it that not only did Koroko begin recording a video of it with her smartphone but also got Aneko, Eizan, and Sara to watch on in silent awe! However, the four college girls would soon witness the hottest thing they ever saw.

As Ryoku turned around and faced the masturbating Izumi wanting to talk to her, He would stay silent upon seeing the young woman touch herself. This caused him to purposely drop something down under Izumi's desk that didn't make noise and go down onto the floor to retrieve it, instead using that as an excuse to see into her white skirt. As he did, though, the four girlfriends thought that something had possessed Ryoku as he stuck out his right index and middle fingers before slowly pushing them into her womanhood while also making Izumi drop the pen! The bookworm was so into her climbing orgasm that she didn't even realize her left hand had grabbed onto Ryoku's digits as if it were his pen and began thrusting them in and out of herself aggressively. The young man got extremely hard in his pants, blushing wildly in the face from his admirer's soft moaning and her not knowing she was helping him finger her own pussy.

Aneko, Eizan, Koroko, and Sara were in absolute silent awe at what their eyes were witnessing as they all watched Izumi get finger f**ked by her crush, but since they were in class and didn't want to get in trouble, Koroko would end the recording before interrupting the ordeal. That was when Izumi Nakagawa saw both the ballpoint pen sitting in a small puddle of her own womanly juices on the tiled floor and Ryoku himself with his fingers jamming up into her pussy.


"R-RYOKU!?" I gasped quietly with trembling breath, my eyes noticing my crush's right hand inside of my white skirt.

"W-What are you... D-Doing to my..."

I watched on with a flushed red face as he scrambled up to his feet and sat back down in his desk without saying a single word to me. While I understood why he didn't want to say anything to me, I wanted Ryoku to answer me at that moment.

Why did he feel like it was appropriate to touch me like he did under my skirt and in the presence of our classmates? I knew I had no place to speak given that I was playing with myself, but what if Ryoku got caught? He would be expelled and maybe arrested! I liked him too much for something like that to happen to him. However, my mind immediately just remembered something as well when I first looked back at my four friends.

"Why was Koroko's phone pointing up at me earlier?" I thought to myself for a little bit before my eyes grew wide from anxiety.

My Mistress had recorded the whole thing. She had to have. Not only that, but Aneko, Eizan, and Sara also saw Ryoku down under my desk with his hand inside my skirt! This revelation had me lost in thought for the whole class session before it was time to leave. And as I did, though, Koroko would pull me aside and have a chat with me inside one of the stalls in the college restroom.

"You insatiable slut!" She whispered into my red face before reaching down underneath my white skirt with her left hand, gently rubbing at my wet matching colored panties before bringing that same hand up to her nose.

"You're lucky I'm to addicted to your sweet scent. I would've outed you to our friends a long time ago if you weren't such a f**king tease..."

"I-I not trying to tease you, Mistress." I responded as I watched Koroko give her fingers that were saturated in my juices a slow lick, looking into my eyes and moaning all the while.

"You said that this arrangement was a blackmail..."

"It certainly is, Zumi." My Mistress replied before placing her left hand under my skirt again, this time pushing her middle finger up into me and forcing me to moan.

"What you did to me the night I caught you playing with yourself was beyond unacceptable, slut. You ate my pussy and made me squirt in your mouth! No guy has ever done that to me with his mouth or cock! And since then, I couldn't stop thinking about you or that hot mouth of yours. How you had your face buried in between my legs and sucking on my pussy like that as if you've done it so many times before. F**k you for making me cum!"

I could barely comprehend what Koroko was saying to me as she made a dirty slut out of me while fondling my soaked womanhood through my white panties, the color of innocence and purity being so fitting for a woman like myself. I ate her pussy like she said and enjoyed the sweet, tange taste of her juices, therefore having brought this sexual blackmail upon myself. And while my mind hated it, my lava hot body longed to be touched just like the lesbians in the porn videos I watched. I craved the humiliation as well, Koroko telling me over and over that I 'liked the taste of pussy', which I did. However, I still wanted to be with Ryoku and would do almost anything for him to shove his fat cock inside of me.

"Mistress... Please..." I moaned out as both of my hands slapped onto Koroko's left wrist before squeezing on it.

"Please what, dirty slut?" My Mistress responded coyly and in the form of a question, raising her right hand up, pressing it onto my face, and squeezing at my cheeks, forcing my lips to pucker.

"You want me to stop? You didn't stop with me when you made my cum in your mouth. And look at me now, I'm like women now, thanks to you! I can barely contain my arousal when I look at Aneko, Eizan, and Sara when I look at their butts. And you did this to me..."

Suddenly, I saw Koroko's eyes widen before feeling her middle finger put out from inside of my womanhood. To me, it looked like an idea had sprung up in her head as she then inserted the digits soaked in my juices into my mouth.

"Okay, slut. Here's the deal..." My Mistress started to say as she watched me suck her left middle finger clean, myself staring at her with a bright red face from the suggestive look she gave me.

"I have an order for you to complete, and it functions more as a dare of sorts. Aneko, our stuck-up rich b*tch of a friend, has always been my lesbian fantasy when it came to f**king her. But she's hardcore straight. So much so that she would gag upon seeing another woman's puffy pussy. However, if you were to catch her off guard like you did me, Izumi, I could have a chance with her sexually! And if you succeed in turning Aneko, you won't ever have to service me anymore. You'll be free. But if you fail, I'll post the video of what Ryoku was doing to you in class all over the internet. You won't get to be with your crush if he ends up in jail. Deal?"

"Deal..." I immediately said to Koroko, a look of determination contorting my face and making my Mistress smile deviously.

As she opened the stall door and left the restroom altogether, I walked over and sat on the toilet as my mind began to process what Koroko had said to me.

I had to seduce Aneko so that she could have her sexually.

But how?

And what about Eizan and Sara?

They were glued to her like flies on sand paper and would hang out almost every day!

I'd never get the opportunity I need to get at Aneko. Unless I played it smart like the academic gal I am.

It's time to get into some underwear, I guess...

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