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A serial killer leaves a clue

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The Margrave

We still couldn't find it, and it was tough to leave a clue, but now a clue has been found; Was it intentional or unintentional, did it belong to him or not, was it all his fault or not, and even if the answer to all of this was positive, we still didn't know who he was, the killer they called mothhouse, because after Killing each victim places a moth in their skull and writes on their forehead: "I am and I will be and you are no more" is a meaningful but ominous sentence,

From a month ago until now, all the private detectives, police, sheriffs, and anyone interested in this issue did not understand why a killer who left everyone wandering for a month is now waiting for us to find him,

The conflict between the police and the criminologists is confusing for me, I can't bear a migraine night anymore, I have to find a way to solve this problem,

If you take away even one sweet moment of my coffee break, I'm nothing but a zombie who goes from door to door from morning to night to catch a murderer who seems to be on the verge of giving up,

I don't know what to do, I can't do hard detective work anymore.

The last thing I want is to be alive. To be alive and see the death of that ruthless killer, I have to die first because there is always a cause because there is an effect, I need a cause.

Sound, light, and action! Everything is ready, but the actor is not present on the stage, how can such a thing happen, maybe our killer fell asleep or is drunk in the street with an axe in his hand, laughing loudly at the people. The sun does not stay behind the clouds forever.

Let that rebel roam freely in the street right now.

I am miserable, the most miserable, the most miserable, the most miserable people. This is me, a blank wall ready for color and transparency, but only one small thing has stopped my freedom, this empty wall has a tape around it that prevents people from seeing it.

This wall is ready to be destroyed and destroyed, there is no other choice but to destroy it, and now an angel named Crime is stopping me from death and wants my punishment, but I still have a plan, otherwise I wouldn't be here until now.

I am digging a grave for myself by following this murderer, even if I don't follow that funny clown, I am still condemned to die, maybe it is my fate to rot in the grave, but I don't have the patience to talk philosophically right now.

If you want to let me say that I have a bad life, it's awful and nonsense, I have migraines and misery every day, so ask me why you hate life, why do you always act like Scrooge, but I wasn't bad to others! Everyone hated me from the very beginning, put this in your ears! I! From! I hate the world! No matter how hard I try, I still fail, not in my goals, but trying to find a companion, a friend, everyone has left me, even the one I just met who wants to leave me alone and go away.

Well, I may have made you cry, but you should know that I am a person who has been wounded by the world and has lived in pain.

This is not a will, but all that I have brought from the world of the living to the world of the dead, pain.

I am a man from all four corners of the world, a man with a hard heart, but sympathetic to the whole world.

Let me clear this up for you! I'm toxic, I think this is the only reason for the deadly loneliness I'm stuck in, and my only entertainment is to see the pain of others, even though I come home from work and cry on the bed until I fall asleep, I still feel all this with I hide a smile.

I know that I am not as miserable as the families whose loved ones were killed by this murderer, but at least the whole world, all people owe me a good life, A great life without misery and poverty, what else should I do, how much should I repay! I gave everything I had and God burned me for nothing!

It's better than driving around in the street with my police patrol car and bothering myself with cigarettes and sad songs, thinking "If the killer has a good reason like me, what if the killer's motivation is the same?"

Maybe the world has messed with our attractive and funny killer and now he is seeking revenge, I understand! I have to go to the records of the victims! To see who they had problems with or to ask their families for example, but with this thought, I feel that I am punishing the murderer if he is like me, although my guilty conscience does not bother me, I am still a little worried and blame myself for all this. But I don't know why.

But wait, if it was that simple, we should have caught the murderer and executed him by now, but the murderer doesn't fall for such a simple trap.

The reason I think he is male is because half of the victims were female.

With these theories, I could work in the FBI, but I became a nonsensical detective who is only watched by coffee awake.

Now I see that this blank wall is a text method with stable graffiti written "The Margrave".

Maybe this wall will survive for at least a few more years, but in the end, it will end up in the grave and the soil where his uncle was buried, an uncle who was killed by a thief with a gun, you can see my misery, my misery, that every time I feel good, something It happens in life that the game changes and I become an expert detective, at least according to my professors, and suddenly I get a case that I feel sympathy for, what happened to me? I can't resist anymore, I'm weak, I'm tired and bored of this useless life.

Well, at least I have to live until this case is solved.

Tomorrow morning at the office

-Friedman, couldn't you find any new evidence that might bring me out of isolation?

-Alan, I told you a hundred times, yes, and this document is the clue we found

-And I said a hundred times what the clue tells us

-The clue consists of a very incomplete fingerprint, a bloody black thread, and a pus and

-dirty dress, which is not a DNA method, and that's it.

Now the question is, did you sort the incomplete fingerprints to get a correct fingerprint and that the clothes are not dirty but oily, Now sort out the incomplete fingerprints and trace the spilled engine oil on the clothes.

-ok boss (sigh)

At that time, Friedman works in this detective workshop with his intelligence.

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